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A mathematical multicurrency trading system based on the principle of a neural network. It uses several thousand of the most stable trading algorithms in its work. Before getting into the "А2М1" general database of algorithms, each block of conditions has passed the testing for stability with the identification of certain market dependencies for that block. A network created in such a way allows the EA to automatically select the most optimal variant of response to the market situation from several thousand possible variants of algorithms included in its database. In case of an unsuccessful entry, the EA uses a unique multistage averaging system with an increasing coefficient.

Despite the fact that the operation of this EA does not involve the use of Stop Loss, such an ability exists in the EA. There is no need to optimize the EA, it is already fully configured for work.

Sets are in the "Comments" section comments #21-22.

Key Advantages

  • 9 currency pairs.
  • All 9 pairs pass tests from 1999 to the current time (18 years).
  • No need to close the robot during news releases.
  • It works with 4 and 5-digit quotes.
  • Estimated spread is from 2 to 3 points (4 digits).
  • Estimated Take Profit is from 20 to 25 points (4 digits).

Operation parameters

  • Timeframe: M5.

Recommended Take Profit values for 9 currency pairs

  • EURUSD, USDJPY - 25 points.

The main recommendations when using a standard Take Profit (20-25 points)

The recommended deposit size for trading one pair with the initial lot 0.01.

  • 1500 USDC - cent account.
  • $1500 - standard account.
  • DepoStep - 1500 (automatic increase of lot, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk.
  • Leverage: 1:500 and higher.
  • USDJPY - compulsorily enabled Trailing Stop with the default values (10; 2).

The recommended deposit size for multicurrency trading with the initial lot 0.01.

  • 5000 USDC - cent account.
  • $5000 - standard account.
  • DepoStep - 5000 (automatic increase of lot, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk.
  • Leverage: 1:500 and higher.

The main recommendations when using a reduced Take Profit (10 points)

The recommended deposit size for multicurrency trading.

  • 2500 USDC - cent account.
  • $2500 - standard account.
  • DepoStep - 2500 (automatic increase of lot, as an alternative to the initial lot 0.01) - increased risk.
  • Leverage: 1:500 and higher.

General Trading Settings

  • Start trading - enable/disable the Expert Advisor.
  • TakeProfit - take profit value for the orders opened by the EA, depends on the specific currency pair and trading style (see the above recommendations on TakeProfit);
  • StopLoss - stop loss value, depending on the trading style. In this EA, it is best to leave this parameter unchanged.
  • Slip - maximum allowed slippage.
  • MagicNumber - unique number of positions opened by the EA.

Risk management

  • Lots - initial lot size. It is activated, if the values of Risk and DepoStep are zero;
  • Risk - percentage of the deposit balance to increase the initial lot. It is activated, if the value of Lots size is zero;
  • DepoStep - deposit size step for doubling the initial lot. It is activated, if the values of Lots and Risk are zero.
  • Stop by equity - enable/disable limitation of losses by equity.
  • Value of equity - allowable loss by equity, at which all orders previously opened by the EA are closed.

Trailing Stop

  • Use Trailing Stop - enable/disable the Trailing Stop parameter.
  • Fixed trailing size - size of the Trailing Stop in points from the order opening price;
  • The size of the correction Trailing Stop - price range in points from Fixed trailing size to trigger Trailing Stop.
Hyun Jong Yu
Hyun Jong Yu 2019.04.05 02:49 

Hi. All users.

I have used most of the paid expert in mql, and I am still exploring many experts.

I have been using alpi since October 2017.

The alpi operated steady multi currency, and I just watched.

The result was astonishing. The alpi had a whopping 110% profit over the 15 months. The account that started with 5000usd has already exceeded $ 10,000 and is still on the rise.

Above all, the authors' support was good. I have had enough communication with the author when there have been DD issues or issues. The author explained the current situation in detail. And he actively accepted the opinions of the users and updated the alpi.

The performance of the alpi as well as other experts made by the author is excellent. (BS, Malauder, etc.)

Many of the logic on the market proves their performance through backtesting, but the only real users I have used so far are the author's experts.

Good results are expected in the future. And I am deeply grateful to the author who always supports me. God bless you with you.

DonkeyTrader 2018.10.10 03:20 

I have been forward testing on a 2 real accounts Alpinist with different brokers for over 2 months, there is quite a difference between account types and brokers (DD delta up to 8%) but the strategy always performed well.

At the beginning I made a mistake in setting up the EA and Andrey helped me to set everything up correctly. He also followed up very well my situation. He really went above and beyond with his help. For him if I could I would give 10 stars.

The EA itself usually runs with a DD that can peak around 35% with the Depo sets. However generally the operating DD is around 10% on average and then the EA works its way up collecting profits.

The system seems quite solid my initial concern was the high drawdown but if you can accept it the EA can provide solid profits provided you have a bit of patience to see results.

You can always adjust risk from the given setfiles and halve the DD (around 15% peak and operating around 3%) and risk less and earn less depending on your risk tolerance.

Overall, appears to be a very solid strategy, manage your risk accordingly.

Update 05 Nov 2018

EA still very stable and profitable after over 3 months of use on different brokers (ECN and non-ECN brokers). I will update again in 3 months but so far I am confident in Andrey's work with this EA.

Update of 02 March 2019

As it was running quite profitably for many months I decided to devote a substantial amount of my trading capital to this EA but was a huge mistake.

3 out of 4 accounts with different brokers using this EA and setfiles provided by the author (5000 Depo Steps) got liquidated during the recent GBP rally.

I have lost all my money in the 3 out of 4 live accounts.

I believe that the strategy is profitable during ranging market but due to the martingale nature of the recovery management on tranding markets you can loose everything.

The author offered his help but I am extremely disappointed from what I thought it was a profitable strategy.

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2018.01.04 02:46 

I rented the product (Alpinist EA) for one month for evaluation.

I used the setup files recommended by the seller (Mr. Andrey Kolmogorov) for the nine currency pairs, in 5-minute timeframe (M5) and lot size 0.01.

The seller provides good technical support, responding quickly to questions about the product.

The product worked relatively well. Generating profitable transactions. But when the price moves in the opposite direction to the open position, the EA eventually open a significant amount of lots, to convert the losing position into a winning position, making a kind of "average price".

By comparing the trades registered in the signal previously made available by the seller (https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/358730), currently unavailable, I noticed that the quantity of closed positions in my account (standard account) were much smaller than the quantities recorded in the seller's account (cent account). Therefore, the type of account used significantly affects the performance of the Alpinist EA.

I recommend doubling the minimum deposit size recommended by the seller for multicurrency trading (from US$ 5000 to at least US$ 10,000) in order to avoid a significant balance drawdown of the account during eventual executions of "average price" by the Alpinist EA.

I understand that it is a good product, but it is necessary to pay special attention to risk management. Perhaps this item can be improved through backtests (for determining new parameters) or in future updates of the product.

anta 2017.12.04 10:01 

So far so good. Let's see what it will perform. I will update comment here!

Versión 1.5 2019.12.01
1. Optimization for tests with a quality of 99.9%;
2. Added parameter - Trailing Stop Level II;
3. Added spread control;
4. Added own comment for the order;
5. Improved the quality of entry into the first position.
6. Other minor changes.
Versión 1.4 2019.03.16
Improved the quality of entering the first position.
Changed the algorithm for the work of support orders.
Versión 1.3 2018.11.01
Improved the quality of entering the first position.
Optimized the overall code.
Versión 1.2 2018.06.13
Improved the quality of entering the first position.
Optimized the overall code.
Versión 1.1 2018.03.23
Improved the quality of entering the first position.
Increased the minimum step of support orders.
Decreased the Trailing Stop response time.
Optimized the overall code.