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Weis Wave MT4

The indicator determines supply and demand on any markets using the Wyckoff method. It is based on the idea from the book "A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method" by David Weis and shows the total volume in waves.

The indicator is good at defining divergences, the beginning and end of a trend and the presence of a supply/demand in a trend.

The indicator works in two modes: "total/single" volume and "one-sided/two-sided" display.


  • Volume Mode - volume display mode (total/single)
  • Period - parameter for defining a trend reversal (recommended 2.3)
  • Two Sided - histogram display mode (one-sided/two-sided)
  • Buy Color - up color
  • Sell Color - down color
  • Wave Width - histogram width
  • Draw Volume Line - display the volume level line
  • Line Style - volume line style
  • Line Width - volume line width
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Versão 1.2 2019.03.30
улучшен алгоритм построения волн,
добавлен режим построения со средним объёмом в волне по книге Тимоти Орда "The_Secret_Science_of_Price_and_Volume".
Убран режим отображения двусторонней гистограммы.