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2008.11.02 07:34
2014.04.21 14:53
i-CAi.mq4 (2.63 KB)view

The indicator shows the break through line.

Input parameters:

extern int MA.Period=35;
extern int MA.method=MODE_SMA;
extern int MA.applied_price=PRICE_CLOSE;


Get of the ground - £100 start   RabbitM2 Get of the ground - £100 start RabbitM2

Using a combination of MA for the trend and Williams %R wth Commodoties Channel Inex to trigger, and a Dochian band to exit the RabbitM2 is designed to get from zero to hero. I would welcome anyone willing to perform live testing and give me feedback.

Y(Efekt) Y(Efekt)

The indicator shows the probabilistic reverses.

Rabbit3   £100 start   Zero to Hero    Updated Rabbit3 £100 start Zero to Hero Updated

Rabbit 2 updated with correct set!

Madeleine_v2.0 Madeleine_v2.0

Another version of the Madeleine indicator.