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30+ USD
I need a conversion mql4 code indicator to a mql5 indicator, it has 290 lines an I need it as soon as possible, please inform how long days you need to complete the job,
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Indicators Converting C++ 3 hours ago
30 - 100 USD
Like the title says, I need someone to create from scratch or convert Sierra Chart indicator Cumulative Delta Bars (Up/Down Tick Volume) which is in C++ to MQL4 for MT4. The person obviously needs to be very good in C++ if they choose to convert it. Here is the reference page: Source code is...
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Indicators Converting C++ 2018.04.20
30+ USD
El script solo trabajara desde las 08:00 horas hasta las 16:55 horas. Una vez el precio cierra por encima de la supertendencia, espera a que se produzca un cruce de líneas del macd para abrir una posición compradora. Compra 1  lote cfd del dax ( 1 euro= 1 punto) y puede incrementar esta posición hasta tener un maximo de dos posiciones compradoras de forma simultanea, si se dan nuevas señales. El stop de beneficios...
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Experts Converting 2018.04.15
30+ USD
I would like an indicator converted to pine so that I can use in Tradingview(.com) Testing of the indicator will be done in tradingview and it has to be functional with their charts.
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Integration Converting 2018.04.05
50 - 100 USD
We have relatively simple pinescript (tradingview) strategies that we want to convert into EAs for MT5.  The strategies have very defined rules for entries and exits.....we can share the source code with the developer. This should be a pretty easy job for the right developer since these strategies are already "complete" in pinescript and just need to be translated to MT5.  Please get in touch if you have any...
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Indicators Converting 2018.03.28