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150 - 250 USD
i want someone to create for me a HFT bot that works with bdswiss broker with buy and sell stops . the bot should have a tight stop loss just like other hft bots and should be designed to trade us30 and also able to make profit and close when trend changes
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 50 USD
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(2) MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
I want to modify my EA indicator. The indicator is in the form of an EA. I want to add some features to it. Details will be provided to who ever wants to do the job
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Panels and dialog boxes
30+ USD
Trend/Countertrend candlestick (bullish/bearish) strategy Criteria: If Trend, bullish candle close, open buy trade If Trend, bearish candle close, open sell trade If Countertrend, bullish candle close, open sell trade If Countertrend, bearish candle close, open buy trade Show me example, and let me know if you understand
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 36 USD
i need an automated trading EA that uses breakout and break of structure strategies and it must trade all currency pairs and stock and the EA must be analyse the chart before taking trade the budget is $36
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(2) MQL5 Experts
90+ USD
I want to be able to put different custom indicators in the field. so bias is established by icustom function. a external indicator and buffer. i can provide video to explain i prefer someone who can speak english and do zoom calls to explain things it just goes alot faster. i can also provide video to explain ideas. everything below that is behind "//" is a optional feature, or possible future feature, or a
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(4) MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
1. Buy on the first close above the 50 period simple moving average (unless this is steeply pointing downwards) Allow entry in input for period, method and apply to 2. Exit following two closes below the 50 period simple moving average and when and to either of these closes is below the lower of the previous two significant relative lows. (What is relative low) 3. Relative low is made when the bar to the
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(4) MQL5 Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging
50+ USD
Hi there, i Would like to create a simple EA using Money flow index indicator to predict price. The simple strategy is to use Mfi divergence, Oversold and overbought on higher timeframe to predict next price movement. Then use a simple entry method like breakout or crossover to take trades on lowertime frame. Other filters include, high and low of asian range, daily high and low, 20 day high or low, Adr, time of day
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50+ USD
I need a trading bot for futures contracts that will place orders in Ninja Trader just after receiving alerts sent from TradingView. The orders should be placed automatically and should be for the future contract that TradingView alert refers to. The alerts in TradingView are sent based on my strategy
270+ USD
I need a EA that has a 100% win rate and must be accurate. The developer must use a strategy of his own. I need an EA that is based on proper risk management and must be able to take trades from 10$. My EA must be able to work on M15 and H1, the EA must be able to trade only NAS100 and US30. This how I want my EA to work: 1. It must analyze the chart before taking any trades. 2. Must be to open number of trades+ lot
Modification News filter (personal job)
30+ USD
Hello, Regarding the inp_NewsContain parameter, it should specifically apply to USD and block every trade where we have news on that day. Please use the latest .mq4 file you have from the EA. Thank you
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(14) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
hello , need debug my code for solved bugs in my calendar read webrequest my expert cannot read the webrequest I need you to perform a debug to track the problem, more details will be sent privately, it is a remote job as always My code has generic variables, I need the help to be done remotely through anydesk
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(38) MQL5 Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging C++
30 - 1000 USD
MetaSignalsPro as a brand has reached the #1 ranking of the ProRealCode marketplace thanks to the quality of its products; I am looking for our equivalent on MetaTrader and TradingView to make our business grow, based on the value that we are bringing to traders, whatever the maturity of their experience;
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Other Indicators Experts
40+ USD
ENTRY RULES: LONG / BUY TRADE: - (Also see days of the week below) 1. Look at the Daily chart at 17:00 EST when the bar is completed. 2. Looking at Daily charts we want to see an Outside Bar (the high is greater than the high of the previous day and the low is less than the low of the previous day). 3. We also need to see the close of the Outside bar less than the low of the previous day. 4. If the above conditions
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(2) MQL5 Experts
30 - 60 USD
I need an Indicator Signal that can indicate on the chat When to enter a Trade For a BUY and When to enter a Trade For a SELL , i will leave an sample picture of what i need and i need an accurate indicator . Should works on all Currency pairs and also Like NASDAQ | US30 | GER30 | XAUUSD , Works on ANY BROKER , %100 Accuracy and Fast too , I will like it to be able to read the market news most especially the NewYork
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(1) MQL5 Experts
30 - 100 USD
Tôi cần tạo 1 EA hoặc chỉ báo giao dịch theo phương pháp SMC (Smart Money Concepts) chạy song song với phương pháp ZingZag RSI và với mục tiêu là giao dịch theo phương pháp bắt đảo chiều/đỉnh đáy trên phần mềm MQL5 với các câu yêu thích: 1. Giao dịch XAUUSD-GBPUSD-EURUSD 2. Khung giao dịch: M15-M30-H4 3. Mũi tên chỉ báo mua bán với màu sắc riêng biệt (có thể chọn ẩn/hiện chỉ báo trên biểu đồ) 4. Có tính năng né tin
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MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex
30+ USD
Hello,I need a developer to help me add a simple function to my EA, I'll send you the function and the EA when you apply. I really want this job completed in less than 1hr as it's not complicated at all
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MQL5 Experts
50 - 75 USD
Indicators used: · Custom Indicators (have .ex4 file for all): o Bulls & Bears o HA Bars o Timing Histogram o Trigger Zones o Sessions o Super Signal o Color_ma (yellow line) · Built in indicator: o RSI o 100 EMA Strategy: · On M15 timeframe · Should scan the market for the right opportunity · Spread should be less than 20 points (or 2 pips) · No
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30+ USD
The ea is not opening and closing trade on indisce it only does on currency I want it to open and close trade on indicse I it for a long work urgently
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
60+ USD
An EA with an SMC strategy that identifies three types of OB is required. That buys or sells as long as criteria are met according to the price and closing of the candles according to the rules of STRUCTURE AND DIRECTION. That the Ratio can be adjusted to achieve a 1:1 TO 1:100, which is the total balance. That according to the ratio automatically defines the Lot. Adjust a BE by pips or ratio with a Cover in Pts
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