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Madeleine_v2.0 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2008.11.03 08:48
2014.04.21 14:53

Another version of the Madeleine indicator.

Input Parameters:

string str="Madeleine_v2.0";
extern string _Bars="Number of bars to be drawn";
extern int cfg_Bars=18; //number of bars to be drawn
extern string Ray="Rays drawing";
extern bool cfg_Ray=false; //rays drawing
extern string HL1="High (315), Low (45)";
extern bool cfg_HL1=true; //drawing only by High (315), Low (45)
extern string OC1="Open (315), Close (45)";
extern bool cfg_OC1=false; //drawing only by Open (315), Close (45)
extern string HL2="High (45), Low (315)";
extern bool cfg_HL2=false; //drawing only by High (45), Low (315)
extern string OC2="Open (45), Close (315)";
extern bool cfg_OC2=false; //drawing only by Open (45), Close (315)


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