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Einstein Albert


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The expert uses a super advanced algorithm to trade above or below a specific trendline,thus can avoid very sudden moves that kill many accounts in the past.

Several types of take profit are used for better performance.

Strategy of positions are completely different of the other EAs.It opens 2 same sized trades,then  IT MARTINGALES.Making the DD much less in difficult conditions.

A super sophisticated  strategy which allows the EA to close positions in loss (Virtual Stop Loss) if the strength of price is high,helping the account to survive.
A super clever overlap system added.

Plus,when the EA opens the recovery positions,it does not open them blindly,but based on several market conditions.

DUE to hundreds of variables and drawings,the test in ticks will be very very slow.So,try to focus on the STRATEGY.


  • Low spread broker VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 1500+$ balance or more as in forex we all know,the more the better.
  • The default settings TRADE ,FX pairs. OFCOURSE you can optimize it as per your needs.I personally use default.
************* Set file for  GOLD  HERE ON #15
    • FOREX PAIRS MUST USE DISTANCE INPUT,TP in pips ,WITHOUT ZERO (0) . For Gold we add a (0) .OFCOURSE you can optimize it as per your needs. 

    • 1M ,5M or 15M timeframe .The EA can trade in any timeframe though.
    Each timeframe generates different trades as on each timeframe the trend is different.

    Each trader can use it as per his needs!


    • First two starting lot:The lot size for the first four positions.
    • After 2 starting lot:The lot size for the next 3 positions after the 4th opened positions.
    • Min_Distance_in_pips_between_FIRST_2_trades : The minimum distance between the first 7 trades.
    • Min_Distance_in_pips_between_trades_after_3rd : The minimum distance after the 7 trades.
      • Multiplier Martingale:The multiplier for the positions after the above are opened.
      • Stop Loss Pips:The stop loss in pips.
      • Max Lot:The max lot size a position can have.
      • Max Sells:The max sells. 
      • Max Buys:The max buys.
      • Money Trailing:The trailing in money for profit.

        • Virtual Stop Loss VSL The higher the value the lower the loss:This input will close positions in loss based on a number of conditions.The default value is -1.


        If you set for example -100,the max loss ,IF THE Conditions met and the EA close positions,will be -100 OR lower.

        NEW IMPUTS:

        • DD Buys:The value must be negative.So,after the DD reaches this specific value ,the EA will change the lot multiplier(as you wish) AND THE MOST IMPORTANT,the new positions will open only in reversals.
        • DD sells:The same as above.
        • New multiplier after the DD:This will be the new multiplier AFTER the DD.

        Comentários 4
        Jesus LS
        Jesus LS 2023.05.09 00:00 

        With each update this EA has been working better. Very happy with this EA.

        Francis Chiu
        Francis Chiu 2023.02.02 15:28 

        Very Good EA with consistant profit! I have been using this for 2 months and no headache caused only profits.

        logcutter 2022.10.07 18:01 

        I have quite a few of Ants EAs and I have been only running this EA for one week but first impressions is it is awesome ! It is a very clever EA designed to keep DD as low as possible. I have been trading Gold with great results and it can trade Forex too.. Great work ...Highly recommended

        Produtos recomendados
        Smart Advisor Calculation is designed for a very interesting method that is able finally to give the martingale a new positive way! At startup the Expert Advisor sets virtual orders and trades like the real deal. As soon as the drawdown of virtual orders reaches the set number, the robot immediately enters the market for real orders! Thus the price is going without setbacks such as 30-70 pips, with great probability will kick back at the entrance to the market! This is used by a robot! If the pr
        125 USD
        The EA is simple and convenient to use -  (Please do not run default without our SETS) EURUSD, (GBPUSD), NZDUSD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDCHF, XAUUSD (You can add more pairs according to your capital) m15 (H1 is more safe). 100usd = 10000 cents (2/3 pairs) 500usd = 50000 cents (Gold + other pair) Trade Buy   - if false then EA will not take any BUY order Trade Sell - if false then EA will not take any SELL order Open New Series :- if false EA will not open new series MM - If MM is true then
        49 USD
        Bar Boss
        Iurii Tokman
        5 (1)
        Bar Boss   O Expert   Advisor usa o indicador FletBoxPush para analisar o mercado e determinar os sinais de negociação. O indicador é integrado ao Expert Advisor e sua instalação adicional no gráfico não é necessária. A negociação ocorre no rompimento dos níveis definidos como os limites do apartamento. Limitação de perdas é usada. Descrição das configurações do consultor TimeFrames - período do gráfico, configuração para o indicador color - a cor da área de preço definida como plana, configur
        30 USD
        This EA trades a narrow range at night. At the top and bottom of the range, the EA will try to generate trades in the opposite direction. To open suitable trades, the Expert Advisor uses several indicators and analyzes several timeframes. In order to maintain the quality of the EA, we may choose to stop selling new licenses at any time. Current price $50 , finally price will be $499. By prioritising quality over quantity, we are able to ensure that the product remains a reliable and effec
        50 USD
        The Expert Advisor trades the signals from an artificial neural network with one hidden layer. Presence of a signal is checked at the closing of the specified period. MAIN PARAMETERS Net option - setting the order grid. When placing a market (not pending, Pending order offset=0 ) order according to a signal, the grid order is set. The following direction are available: follow the trend , against the treand and both directions . The number of placed orders is taken from the ...maximum deals with
        75 USD
        Andrey Kolmogorov
        This is a universal adviser working in several directions. The first and main thing is assistance in various situations that arise during trading. The second is scalping or positional trading according to the trend, open orders, at the same time, insured with support orders using the model of a quantum set of algorithms. Main Advantages Work in several directions; Increase in account balance during drawdown; Maintenance of already open orders; Building a grid lock; Scalping and/or trend trading
        99 USD
        ANTI SCALPING TRADER EA  - is an advanced automatic trading system based on the latest price action research! This is "set and forget" Expert Adviser which is doing all trading job for you!   30 Set files available! Use Set files  from "Comments" section for using/testing the EA Trading idea is based on totally new Price Action pattern which I found by myself! ANTI SCALPING TRADER is very good investment - it will work years and years for you, because all Set_files have positive mathematical exp
        49.99 USD
        Price Action Trader EA mz
        5 (1)
        Price Action Trader EA  - is perfect automatic trading system based on the price action research! This is "set and forget" Expert Adviser which is doing all trading job for you!  7  Set files available! Trading idea is based on famous powerful Price Action pattern! Price Action Trader EA is very good investment - it will work years and years for you, all Set_files   have positive mathematical expectancy! Use Set files  from "Comments" section for using/testing the EA Price Action Trader EA   Fea
        49.99 USD
        The algorithm of the adviser's work: When the Expert Advisor is launched at a specified distance from the price (first_step), BuyStop and SellStop orders are placed. Further, depending on which way the price went, one of them becomes market, and the other begins to crawl after the price. When the price rolls back, it also becomes market. If we have reached a set profit in some direction, the order is closed and a creeping pending order of the same direction is placed again. If the profit is n
        100 USD
        Trading strategy: Scalping. Trading on impulses in automatic trading has been used for a long time and the scheme is not new to traders. It is difficult to catch such moments manually, but the adviser copes instantly. Automated trading uses 2 approaches to trade in such cases: look for pullbacks after impulses. trade in the direction of momentum. The search for entry points is done like this: the adviser measures the rate of price change for which this change should occur, if the conditions for
        70 USD
        Ichimoku 3D
        Anton Karabeinikov
        Ichimoku 3D Este EA é baseado no indicador Ichimoku usando o princípio de 3 telas Elder. Neste Expert Advisors 4 tipos de abertura de transações: 1 é quando há o mesmo sinal de compra ou venda em 3 prazos 2-é quando 2 timeframes têm o mesmo sinal de compra e 1 timeframe de venda ou vice-versa 3-é quando 1 timeframe sinal de compra e 2 timeframe de venda ou vice-versa 4-é quando 1 período de tempo é um sinal de compra no período médio de venda e 3 período de compra Magic =2021 "I
        45 USD
        Rsi Pure Divergence
        Alexander Chertnik
        4.25 (8)
        The EA trading Rsi Divergence strategy. EA uses Grid method. Minimum trading account for 1 pair :  100 $. Designated for trading all major forex pairs. Recommended timeframe : 4H / 1H / 30m / 15m Recommended broker : Vantage Open Account >   www.vantagemarkets.com/forex-trading/forex-trading-account/?affid=5861 developed, tested and optimized   on "   VantageMarkets   ", TGLColmex & IFCMarkets  platforms. user can run this EA on multiple charts simultaneously. user can use this EA as indicato
        40 USD
        Luke Joel Desmaris
        Join our Newsletter to also get a copy of our Optimization Settings: https://desbot.ai/#Newsletter  Input Parameters Below are all the input options (aka: Parameters) for Desbot and how to use them. You can find the best Parameters through optimization. RiskPercentage: Enter the number that represents the percent of your account balance you want Desbot to risk per trade. For example, entering 1.5 would risk 1.5% of your Account Balance. SLTicks: Enter the number of ticks you want for your stop
        1 250 USD
        Pandora Gold
        Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
        5 (1)
        Auto-trading robot Pandora Gold  gives you the advantage of accuracy, quick execution of trade orders when trading signals appear. Pandora Gold EA analyzes price movements combining short-term trend patterns to select accurate trading signals with high probability. Black Friday Sale Off 60% !!!  Old price 168 USD, latest price   68 USD   today. The EA does not use a hard Stop Loss, but it has a Closed all on Friday feature, it also uses different position management strategies for each situatio
        68 USD
        Operation principles The main advantage of the Expert Advisor is that you do not need to set multiple parameters and understand the Forex market principles. All you need is to set one parameter according to the recommendations given in the description and launch the EA. The robot calculates the necessary lot volume, acceptable risk and closing amount. The EA works on any timeframe and symbol. Several parameters and indicators are analyzed during the EA operation. Orders are opened and profit is
        300 USD
        Magic Win
        4.33 (3)
        EA MAGIC WIN is the advanced trading system which was tested for long on different market conditions with heavy load tests. Based on our custom indicator which is backed with mean reversion concept along with few other algorithm this products fits itself into the current market conditions and act accordingly.  Supported currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD Recommended TF: M15. Setfile can be downloaded from here : Click Here Live Signals https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2
        49 USD
        Olga Zhdanova
        Um ótimo complemento para seu portfólio lucrativo de consultores especializados. A estratégia é baseada em um algoritmo para romper os níveis construídos por um determinado período de tempo. O EA tem um StopLoss fixo, que permite que você mantenha o rebaixamento mínimo. Testado em todos os ticks usando o Tick Data Suite, com as condições reais de negociação mais próximas possíveis, assista ao vídeo. Preço para os primeiros 10 compradores $ 75 (imploro que publique seus relatórios nos comentár
        75 USD
        Vladimir Gribachev
        5 (1)
        Strategy is based on the position of the previous bar relative to the Moving Average indicator. Working timeframe is М30. Features The template features an adaptive forecast algorithm based on history data of price action; It has multiple filters for opening new orders; Compatible with any trading strategy, both manual or automatic (Expert Advisors); It has the maximum possible and compatible functionality: adaptive order grid, locking, averaging, rebuying. Expert Advisor Installation The quot
        30 USD
        Butterfly Strong
        Vladimir Gribachev
        This Expert Advisor is designed for effective investment management and medium-term trading. Unlike the Butterfly Platinum version, it uses the Martingale system. If the previous trade was closed at a loss, the next lot will be equal to the last lot multiplied by MultiplierLots. Every trade is protected by stop loss. Only one market order can be opened at a time. It works using pending (Stop, Limit) or market orders depending on the parameters specified. The trailing stop levels can be set in pi
        30 USD
        GMMA Trade X is an EA based on GMMA. GMMA parameters such as MovingAveragePeriod1-24, MovingAverageMAShift1-24, MovingAverageShift1-24 and CandlestickShift1-24 can be adjusted. GMMA Trade X applies BTN TECHNOLOGY's state-of-the-art intelligent technology to help you create optimal results for your trades. May your dreams come true through GMMA Trade X. Good luck. = == == Inquiries = == == E-Mail:support@btntechfx.com
        30 USD
        Vladimir Gribachev
        The Expert Advisor uses an advanced adaptive trading strategy with a neural network based on a position averaging. The strategy for opening the first trades is based on the price rate of change. The neural network is based on a single indicator - the weighted average percentage of the Open price, the High price, the Low price and the Close price. To filter trade opening in the order network, perceptrons are used. A common trailing stop of open positions by money in a deposit currency or profit %
        30 USD
        Fibonacci System
        Maksim Neimerik
        The system applies Fibo levels. Apart from basic Fibo levels (23.6; 38.2; 50.0; 61.8; 100.0;), the EA features custom levels (34.0; 36.0; 64.0; 66.0;). You can decide the levels trading is to be performed from. Sample trade: when the market is bullish and the price rolls back to the levels (as we remember, we select the levels on our own), the EA opens buy orders. The opposite is true for sell orders. The EA can work in three modes. Each of the modes is a separate Fibo levels construction method
        20 USD
        Universal MT4 MACD
        Vladimir Gribachev
        Robô de negociação no indicador MACD Esta é uma versão simplificada do robô de negociação, usa apenas uma estratégia de entrada (a versão avançada possui mais de 10 estratégias) Benefícios do especialista: Escalpelamento, Martingale, negociação em rede. Você pode configurar a negociação com apenas um pedido ou uma grade de pedidos. Uma grade de ordens altamente personalizável com uma etapa dinâmica, fixa ou multiplicadora e lote de negociação permitirá que você adapte o Expert Advisor a
        50 USD
        Andriy Sydoruk
        Lic   trend analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products; the bot is an independent finished product. Lic   is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit ranges from $1000 to $10000 for one currency pair. Serious traders are
        1 253 USD
        EA Calmed Hush
        Jennifer Afi Azasoo
        EA Calmed   Hush We have tried to optimise   Calmed-Hush Expert Advisor  for Gold but works with any other forex pairs and stocks. This expert uses  martingale (optionally) for recovery. Please, backtest for at least 10 years and run a demo for at least one whole month before going live; that way, you will know how the Calmed- Hush Expert Advisor behaves across the various markets. Please do not just purchase and start using the EA, as past performance cannot guarantee future results. Backt
        99 USD
        EA RSI Pending Grid
        Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
        "RSI" usually refers to the Relative Strength Index, a technical indicator used in financial markets to analyze the strength or weakness of an asset's price. "Pending Grid" may suggest a specific trading strategy that combines pending orders with grid trading techniques. RSI EA : RSI (Relative Strength Index) is a technical indicator used in trading to assess whether an asset is overbought or oversold. It measures the speed and change of price movements. RSI values range from 0 to 100. Typically
        100 USD
        Two Kids
        Natalya Sopina
        Two Kids  - high frequency EA-scalper. Two Kid s  -  uses only two standard indicators to generate signal to oder opening. Two Kids   -universal and simple. Two Kids   - trades accurately and swiftly. Two Kids   - independent on TF. Two Kids   - worsk on all currency pairs. Two Kids   - uses no martingale and no grid Two Kids   -needs 20  units of currency for lot 0.01 for each used currency pair. Two Kid s EA  Parameters : Trading  hours  HH . ММ  (server time) : trade time limit on time : ti
        300 USD
        This Expert Advisor trades based on trend lines, as well as on the basis of volume analysis. Volumes are calculated using minute bars, in order to determine if they were ascending or descending. The trend lines are drawn based on High and Lows in the trade history. There are also additional indicators. Buy or sell signals depend on all those factors. This allows the EA to enter the market with more accuracy and to perform more deals. Input parameters Lots - lot size (if 0, a lot is calculated
        30 USD
        H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper is a trend signal scalper The EA trades according to the trend strategy using original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. The external inputs for limiting trading on Fridays and Mondays are available. The purpose of the strategy is to use the current trend with the most benefit. According to the results of testing and working on demo and real accounts, the best results achieved by using the Н4 timeframe on the GBP/USD pair Works on MetaTrader 4 Build 971+
        149 USD
        Fundamental Robot MT4
        Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
        Fundamental Robot is an Expert Advisor based on Fundamental Signals Indicator. The Fundamental Signals Indicator has a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 30000 points. The indicator is named fundamental because it can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk.  The EA works with low margin levels and thus has low risk. Using EA : The EA is very simple and without complicated input parameters. These are main parameters must b
        200 USD
        Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
        Quantum Emperor MT4
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        Apresentando       Quantum Emperor EA   , o inovador consultor especialista em MQL5 que está transformando a maneira como você negocia o prestigioso par GBPUSD! Desenvolvido por uma equipe de traders experientes com experiência comercial de mais de 13 anos. IMPORTANTE! Após a compra envie-me uma mensagem privada para receber o manual de instalação e as instruções de configuração. ***Compre Quantum Emperor EA e você poderá Quantum Trade EA ou Quantum Gold Emperor gratuitamente!*** Peça em particu
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        HFT Prop Firm EA
        Ying Siang Ng
        4.95 (272)
        HFT Prop Firm EA (Green Man) , distinguished by its GreenMan logo, is an Expert Advisor (EA) specifically designed to pass challenges or evaluations set by proprietary trading firms (prop firms) that allow the use of High-Frequency Trading (HFT) techniques. Live Monitoring:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2149219 The HFT Prop Firm EA can achieve challenge targets within a short period, maintaining a very low drawdown. Our special HFT strategy detects large market movements and employs stop-lo
        253 USD
        Quantum Trade EA
        Bogdan Ion Puscasu
        5 (39)
        Apresentando       Quantum Trade EA   , o inovador consultor especialista em MQL5 que está transformando a maneira como você negocia o prestigioso par GBPUSD! Desenvolvido por uma equipe de traders experientes com experiência comercial de mais de 13 anos, o Quantum Trade       A EA foi projetada para impulsionar sua jornada de negociação a novos patamares com sua estratégia inovadora e dinâmica de zona de rompimento. IMPORTANTE! Após a compra envie-me uma mensagem privada para receber o manual
        499.99 USD
        Gold Trade Pro
        Profalgo Limited
        5 (6)
        Promoção de lançamento! Restam apenas algumas cópias por 449$! Próximo preço: 599$ Preço final: 999$ Ganhe 1 EA gratuitamente (para 2 contas comerciais) -> entre em contato comigo após a compra Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here Live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2032269 New live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2084890 Live Signal Set Prop Firm Set JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Gold Trade Pro junta-se ao clube dos EAs de negociação de ouro, mas com uma grande
        449 USD
        Bonnitta EA
        Ugochukwu Mobi
        3.6 (20)
        Bonnitta EA é baseado na estratégia de posição pendente (PPS) e um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia da Bonnitta EA é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência (ação de preço) e o algoritmo de negociação secreta mais importante mencionado acima. NÃO COMPRE UM EA SEM QUALQUER TESTE COM DINHEIRO REAL DE MAIS DE 3 MESES, DEMOREI MAIS DE 100 SEMANAS (MAIS DE 2 ANOS) PARA TESTAR BONNITTA EA COM DINHEIRO REA
        5 750 USD
        Alexander Kozachuk
        4.89 (9)
        Estatísticas de uma conta real desde 2020 Backtest dos últimos 13 anos Estratégia de baixo rebaixamento Algoritmo multimoeda Compatível com qualquer corretora Sistema comprovado de controle de rebaixamento Negociando em uma conta real desde 2020 : Clique aqui Negociação em USDCAD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, EURUSD: Clique aqui Negociação em EURGBP: Clique aqui Negociação em GBPUSD: Clique aqui Backtests completos do FXMachine EA disponíveis para download aqui: Clique aqui Sobre nós: O
        1 165 USD
        Boring Pips MT4
        Thi Thu Ha Hoang
        5 (7)
        Você já se perguntou por que a maioria dos consultores especializados não é eficaz nas negociações ao vivo, apesar de seu desempenho perfeito nos testes retrospectivos? A resposta mais provável é over-fitting. Muitos EAs são criados para 'aprender' e se adaptar perfeitamente aos dados históricos disponíveis, mas falham em prever o futuro devido à falta de generalização no modelo construído. Alguns desenvolvedores simplesmente não sabem da existência do over-fitting, ou sabem, mas não têm uma man
        499 USD
        EA Diamond Firms MT4
        Lo Thi Mai Loan
        5 (7)
        Introdução ao EA O EA utiliza a estratégia de trading mais poderosa de todos os tempos e sobrevive ao longo do tempo usando a estratégia Darvas Break-out. Consulte o seguinte LINK para obter detalhes sobre como nosso produto funciona e é criado: >>LINK:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/754436 Com mais de 10 anos de experiência em programação e trading, desenvolvemos um produto adequado para contas grandes e fundos de investimento. EA Diamond Firms irá ajudá-lo a aumentar a sua conta d
        453 USD
        HFT Prop EA
        Manpreet Singh
        4.7 (73)
        HFT PROP EA is the High Frequency Trading which use stop orders to enter the trades when market is trending, It is basically designed for US30 just at opening of US30 in New York Session till it remain in its trending nature for 15-30 minutes, so it works best in big candles tends to generate in US30 pair or any other pair with similar nature. Live Working -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1994615?source=Site+Signals+My Recommended Prop Firm   - Nova Funding, Quantec and Infinity Forex Funds
        250 USD
        Big Forex Players MT4
        Marzena Maria Szmit
        4.33 (12)
        We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the  Big Forex Players EA  designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. Only after all that work did we decide to add it to our list of products. We will not create additional EAs, instead, we are going to dedicate our time to the expansion of this EA, guided by c
        999 USD
        TrendMaster FX MT4
        Chen Jia Qi
        5 (4)
        Live signal : Live signal FX The MT5 version : TrendMaster FX Pares de moedas recomendados: GBP/USD (GBPUSD) USD/CAD (USDCAD) EUR/USD (EURUSD) AUD/USD (AUDUSD) USD/CHF (USDCHF) USD/JPY (USDJPY) Nota Especial : No nosso EA, o USDCAD é o menos afetado pelas tendências do mercado de notícias dos EUA. Configurações de risco: Para traders agressivos, o risco máximo é definido em 0,15. Para traders mais conservadores, especialmente aqueles com maior capital, recomenda-se ajustar abaixo de 0,05. Após a
        938 USD
        Antares mt4
        Marina Arkhipova
        4.43 (7)
        SOBRE O CONSULTOR A Antares está equipada com as mais avançadas tecnologias e possui tudo o que é necessário para uma negociação bem-sucedida no mercado moderno. O robô sente muito bem o mercado e determina os pontos de entrada e saída das posições com extrema precisão. Graças a isso, tem uma taxa de vitória muito alta (ver sinais) Funciona em uma série de ordens e usa um hard stop loss para cada negociação! Para procurar um sinal, ele usa indicadores clássicos brilhantes CCI, BB, MA e muitos f
        500 USD
        lizhi fu
        4.75 (44)
        Bitte senden Sie eine Nachricht, wenn Sie Probleme mit der Installation und dem EA-Backtesting haben; Sie erhalten einen kostenlosen Band-Trend-Indikator 8 Tage nach dem Kauf. The advantages of TopBottomEA: the first EA to support the work of small capital, real trading for more than 4 years; this EA is based on volatility adaptive mechanism, only one single at a time, each single with a stop loss, an average of about 4 single per day, holding a single length of about 12 hours, using Dukascopy r
        1 198 USD
        Eternal Engine EA employs an advanced intelligent algorithm designed specifically to capture the subtle shifts in the market. The algorithm of this EA is based on the team's long-term research, identifying trading opportunities in complex market conditions. It can quickly adapt to market fluctuations, operates automatically 24 hours a day without manual intervention. To ensure investment safety, we've incorporated multiple mechanisms in the EA's design, particularly emphasizing capital protecti
        599 USD
        Darwin Swing MT4
        Guillaume Duportal
        4.77 (13)
        Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION: After t
        999 USD
        XAUUSD scalper M1
        Andrey Kozak
        3.06 (17)
        XAUUSD scalper M1 - scalper robô para ouro. Este robô não usa métodos de negociação arriscados, como martingale, grade, cobertura, etc. O robô analisa o mercado usando modelos matemáticos de análise linear e dinâmica. Para seu trabalho, o robô usa dados obtidos de modelos de mercado, indicadores de tendência padrão, indicadores de canal e osciladores. Com base nos dados coletados, o robô determina o movimento atual do preço, os prováveis ​​pontos de reversão e a dinâmica do mercado. Se o movime
        180 USD
        Nesco MT4
        Gennady Sergienko
        5 (6)
        Olá, sou   NESCO   / - sou um especialista em robôs totalmente automáticos e analiso o mercado de forma independente e tomo decisões de negociação. Algumas das minhas funções são escritas usando   GPT-4_COPILOT   e otimizadas pela   MQL5_CLOUD_NETWORK   . Tenho meu próprio servidor para receber eventos financeiros no mundo. Posso trabalhar para você 24 horas por dia, 5 dias por semana, sem sua intervenção e notificá-lo com uma mensagem por telefone se sua atenção for necessária; Minha princi
        1 100 USD
        Aura Black Edition
        Stanislav Tomilov
        4.64 (11)
        Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
        1 995 USD
        HFT Pass Prop Firm MT4
        Lo Thi Mai Loan
        5 (5)
        Olá, Este é o Passe para Empresas Proprietárias de HFT. O EA utiliza negociação de alta frequência (HFT) para superar os desafios das empresas de capital próprio. O EA foi testado com quantectrading e aprovado em 1 dia. Sinal ao vivo: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2108724?source=Site+Profile+Seller (apenas para demonstração) Nota: Você realmente precisa entender HFT e saber se suas empresas de capital próprio permitem HFT. Se você não entender, por favor, me envie uma mensagem para
        230 USD
        Alexander Kozachuk
        4.67 (3)
        Estatísticas em uma conta real desde 2018 Backtests por 19 anos Estratégia multimoeda Compatível com qualquer corretora Sistema confiável de limitação de rebaixamento Possibilidade de desenvolver suas próprias configurações UControl tem negociado com sucesso em uma conta real desde o início de 2018 . Aqui estão suas estatísticas: Par AUDUSD: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1572417 AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, USDCAD pares: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1951287 Backtests completos do UCo
        469 USD
        Dark Algo
        Venus Labs S.R.L.
        4.74 (46)
        Last copy at 399$ -> next price 499$ Dark Algo  is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Scalping Trading on Eurusd . This Expert Advisor is based on the latest generation of algorithm and is highly customizable to suit your trading needs.  If you   Buy this Expert   Advisor you can   write a feedback   at market and   get   a second EA for   Free , for More info contact me The basic strategy of this EA is built on a sophisticated algorithm  that allows it to identify and follow market trends .
        399 USD
        Aproveite a volatilidade de abertura dos principais índices de ações e lucre com os movimentos repentinos criados nos momentos em que o mercado rompe ao soar o sino de abertura. O objetivo das estratégias é simplesmente beneficiar daqueles dias em que o mercado se move rápida e fortemente numa direção na abertura e no banco que se move. Se o mercado abrir fraco e sem direção, o EA trava uma perda de hedge e espera que o mercado decida uma direção antes de sair das posições. O EA de hedge de índ
        99 USD
        Goldminer AI MT4
        Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
        4 (8)
        O Goldminer AI é um algoritmo complexo e inovador que utiliza a Inteligência Artificial em combinação com a análise técnica tradicional para prever os movimentos do mercado. Apresenta um modo de recuperação revolucionário que divide cada entrada em várias transacções mais pequenas e fecha-as uma a uma com os lucros obtidos noutras transacções. Para além disso, um novo mecanismo permite a maximização dos lucros através da utilização de ordens pendentes. Este Expert Advisor utiliza Redes Neuronais
        599 USD
        Daytrade Pro Algo
        Profalgo Limited
        5 (3)
        Promoção de lançamento: Número limitado de cópias disponíveis no preço atual Preço final: 990$ NOVO: ganhe 1 EA grátis!   (para 2 contas comerciais) Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here LIVE RESULTS:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1949810 JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Prop Firm Set Bem-vindo ao DayTrade Pro Algo!   Depois de anos estudando os mercados e programando diferentes estratégias, encontrei um algoritmo que tem tudo o que um bom sistema de negociação precisa: É corretor indepe
        349 USD
        O Market Reversal Alerts EA é alimentado pelo indicador de mesmo nome (disponível aqui) e negocia com base em mudanças na estrutura do mercado. O EA, por padrão, fará uma negociação toda vez que um alerta de reversão de mercado for enviado pelo indicador e negociará esses alertas com base nas condições e filtros definidos nas configurações do EA. Ele desenha retângulos de suporte à medida que o preço se move na direção da tendência atual e negocia quando o preço inverte acentuadamente e s
        99 USD
        AI Meta EA MT4
        Denis Kurnev
        4.33 (6)
        Introducing the AI Meta EA advisor - a remarkable leap in the world of trading! If you've always aspired to something greater and uncharted, then AI Meta EA is what you need. It harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, developed using neural networks and hidden algorithms in the deepest corners of the internet. What makes AI Meta EA so uniquely exceptional? Forget about old strategies and mundane indicators! My advisor possesses an intuition that even the most experienced tra
        1 199 USD
        Nexus EA Forex
        Enrique Enguix
        4.72 (29)
        Descubra o poder da negociação e OUSE SER UM VENCEDOR agora mesmo! >>>   Em 2010, eu me encontrei no mesmo ponto que você: procurando uma maneira infalível de obter lucros consistentes com as negociações. No entanto, descobri que não era tão simples quanto alguns anúncios faziam parecer. Com o tempo, descobri os segredos para ganhar dinheiro nos mercados e quero compartilhá-los com você. >>>   Deixe para trás a busca pelos chamados "gurus" do mercado que só oferecem promessas vazias. Em vez
        789.21 USD
        HFT Challenge Passing
        Benbyaanda Silvere Henri Sedric Kabore
        4.57 (7)
        HFT Challenge Passing is a fully automated High Frequency scalping robot that is  specially designed to help you pass your prop firm (proprietary trading firm) challenges and evaluations. You can see in the description the proof that HFT Challenge Passing has passed the Social Trading Club challenge. You can also see how the robot behaves with this signal. HFT Challenge Passing :   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2131865 This is the cheapest HFT robot on the marketplace today.  For those who can
        120 USD
        EA Black Dragon
        Ramil Minniakhmetov
        4.78 (443)
        EA Black Dragon funciona no indicador Black Dragon. O Expert Advisor abre um negócio pela cor do indicador, então é possível construir a rede de pedidos ou trabalhar com um stop loss. O acompanhamento do trabalho real, bem como meus outros desenvolvimentos, pode ser encontrado aqui: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller Você pode encontrar todas as configurações aqui! Recomendações Pares de moedas EURUSD GBPUSD  Prazo M15  Depósito recomendado 1000 dólares ou centavos  Configura
        99 USD
        DAX JX Pro MT4
        Sergey Simakov
        DAX JX Pro EA" is an innovative expert advisor designed for automated trading on the DAX financial market. Developed with cutting-edge technologies, this advisor adeptly analyzes price movements and volatility, empowering traders to make well-informed decisions. The primary advantage of DAX JX Pro EA lies in its utilization of the Donchian Channel, showcasing excellent real-world trading results. With the right configuration, it proves effective on live trading accounts, making it suitable for
        499 USD
        Mais do autor
        Genius Z
        Antonis Michos
        Launch PRICE : 119$ Join the telegram Group. Copy Paste the following address:  https://t.me/+nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk or contact me. Or follow the link under my profile   Genius Z uses a personalized algorithm to get values from ZIG ZAG indicator.After that, a custom made system filters the point where the position will open and a smart system closes the positions. Recommendations: The default set is made to trade EURJPY,EURUSD and GBPUSD but of course can be used to any FX pai
        119 USD
        Join the telegram Group. Copy Paste the following address:  https://t.me/+nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk or contact me. Or follow the link under my profile   After 100nds of feedbacks and conversations i made this EA to be one of the best scalping trend and counter trend EAs. There are tens of calculations made on chart for the best possible entry in order to AVOID news, sudden changes etc.ALL based on past reactions and trained for the next possible ones . 3 different strategies cover almost al
        149 USD
        Next Level Scalp
        Antonis Michos
        5 (1)
        Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profi le Welcome. IMPORTANT: Due to many drawings the testing will be very slow. YOU CAN USE CONTROL POINTS with visualization to see faster the strategy. Next Level Scalp uses readings from several indicators and it deploys possible searching areas.After the AREAS appeared, a super calculation system based on candle size and moment price action it decides to open the first position. NEW: a NEW INPUT allows th
        59 USD
        Gold Stallion
        Antonis Michos
        4.83 (48)
        Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Huge Upgrade in: Conditions of entry.(The same as before plus some restrictions for even better). Added Buttons for Pause and Restart EA from chart. Added input for Pause EA based on number of positions and restart the EA based on candle of 4H chart if it is back on trend!   Gold Stallion uses artificial intelligence to produce as better as it can entries in gold. The EA uses  all Time Frames to find the best entry.
        99 USD
        Virtual Trendline Scalper
        Antonis Michos
        4.93 (14)
        Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile   4 days to pass MyForexFunds phase 1 evaluation.( see screenshot below ) EAs used: Virtual Trendline Einstein Albert . Lots used : 0.50 to 5.0 Default settings Welcome. Virtual Trendline Scalper is a scalping machine (trades quite often) that uses virtual trades in virtual trendlines before it opens a real one in decent to perfect places. IMPORTANT:Due to huge amount of variables that are used in the code of the EA and
        99 USD
        Unparallel Code
        Antonis Michos
        5 (3)
        Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. Unparallel Code uses 97 conditions based on several indicators to scan the market and open a position. There are two conditions based on candle formations that will decide the minimum distance between trades. Two stop loss inputs.One for only the first position and one for the rest. You can use only the stop loss for the first position for example and let the rest . Two different take profit i
        89 USD
        Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profi le Technical Analyzer EA is a top notch EA COMBINED with ON CHART custom made indicators. The EA has 3 different strategies: 1.FULL AUTO based on signals. The EA opens positions only if there is a signal. You can set distance between signals from inputs and also point offset of the signal,meaning how far you want the signal to be from the Trigger zones. You can use multiplier for the positions OR you c
        79 USD
        Reverse High Low
        Antonis Michos
        5 (2)
        Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Welcome Reverse High Low EA uses and advanced algorithm based on all Oscillators to find the best possible reverse in the Timeframe you use the EA. Multiple TP systems and 3 different systems of overlap, power up the potential of the EA. IMPORTANT: USE Low spread brokers. Recommendations: 1500$ balance or more.It is known that in forex the more the better. 1M / 5M timeframe or HIGHER . The default set , trades GO
        59 USD
        Advanced Semi Auto trading
        Antonis Michos
        3.67 (6)
        Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me   Welcome. Advanced Semi Auto Trading : You can use the EA at your own will BASED ON YOUR ANALYSIS. ANALYZE THE MARKET and then just press the sell or buy buttons of the EA. The EA will manage the trades based on an advanced algorithm of market analysis,Take profit systems AND A VERY ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED OVERLAPPING SYSTEM for avoiding big drawdowns in case YOUR ENTRY is BAD. You can test this in strategy tester and using vi
        49 USD
        Antonis Michos
        Join Telegram Group (Copy Paste this link) : https://t.me/ +nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk Or follow the link under my profile   What you will get with Insane is: Insane Strategies: 1️⃣Breakout 2️⃣Trend follow 3️⃣Counter trend 4️⃣Hedging. Insane Martingale: Entries based on the current strategy Entries based on indicators Not just blindly opening Insane Overlap Strategy for reducing DD: Based on Total Profits Based on Current price Based on Specific Indicators Reco
        59 USD
        Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profi le Welcome. Artificial positions is an EA that opens a number of positions that YOU WILL SET, BASED on artificial intelligence and all will be same lot sized. After that number the EA will start to martingale - NOT PURE BLINDLY - but based on number of indicators for better entries. Recommendations: 3000$ balance or 30$ in CENT accounts.(the more the better always) 1M or 5M timeframe .The EA c
        49 USD
        Wave Trend Scalper
        Antonis Michos
        5 (1)
        I have created 2 DIFFERENT TREND EAs. Unparallel Code Wave trend Βοτη have been stress tested under 14 extreme difficult periods in GOLD UPTRENDS or DOWNTRENDS ,wars,elections FOMC etc . Every each of this covers different strategies based on trend indicators along with my Strategies on martingale,Stop Loss,Take profit and one super CUSTOM MADE trend filter. Wave Trend works under 2 periods of Parabolic SAR and on Balance Volume along with the above i wrote. Join telegram gro
        49 USD
        Cent Builder
        Antonis Michos
        5 (2)
        CENT BUILDER is an EA that is made to trade A LOT ,thus,it will need some margin in order to be profitable. I suggest using it on cent accounts or in BIG regular accounts. -*- The EA is trend following using  HEDGE SYSTEM (if you want it you use it.If not you choose HEDGE OFF. ALSO you can choose the lot size and WHEN it will start). -*- The EA also uses a SUPER partial closing system for recovery. Join Telegram Group (Copy Paste this link) : https://t.me/ +nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk Or f
        59 USD
        Cent Builder AI
        Antonis Michos
        5 (2)
        CENT BUILDER AI uses the same trend system as CENT BUILDER BUT uses ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE at its martingale system,meaning that is not blindly open next trades but it reads first past conditions. I suggest using it on cent accounts or in BIG regular accounts. -*- The EA is trend following using  HEDGE SYSTEM (if you want it you use it.If not you choose HEDGE OFF. ALSO you can choose the lot size and WHEN it will start). -*- The EA also uses a SUPER partial closing system for recovery. Jo
        59 USD
        Antonis Michos
        3.67 (3)
        THE FIRST THING ANYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS EA: It is an EA that can have more than 1000 sets-Strategies. So,you buy 1000+ EAs in ONE !!! Here is the Set for GOLD for the backtest in the screenshots. Here are the new REVIEWED SETS for new version 69 of Virtuality after the UPGRADES.   Comment#11 IMPORTANT: These files are also a guidance of how you can use the EA and its functions. All sets you can tweak them as you like. Join the exclusive telegram Group about Virtuali
        99 USD
        Unreal Divergence EA
        Antonis Michos
        5 (2)
        Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. IMPORTANT: Due to many drawings the testing will be very slow. YOU CAN USE CONTROL POINTS with visualization to see faster the strategy. Unreal Divergence EA uses a sophisticated custom made method to find possible exhaustion in price action.The EA waits for a pull back.Draws a Line where it scans close to it if there is possible exhaustion . Several TP strategies used to perform as better a
        59 USD
        Super Fibo Idea
        Antonis Michos
        5 (5)
        Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Added Trading Panel for OPTIONAL trading. In the left side of the chart you can see Sell and Buy buttons. You can initiate a trade yourself if you want. AFTER THAT ,the EA will manage it. I REPEAT: This is optional. The EA is trading full auto. But you can use the panel for some extra trades if you want. Welcome. Super Fibo IDEA is an extreme idea that uses two super important tools in forex market along with other
        89 USD
        Forex King Pro
        Antonis Michos
        4.57 (21)
        Welcome. Forex King Pro is a ️ FLEXIBLE ️ADJUSTABLE   EA with  : ️ neural networks ️ dynamic take profit for maximum performance ️ STOP LOSS  for all positions !!! User has the ability to decide if he wants to trade with flat lot ,with martingale,with money management. The EA searches for impulses in specific conditions and start to open positions. Recommendations: 15M TF, 5M (you can use it in any) All Pairs. For GOLD you need to add an extra 0 at the inputs that referring
        Project S
        Antonis Michos
        Join the telegram Group. Copy Paste the following address:  https://t.me/+nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk or contact me. Or follow the link under my profile   Project S uses 2 trading View special indicators in order to get an entry. After that the Indicators read the strenght of the price along with the volume and decide where and when to open the next trade. Recommendations: Pair: GOLD TF: 1M ( 5M and 15M can work also, but i prefer 1M) BALANCE: 3000+ THE MORE the better always in forex
        149 USD
        Jesus LS
        Jesus LS 2023.05.09 00:00 

        With each update this EA has been working better. Very happy with this EA.

        Francis Chiu
        Francis Chiu 2023.02.02 15:28 

        Very Good EA with consistant profit! I have been using this for 2 months and no headache caused only profits.

        logcutter 2022.10.07 18:01 

        I have quite a few of Ants EAs and I have been only running this EA for one week but first impressions is it is awesome ! It is a very clever EA designed to keep DD as low as possible. I have been trading Gold with great results and it can trade Forex too.. Great work ...Highly recommended

        Whzap 2022.10.07 09:52 

        Cant recommend enough. An amazing EA. Very consistant. The budget required is high but on a rainy day you will be thankful.

        Responder ao comentário
        Versão 4.8 2023.03.15
        Fixed Bug in ''close all''.
        Versão 4.7 2023.02.28
        Added Close all input.
        Versão 4.6 2023.02.19
        Fixed Time filter.
        Versão 4.5 2023.02.07
        Further Upgrade in the appearance of the lines for more activity.
        Versão 4.4 2023.02.04
        NEW extra upgrade in the way the EA opens the positions.
        Added input for overlaps.
        Versão 4.3 2023.02.04
        Super enhanced volatility filter added.
        Versão 4.2 2023.01.30
        Simple corrections in inputs' description.
        Versão 4.1 2023.01.30
        Big Upgrade in strategy.
        Change of default sets.
        The EA can trade great also in 1M.
        Versão 4.0 2022.11.18
        Super Upgrade in Overlap.
        Versão 3.9 2022.11.10
        HUGE upgrade:
        1.Improved Strategy.
        2.Added input that allows user to change martingale's multiplier after a specific DD.
        3.AFTER this DD the enters will be only when there is a reversal.
        Versão 3.8 2022.10.15
        A liitle more upgrade for even better entries above or below trendlines.
        Versão 3.7 2022.10.14
        Change of the strategy.Now the EA will trade above and below specific trendlines.
        Versão 3.6 2022.10.12
        Added input for TP in pips for only the first position open.
        Fixed bug from previous versions.
        Versão 3.5 2022.10.12
        Added calculation of strength in trend helping the EA to enter ever better.
        Versão 3.4 2022.10.12
        Huge mistake in time filter by my side changed.
        Previous version did not take any trade.
        Versão 3.3 2022.10.11
        Added Time filter based on server time.
        Versão 3.2 2022.10.10
        Extremely huge upgrade :
        1.Change in strategy for the min distance after the 7th position.Now,It opens one per bar.
        2.Added take profit strategy which allows the EA to close positions in loss (Virtual Stop Loss) if the strength of price is high,helping the account to survive.
        3.A super clever overlap system added.
        4.One more strategy added for opening positions.(MORE ACTIVE TRADING)
        Versão 3.1 2022.10.09
        Brought back one of the strategies from version 2.7
        Versão 3.0 2022.10.09
        Change some of the names of inputs.
        One more change in the martingale system.
        Versão 2.8 2022.10.08
        Partial change of strategy for lower DD.

        New lot strategy:
        3 same sized positions.
        3 same sized positions with higher lot(user decides how much).
        7th and more with martingale.

        4 NEW TP options added.
        Versão 2.7 2022.10.05
        Added separate inputs for the 1st six positions,the next 3 and the rest of those.
        That way ,user can succeed lower DD in many cases or lower its risk!!!

        Two extra take profit options added for faster executions.
        Versão 2.6 2022.10.04
        Extra strategy added.
        Versão 2.5 2022.10.04
        Recalculations and round up of profits.
        Versão 2.4 2022.10.04
        Fixed bug in buys transactions.
        Versão 2.3 2022.10.04
        BIG update WHICH will increase the accuracy of the EA more than 85% and the take profit but it will reduce a little bit the number of transactions.This upgrade will be made for USERS with low BALANCE. / So,please,SAVE the previous version 2.2 ,if you want more trades.
        Versão 2.2 2022.10.04
        Extra calculations in profit for increasing it in some cases and help the next entries.
        Versão 2.1 2022.10.03
        Further Correction of the trailing money for positions.
        Corrections are made according to user's reports.
        Versão 2.0 2022.10.03
        Correction of the trailing money for positions.
        Corrections are made according to user's reports.
        Versão 1.9 2022.10.03
        Fixed bug .
        Versão 1.8 2022.10.03
        Change of strategy to avoid entering at the pin top or pin bottom when the trend is changed.
        More trades also will be generated based on an extra trend filter.
        Versão 1.7 2022.10.02
        Versão 1.6 2022.10.02
        Further upgrade based on tick data suite testing with 99% accuracy.
        📌📌📌📌I KEEP ON WORKING every hour to improve more the EA based on tick data suite 99% accuracy which i managed to get yesterday.There may be 1-2 more upgrades further before the market opens.The EA will be Einstein....
        Versão 1.5 2022.10.02
        New upgrade for big spread brokers.( I suggest though ,to use low spread)
        Versão 1.4 2022.10.02
        Further upgrade for lower drawdown to help smaller accounts.
        Versão 1.3 2022.10.01
        Upgrade also for buying conditions.
        Versão 1.2 2022.10.01
        Small upgrade in code for selling conditions.
        Versão 1.1 2022.10.01
        Change of max positions inputs.
        Fixed bug.