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CCI_MA. EA Based on Substandard Application of CCI and MA - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2008.10.11 19:53
2014.04.21 14:53

Add CCI indicator. Put the MA indicator directly on it. (Apply to Previous Indicator's Data)
The EA works by the following algorithm:
1. If the CCI line crosses the MA bottom-up then buy.
2. If the CCI line crosses the MA from top downwards then sell.
3. If the CCI crosses 100 from top downwards then close the BUY trade, if it crosses 100 bottom-up then close the SELL trade.
Only one trade can be opened at a time.

The EA was tested on EURUSD from the year 2001. The best parameters for H1:
The report is attached.

Help me with the optimization on the other symbols and timeframes. I think that the algorithm is not bad, but the realization leaves something to be desired. I propose you to work on it together. Write about your ideas and defects noticed, let's improve it...

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Original code:

Open_close MTS on Chart Open_close MTS on Chart

Greetings to all. I started to develop a MTS not long ago. This is my first one. How can I improve it, I'm waiting for the specialist's advices. And how can I use the AMA indicator in the EAs (iAMA)? I tested this strategy on September 2008.

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