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Librería de códigos fuente en el lenguaje MQL4 para MetaTrader 4


La mayor librería gratuita que contiene los códigos fuente de los Asesores Expertos, indicadores técnicos y los scripts. Estas aplicaciones le permiten tradear en modo automático y analizar más detalladamente la dinámica de cotizaciones. Si utiliza la librería, estará mejor informado sobre la dinámica y el comportamiento de los mercados financieros.

Usted puede descargar libremente estas aplicaciones, probarlos e iniciar en MetaTrader 4. También puede acceder a ellas desde la plataforma MetaTrader 4 y el entorno de desarrollo MetaEditor.

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HarmonicEA is an Expert Advisor (EA) developed for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) that utilizes harmonic pattern recognition and RSI-based signals to identify potential trading opportunities in the forex market. The EA is designed to detect various bullish and bearish harmonic patterns, including crab, butterfly, bat, deep bat, AB=CD, 3-drive, 5-drive, and shark patterns, across multiple timeframes. It incorporates risk management features such as dynamic lot sizing based on a percentage of account balance, maximum drawdown control, and a trailing stop mechanism to protect profits. HarmonicEA is suitable for traders seeking an automated solution to capitalize on harmonic patterns while managing risk effectively.

This EA will scan all the closed trades and then print the nth trade from the end

This EA will scan all the open trades and then print the nth trade from the end

This script will detect an end-of-trading day and notify

This script will scan all the open trades and then will close the biggest winning/losing trade

This script will place hedge trade of unbalanced type in MT4.

This script will close all active trades and delete pending orders based on the order type passed on the input.

This script will close all active trades sequentially. following the order in which they were opened

This script will calculate the total active and closed orders based on order types

Find the current winning / losing streak in MT4 based on filters

a very convenient way to filter out unnecessary signals of crossing levels

improved version of the standard Simple moving average indicator with a lower delay based on: https://www.mql5.com/en/code/30844 (author: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mladen)

standart RSI with dynamic levels

This is a simple code to mimic onTradeTransaction Event handler defined in MQL5

Classic & Virtual Trailing for MT4

Virtual SL TP Pending with SL Trailing for Symbol Chart

This MQL4 EA is designed to close positions for a basket of currency pairs based on certain profit and loss thresholds.

Reverses all open trades after Closure for all symbols .

Trailing_StopLoss_for All_orders_and_symbols

Simple continuous trend-following strategy for buying and selling based on predefined conditions

Bars Pips for Chart Symbol and Period selected

Hedge Symbol 100%

Changing the size of the chart window is important in my EA, but it may serve as inspiration for others.

Open Charts

Simple banner showing Symbol Spread Equity Profit Banner

Orders Closure

Hedge with a stop order, instead of placing a Stop Loss.

Short description.

Short description.


Hedge Dollar index USIDX against its constitutive FOREX pairs EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY USDCAD USDSEK USDCHF

Break on Code Error ! This script is a general example of using error brake in any strategy.

simple trail stop loss code example.

This is an indicator to calculate 14 types of moving averages based on close price.

This is a indicator to plot hidden and regular divergences on chart.

Indicator that plot arrows when Accelerator Oscillator cross above or bellow 0 level. The indicator send Sound Alerts

Many Expert Advisors (EAs) tend to close orders at the take profit level, considering the pip distance from the purchase price.

[@Buy_Sell_Close] Manual trading EA for trading newbies, EA can be used in backtesting visual mode, EA can also be used in live trading. You can practice your own trading system in backtesting.

AVA adapts its analysis based on current market dynamics. This adaptability makes it invaluable for predicting shifts towards higher volatility or calmer periods.

this shortcode will calculate the drawdown of a particular ea, where it is applied to a specified symbol.