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SSA Fixed It

'SSA Fixed It' is a channel breakout fully automated expert advisor incorporating Artificial Intelligence, correlation studies and Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) .  SSA is used to determine the high probability breakouts to trade.  The output from the SSA is then fed into an Artificial Intelligence algorithm and the agents that are embedded in algorithm generate a buy or sell order.  This system has maintained its edge for over 15 years.

The SSA Fixed It can be traded on the following currency pairs:

  • AUDCAD - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDCHF - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDJPY  - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDNZD   - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • AUDUSD   - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CADCHF    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CADJPY    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CHFJPY    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • CHFSGD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURAUD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURCHF    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURGBP    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURJPY    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURNZD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • EURUSD   - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPAUD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPCAD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPCHF    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPJPY    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPNZD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • GBPUSD    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • USDCHF    - 50 Pips Stop-loss - 100 Pips Profit-target
  • We aim to add a total of 60 tradable instruments in future updates including Metals, Indices and Oil. 

This adviser is built for the 60 minute time frame and has no time restrictions.

  • Advisor category: AI SSA;
  • Timeframe: H1;
  • Trading Time: All;
  • Risk: Low at 1% per trade;
  • Recommended Deposit: $1000;
  • Risk Control: all order have a stop-loss and the profit target is 2 x SL
  • Market entry method: market order;
  • See comments section for full backtest.
  • Move stop to break-even: set to 0 pips to disable.
  • Trailing-profit: set to 0 pips to disable.


  • Exit on Friday option;
  • Common money management options - see below;
  • FX pair to trade drop-down box;
  • See comments post 2 for more details.

This can be traded immediately using the default settings.

You are welcome to message me if you have any questions.

UseMoneyManagement set to true if you want to use money management, set to false to use fixed number of lots defined in Lots.
Lots number of lots to be used if money management is not used 
RiskInPercent if money management is active, set how big % of the available capital should be risked per each trade. Standard values are from 1 – 5. RiskInPercent is used only if UseFixedMoney = false 
UseFixedMoneyif set to true, money management will use fixed amount of money for every trade (specified in RiskInMoney parameter). RiskInPercent is then ignored. To use this, UseMoneyManagement must be also set to true. 

I have attached a close all at profit percentage EA in the comments section: post number 11. 

A large portfolio that has a profit target twice the size of the stop-loss can lead to a situation some may find frustrating; the situation is seeing the portfolio in large amounts of open profit although none of the pairs are close to the take profit target.  My approach is 'you can't have it all' so it is better to allow the system to operate as designed.  However, for those who want more control over this aspect I have included an EA that will close all positions after a basket profit level has been reached.  So if the portfolio is up by 5% and you would like to close all positions to secure those returns, simply attached this EA to a chart then input 5 in the "percentage profit field" and then all positions will be closed when the open profit reaches 5% of the account balance.  There is no need to place this on the pair you want it to apply because it applied to all pairs by default so attaching to one chart is sufficient.

Development plan: see comments post 15 & Post 20 for full backtests

KikkoM 2019.02.17 20:10 

In my opinion, one of the best experts on the market of MQL5.

Backtests with excellent results, constant with low risk. Live operations confirmed these results.

The author continues to improve the expert with new currencies and features. You see the great work of the author, serious and always ready to explain.

michele74 2019.02.11 18:24 

SSA Fixed it , is more than a simple EA . Is a project born from the author Max Brown and is only the beginning...At first is an smart automated expert open the position on breakout of a channel and with an A.I. can select the open trades and the direction...with one TP and one SL . very safe and stable with a small very small DD , NO Martingale , NO grid , is same you have a professional manual trader wich open a position for you. Unbelieveble!!! If u buy now this expert , believe me . is an investment for the future, because the author tell me about is only an entry price ...still in development ...every new important update include an upgrade for the price ....Today i start with the last update: The reversion mode , and the EA show me already the potential ...all in a great profit!! You must have in your portfoglio , because is only one EA but same you buy a lots of expert with different strategy inside ...INFINITY possibilities....Also the author is very polite and responsive , explain you step by step all the setting and help you for fixed every problem even if busy for code , answer you about everything!!! Amazing SUPPORT!

This is the first view of the expert , but i will update all the results in the future, stay tuned and don't miss this professional hidden gem of EA !!

Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2019.01.30 10:56 

5 years backtest results are very good. Profitable with low DD%. Now running it live.

Версия 1.10 2019.02.18
A minor conflict resolved between Indice model and Forex model.
Версия 1.9 2019.02.17
1. Rewrote a large amount of code to make the EA run quicker.
2. Retrained SSA neural network.
3. Indice built but release deferred for 1 week because the Indice code requires additional quality checks.
Версия 1.8 2019.02.07
Removed GBPCHF & GBPJPY because on correlation calculation overload potentially impacting order execution. The calculation is been rewritten and these pairs will be reintroduced shortly.
Версия 1.7 2019.02.05
Additional pairs added:
Версия 1.6 2019.02.03
1. Added an optional "move stop to breakeven" and optional "trailing profit".
2. An additional of an advanced filtering algorithm to boost winning trades.
3. Updated neural and SSA weights and coefficients.
4. Standard stop-loss changed to 50 pips and profit target set to 100pips.
Версия 1.3 2019.01.28
Non-critical profit target issue - global to local
Версия 1.2 2019.01.28
Code efficiency - changed function from 15 to 10 loops
Версия 1.1 2019.01.28
1. Renamed Live Trading to something more appropriate.