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Virtual Pending Orders

Virtual Pending Orders is a great alternative to standard pending orders. You simply set the buy and/or sell price; the Expert Advisor will do the rest. No need to specify the order type (Buy Limit or Buy Stop, Sell Limit or Sell Stop), the EA will determine the type based on the specified price. Use of a hidden trailing stop level will help you earn more and protect against the actions of unscrupulous brokers. Also the hidden trailing stop level, in contrast to the standard one, can be set from 0 points.

Brokers cannot see the specified levels of pending orders, so they cannot cause false triggering.

Description of the parameters


  • PriceBuy - Price for placing buy orders
  • PriceSell - Price for placing sell orders
  • Expiration - Expiration date/time. After this time, the EA will be disabled.


  • FixedLot - use fixed lot
  • AccountBalancePercent - percentage of the account balance
  • AccountEquityPercent - percentage of the account equity
  • AccountFreeMarginPercent - percentage of the free margin
  • Lot - lot size when the fixed lot is used
  • Percent - percentage to calculate the lot


  • TakeProfit - The Take Profit level in points. 0 - do not use it. The Expert Advisor can detect 4 and 5-digit quotes automatically.
  • StopLoss - The Stop Loss level in points. 0 - do not use it.


  • Trailing - enable/disable trailing
  • Trailing_Start - start trailing
  • Trailing_Distance - distance to the price
  • Trailing_Step - trailing step
  • Trailing_Hidden - hidden mode


  • BreakEven - enable/disable moving the order to breakeven
  • BreakEven_Start - the number of points for locking profit
  • BreakEven_Distance - distance to the price in points


  • SendAlert - display alert in the terminal window
  • SendEMail - send notification via e-mail
  • SendPushNotification - send push-notification


  • MagicNumber - Magic number of orders
  • Slippage - slippage value
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread at which an order can be opened
  • OrderProfitToClose - profit in the deposit currency, above which the order will be closed
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rafat darwish
rafat darwish 2015.07.09 01:46 

cannt make it work and it wasnt work ,and no help to get it work!!! ::((((

Versión 1.7 2017.02.28
- Changed the lines of virtual pending orders, added the opening prices.
- Added a message about the trade results. New orders will not be opened in the following cases: time expired, maximum spread exceeded, open orders present.
Versión 1.6 2016.12.07
- added moving orders to breakeven
BreakEven_Start - the number of points for locking profit
BreakEven_Distance - distance to the price in points

- added option to enable trailing stop
- fixed bugs
Versión 1.5 2016.07.05
- Current and maximum spread added to the chart
Versión 1.4 2015.09.02
New parameters:
MaxSpread - maximum spread. The order is opened only if the current spread is less than MaxSpread.

OrderProfitToClose - order profit level in an account currency. After reaching that level, the order is closed.
Versión 1.3 2015.06.25
- upon buyer's request, changed the order of the parameters in the menu, moved the OPEN PRICE SETTINGS parameter block to the beginning

- fixed some errors
Versión 1.2 2015.06.03
Added new options for money management:
- Fixed lot
- use % of the balance to calculate the lot
- use % of an account equity to calculate the lot
- use % of an account free margin to calculate the lot

Added trailing step (Trailing_Step).

Added sending e-mails and push notifications.

Added a slippage value when opening an order.