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Y(Efekt) - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2008.11.01 09:18
2014.04.21 14:53
yefekt.mq4 (3.51 KB)view

The indicator shows the probabilistic reverses.

As its developers affirm if the 0.5 level is reached the price strains after the opposite direction.


Trade Channel Trade Channel

The indicator of Fibo levels and arcs drawing.

ZigZag_ws_Chanel_R ZigZag_ws_Chanel_R

ZigZag with rays (on a break through)

Get of the ground - £100 start   RabbitM2 Get of the ground - £100 start RabbitM2

Using a combination of MA for the trend and Williams %R wth Commodoties Channel Inex to trigger, and a Dochian band to exit the RabbitM2 is designed to get from zero to hero. I would welcome anyone willing to perform live testing and give me feedback.

i-CAi i-CAi

The indicator shows the break through line.