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40+ USD
Choose one of the indicators that will help you out and I will get you the best I will be here for you if you need me to do anything for you different than the previous one youindicators for your business
300+ USD
Specifikujte zde specifikaci požadavků bod po bodu. Pokuste se stručně a srozumitelně popsat své požadavky, aby váš potenciální vývojář dokázal správně posoudit jejich složitost a cenu a také požadovanou dobu realizace. Špatný nebo příliš obecný popis povede k tomu, že vaše objednávka bude ignorována, nebo strávíte spoustu času vyjednáváním podrobností s každým žadatelem. Pamatujte: Remember: It is better to spend
30+ USD
Hello there, are you able to convert thinkorswim indicators to tradovate? (tradovate is in javascript). If yes please do hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
30 - 50 USD
Good Day All, I am looking for someone who is capable of converting MT4/5 EAs to Java/JavaScript. Please feel free to reach out, if you can deliver on this. Could turn out to be a re-curing gig as well. Thanks
1 Application
30+ USD
I use the Mobius Trader 7 forex trading Platform and I need to convert my FX core 100 EA in MQL4 Code to JavaScript so I can install it on the Mobius Trader 7 Platform. I need this as soon as possible
2 Applications
Java Experts Converting Java JavaScript
30 - 40 USD
Looking for someone with experience in TOS scripting , someone who already wrote successfully few algorithms in thinkscript editor, for automated entry bracket with few conditions/ triggers for entry and exit trading positions
30+ USD
I am searching 4-5 Indicators who can programm that in tradingview and add as well a invite only to it :) i use 3 of them already nearly in Tradingview EMA Cloud indikator from - Yo_adriiiiaan MA Cloud from - Powerful_Trading FX Market Session from - boitoki Cloud EMA its the combination of the two ema indikators i send you with a little change on the MA Cloud indikator see the picture i send you. Then a little
150+ USD
Hi, I would like to order the script/program for the Metatrader 4 that would allow me to transfer the trades signals from the MetaTrader 4 to the eToro trader panel The bridge should open and close trades performed by the EA at MetaTrader 4 platform in the eToro trader account For example, when the EA in the MetaTrader 4 is opening buy 0.01 at EURUSD, the signal is transferred to the eToro trader account, then when
30 - 200 USD
If you want to create or develop your own cryptocurrency app that pays you for each download by other users directly to your wallet without stress. It is upgradable, fast, secure and reliable with maximum security codes. There is also a free coding tutorial session and web developer options. Contact me now for your development lessons
100 - 150 USD
Hello there, We need A trading bot that can follow our trading view indicators 5min signals (Buy / Sell) on only the New York session with pre set parameters. Tell me if you are able to do this, if yes do not hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
30+ USD
Hello there, I need to do this: setup a Python bot to read any Tradingview alerts and open your positions automatically with less than 2ms delay. Tell me if you are able to do this, if yes do not hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
30 - 60 USD
I need an EA/Robot to be reprocess from an indicator strategy from tradingview I have tried my best to get the source code but can't if you can get to create this EA or read information from trading view to trade on mt4 I need parameters 1) open or close trade on reversals as true or false 2)SL percentage set by me 3)number of trades 4) number of reentry trades at a lower timeframe set by me 5)Alert pop up true or
30 - 50 USD
Needing a bot with artificial intelligence trading price action on Gold/ indices (Volatility 25,50, 100, 75). Conditions are defined from the higher timeframe downward. Respecting market structure while trading breakouts. Our trading strategies are mainly naked trading. Only a professional developer with a start to finish attitude is required for this work. When selected a well defined attachment with images included
30+ USD
Hi, I wanted to get a tradingview indicator to mt4 it is I noticed that solution=43000589195 is basically the same indicator which gives back the same values and has an open source code. Could you please convert the swing indicator to mt4? If yes please bid me now to discuss more about this project
50+ USD
Hi, im looking for programmer which will be able to understand me and help me. I will attach some files so you can tell me if it is possib I will attach some files so you can tell me if it is possible
200 - 450 USD
hello i have au robot with the code on mt5, il want be able to change and adjust parameters automatiquely without excel analyse, backtest small period on same time, all automatic to adapte ea parameters with new markets changes if the market change, so adition this machine learning with phyton or somethink like that, a matrix to analyse the laste month historique trades and changes parameters to adapte the ea without
30+ USD
Hello, I was wondering how much the cost would be to convert the Volume Oscillator from Tradingview to an mt4 indicator. Please kindly bid now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
100 USD
1) The robot must have execution order, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, and sell stop. 2) The robot must have Stop loss , and Take profit. 3) The robot must have the option to modify the lot-size 4) The robot should be able and buy and sell based on the instruction given. And i hope he can execute this trades safe. Without making me lose money :D Thank you
50 - 200 USD ; 5 Ways E-Commerce Companies Can Use BrickSeek to Increase Sales  Firstly I'll suggest the developer check on the two clicks above, that will give the idea of what app I'm looking up to. The app or website should
30+ USD
Hello there, Can you convert the source code for the MetaTrader 4 indicator into an indicator that works on MetaTrader 5?. If yes please do not hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project. Thanks