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2008.10.10 13:46

ZG_All Quotings 1 - script for MetaTrader 4

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The script was developed on the basis of the "MarketWatch" script by getch.
I admire the substandard approach of getch !!!

The scanning of all TF with the refreshing of windows of opened charts, the recording to a file of names and trading conditions by all symbols from the Market Watch window are performed. So, the script uploads the history of all symbols of the terminal in the hardest manner.
If the history is not uploaded using this method, then there is a problem with the broker's server.

The script allows to write the names and the trading conditions of all symbols from the Market Watch window to a file of two types ("*.TXT", "*.CSV").

In comparison with my previous scripts for quotes uploading this one has maximum possible reliability. You can throw out my previous scripts.


The limitation by RAM or PC's performance are minimal. There is no need to specify them here. I ran the uploading on three terminals simultaneously. This maybe is not an end.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Forecasting of Price Ranges Forecasting of Price Ranges

The indicator denotes the price range of the next bar.

Variations on the Topic of WPR Variations on the Topic of WPR

A small set of indicators.

Trend Indicators Trend Indicators

A small set of the trend indicators.

Open_close MTS on Chart Open_close MTS on Chart

Greetings to all. I started to develop a MTS not long ago. This is my first one. How can I improve it, I'm waiting for the specialist's advices. And how can I use the AMA indicator in the EAs (iAMA)? I tested this strategy on September 2008.