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Moving average crossover scanner MT5

This indicator can identify the following 5 crosses:

  • when a fast moving average crosses a slow moving average line.
  • when price has reached a single moving average (closed above/below or just bounced).
  • when a triple moving average formation has appeared (all 3 MA:s in consecutive alignment)
  • when the MACD main line crosses the signal line.
  • when the MACD zero(0) line is crossed.


  • Can monitor selected symbols visible in your Market Watch window at the same time. Apply the indicator to just one chart and instantly monitor the entire market.
  • Monitors every time frame, from M1 to MN, and sends you a real-time alert when a crossover has been identified.
  • Can use RSI as an additional trend filter.
  • The indicator includes an interactive panel. When clicking on an item, a new chart will be opened with the symbol and time frame in question.

It is enough to place the indicator on one chart and you will receive an alert from any symbol and any time frame of your choice.

I recommend you to put the indicator on a EURUSD M5 chart, preferable a clean chart without any other indicators or Expert Advisors on it.

Please note that due to the multi-time frame functionality neither buy/sell advice nor MA lines will be drawn on the chart.

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  • Candle shift to check for crossover: Default is 1 which means that the indicator will check for crossovers upon candle opening. 0 can be set to catch intracandle (unconfirmed) crossovers. Only the first crossover will be alerted. Setting a higher value than 1 will delay the alert with xx candles. This in order to properly confirm the signal. Might be useful when working with time frames >= H1 and using larger values for the slow MA.
  • Amount of signals to show in the panel: Setting it to 0 will disable the panel. The signals will be shown in descending order, i.e. the latest signal first.
  • Panel width: For instance, if you are using a non-standard font size in Windows you could set this to a larger value in order for the whole text to be visible.
  • Custom panel title: If you put some text here this text will be shown instead of the default panel title.
  • Template name: Your own custom chart template you put here will be applied to the chart which will be opened when you click on a signal in the panel. The name must include the file extension (.tpl). You would typically prepare your template with the MA lines and for instance a support/resistance indicator.
  • Period, shift, method and price mode for the first (fast) MA: The shift simply moves the value of the MA in time. So the MA value for bar 0 with shift 1 is the same as the MA value for bar 1.
  • Period, shift, method and price mode for the second (slow) MA
  • Period, shift, method and price mode for the third MA
  • Alert when price crossed first MA: Alert only when price has closed above/below a single MA.
  • Bounces only (price crossed first MA but reversed): When set to True then parameter above must also be set to True.
  • Alert at MA crossovers (fast crossing slow)
  • Alert at triple MA crossovers
  • Min. distance in points between MA:s
  • Max. distance between signal MA:s (0=disabled): Will prevent opening a trade if the distance is to big. For instance after a news event.
  • Alert at MACD lines crossover
  • Alert at MACD zero(0) line cross
  • Fast EMA, Slow EMA and Signal SMA periods
  • Enable RSI filter
  • Signal only when RSI is between the buy and sell level: The alert will be sent only if the RSI level it between these values.
  • RSI buy level (signal from this level and above): If you set this to for instance 55, alerts will be sent for crossovers (fast MA crossing slow from below) where RSI >= 55.
  • RSI sell level (signal from this level and below): If you set this to for instance 45, alerts will be sent for crossovers (fast MA crossing slow from above) where RSI <= 45.
  • RSI Period
  • RSI apply to price
  • Symbols to scan: Here you will put all symbols you would like to monitor. Every symbol must be put in the exact way as it is visible in the Market Watch window and separated with a comma without spaces. If you put a symbol which does not exist in the Market Watch window, that symbol will not be scanned.
  • Use symbols from the Market Watch window instead: With this option set to True all visible symbols in your Market Watch window will be scanned instead of the symbols above.
  • Time frames
  • Alerts
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Version 1.2 2019.02.27
- corrected the pop-up alert text for bounce alerts. Was showing the slow MA instead of fast MA.
Version 1.1 2019.02.19
- added a candle shift option for selecting the alert delay
- added support for the Strategy tester
Added MACD scanning:
- alert at lines crossover (main line crosses signal line)
- alert at zero(0) line cross
- upon customer request I have changed the alert text to show it like fast MA/slow MA instead of slow MA/fast MA. For example 8/21 instead of 21/8.
- added a smiley in the upper right corner of the chart showing that the indicator is up and running properly
- added the possibility to set a custom panel title
- added the possibility to scan for triple MA crosses
- added 2 different possibilities to scan for cases when the price has reached a single MA
- added an option to use symbols from the Market Watch window instead of the symbols written in the Symbols parameter