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EA Builder MT5

Welcome to the new EA Builder. This EA allows you to create your own algorithm and adapt it to your own trading style.

Classical trading, grid, martingale, combination of indicators with your personal settings, independent orders or DCA, visible or invisible TP/SL, trailing stop, loss covering system, break-even system, trading hours, automatic position size etc..

The EA Builder has everything you need to create your perfect EA.

There is an infinite number of possibilities. 

Example .set on our Discord or in the comment section: #1 #24

EA Builder is not recommended to beginner or new MT5 user. You need to fully understand how it works before going live, please be careful.

Unfortunately, there is not enough space in this description to describe all the parameters but I will answer all your questions ASAP in my discord.

Parameter Description
Buy enabled. Allow the EA to place buy orders
Sell enabled.  Allow the EA to place sell orders
Start hour. Day starts at 0
Stop hour.  Day ends at 24

Maximum orders. Max. positions the EA can open at the same time
Maximum orders per side. Max. buy or sell positions the EA can open at the same time

Lot calculation type for additional order. First order is set with the initial lot. Every new order can be set with:
-linear_step: add X from last order lot               
-multiplier_step: multiply last order lot by X
-only_initial: use initial lot for all orders
Initial lot. Set the initial lot.
Balance per initial lot. [0=Off] This is an autolot system based on the balance
Example: For initial lot = 0.01,  Balance per initial lot = 1000
-When balance = 5000, initial lot = 0.05
Maximum lot. Max. lot the EA can set
Lot incrementation each new order. Set the lot incrementation
Lot multiplier each new order. Set the lot multiplier

Closing type. -independent: each order has its own TP & SL.
-average: Set TP & SL with an average price based on orders prices and lots.
-relative_average: Set TP & SL with an average price based on orders prices and lots divided by the number of orders. (Example: 5 orders with a TP of 100 will give an average TP of 20 (100/5)
Visible TP. [0=Off] Set a visible Take Profit (in points)
Visible SL. [0=Off] Set a visible Stop Loss (in points)
Invisible TP. [0=Off] Set an invisible Take Profit (in points)
Invisible SL. [0=Off] Set an invisible Stop Loss (in points)

Negative distance to set TP to open price. [0=Off] Negative distance to set the order TP at opening price (in points)
Minimum orders to set TP to open price. [0=Off] Min. open order to set the orders TP at opening price 
Trailing distance. [0=Off] (in points)
Trailing start. (in points)

Maximum security orders per side. [0=Off] Security orders are orders open in the opposite direction of the main order.
 Maximum active orders before closing first. [0=Off] If I have more than X orders, it will close the most distant
Minimum active orders before activating percent profit. [0=Off] Percent profit will close all orders if the profit reach the percentage of balance
Percentage of profits. Set de percentage of percent profit
Minimum active orders before activating loss coverting. [0=Off] Amount of orders necessary to enabled loss covering system
Loss covering type. (Closing the first order with the last) Loss covering systems:
-tp: close the first order with the last one with a TP of an average price of both.
-balance_percent: close the first order with the last one with a TP of an average price of both
Close  with a percent profit. Set de percentage of loss covering only if you select balance_percent
Close with a TP. Set the TP of loss covering only if you select tp

Grid type. -timeframe: add time between new orders
-distance: add distance between new orders
-timeframe_and_distance: add distance & time between new orders
Grid initial distance.
Grid distance calculation type. -linear_step: add X from last distance.
-multiplier_step: multiply last distance by X
-only_initial: use distance for all orders
Grid distance step.
Grid distance multiplier.
Grid timeframe.

Open additional orders only with signal
Close positions on reverse signal  

Supports and Resistances enabled  
RSI enabled  
MFI enabled  
Moving Average enabled  
Bollinger Bands enabled  
Stochastic enabled  
ATR enabled  
Envelopes enabled  

Evgeny Belyaev
Evgeny Belyaev 2020.01.19 17:09 

Useful tool for strategy development.

Anatolii Chornenkyi
Anatolii Chornenkyi 2020.01.17 13:23 

Отличный советник-конструктор!!! А поддержка автора это что-то невероятное, всегда на связи и дружелюбный! А ко всему этот советник еще и БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ!

RIZA DOEK 2020.01.12 21:23 

Thanks for your work and your effort!! Good Basics good EA and for FREE!! Good Job

John-Palos 2020.01.08 11:00 

Why don't you add CCI indicator to this EA? It will make better profit than MFI.

SEBASTIEN TRIDON 2019.12.12 00:24 

Arthur is great for novice trader. Merci Arthur, très pédagogue, efficace.

CHENG CHAO SUNG 2019.10.25 22:28 

Could you please add Fibo to the EA? I think good entry point should filter through Fibo.

Hock Guan Koh
Hock Guan Koh 2019.10.24 12:33 

helpful support

Renard42 2019.10.03 14:57 

Good product and Arthur is a nice person willing to listen and help.

Fast technical support, enough to give 4 stars evaluation.

crifalo 2019.10.01 18:00 

Great Job !!!

Laurent Soudron
Laurent Soudron 2019.10.01 17:41 

Thank you for this free EA that allows you to easily implement strategies without programming 👍🏻

handsome1911 2019.09.23 19:42 

Good EA and Very Well Helper from Admin .

Артур Дуровіч
Артур Дуровіч 2019.09.12 17:18 

Good job!

heisenberg60 2019.08.26 16:37 

As a beginner, it seems a little difficult at first, but it's very easy to use and Arthur answers very quickly. good work!

Versão 1.4 2019.10.23
-Removing old parameters.
Versão 1.3 2019.10.17
-Bug fix
Versão 1.2 2019.09.18
-bug fix
Versão 1.1 2019.09.09
-Bug fix