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2008.10.16 05:55
2014.04.21 14:53
Cloq.mq4 (9.64 KB)view

The indicator displays the time of the trading session.

//   CloqCorner   - 0 = top left, 1 = top right, 2 = bottom left, 3 = bottom right
//   DispGMT      - Display GMT Time
//   DispLocal    - Display Local Time
//   DispLondon   - Display London Time
//   DispTokyo    - Display Tokyo Time
//   DispNY       - Display New York Time
//   DispBroker   - Display Brokers Time
//   LabelColor   - Color of city label
//   ClockColor   - Color of clock

Input Parameters:

extern int         CloqCorner   =2;
extern bool         DispGMT     =true;
extern bool         DispLocal  =true;
extern bool         DispLondon  =false;
extern bool         DispTokyo  =false;
extern bool         DispNY     =false;
extern bool         DispBroker  =true;
extern color        LabelColor  =Black;
extern color        ClockColor  =Black;


Time_modified Time_modified

Modified MarketTime indicator .

ZH_Global_Chart_Variable_Lib ZH_Global_Chart_Variable_Lib

The library is intended for working with the global graphical variables.

Kuskus Starlight Kuskus Starlight

Indicator Kuskus Starlight.

Takbir Takbir

It shows the buy and sell signals.