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The Expert Advisor is based on an adaptive algorithm, using many self-tuning parameters.

All Low Risk and Standard Risk sets of orders have a strict limit on losses (5% DD per order or time limit).

New sets are in the "Comments" section comments #94-98.

Main Advantages

  • The EA does not use Martingale;
  • The minimum starting deposit is $300;
  • No need to close the robot during news releases;
  • It works with 4 and 5-digit quotes;
  • A multi-level model of a quantum set.

Working parameters

  • Currency pairs: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY;
  • Leverage: >200;
  • Timeframe: М15;
  • Account: preferably ECN;
  • To use Trailing Stop, it is highly recommended to have an account with zero Stop Levels.

General Trading Settings

  • Start trading - enable/disable the Expert Advisor.
  • TakeProfit - take profit value for the orders opened by the EA, depends on the specific currency pair and trading style (if set to zero, ATR values are used);
  • Slip - maximum allowed slippage.
  • MagicNumber - unique number of positions opened by the EA.

Settings for optimization

  • Quantum algorithm level - select the quantum model level;
  • High level RSI - RSI parameter;
  • Low level RSI - RSI parameter;
  • Level for filter - level for filter;
  • Maximum support orders - the maximum number of open support orders;
  • LotExponent in support orders - lot exponent for support orders;
  • Minimum distance between support orders - the minimum distance between support orders.

Risk management

  • Lots - initial lot size. It is activated, if the values of Risk and DepoStep are zero;
  • Risk - percentage of the deposit balance to increase the initial lot. It is activated, if the value of Lots and DepoStep is zero;
  • DepoStep - deposit size step for doubling the initial lot. It is activated, if the values of Lots and Risk are zero.
  • Use Down TakeProfit - enable/disable TakeProfit down parameter;
  • Order number Down TakeProfit - after which order to lower TakeProfit;
  • New TakeProfit - new value TakeProfit;
  • Stop by equity - enable/disable limitation of losses by equity.
  • Value of equity - allowable loss by equity, at which all orders previously opened by the EA are closed.

Trailing Stop

  • Use Trailing Stop - enable/disable the Trailing Stop parameter.
  • Fixed trailing size - size of the Trailing Stop in points from the order opening price;
  • The size of the correction Trailing Stop - price range in points from Fixed trailing size to trigger  Trailing Stop.
Silverman2k1 2019.11.14 18:00 

Testing the strategy for 5 months in demo and then in real with low risk settings: very impressive and consistent results with a good money management! Andrey is a brilliant and skilled developer, always attentive and available with great competence in what he does, providing valuable assistance with a good approach, I am fully satisfied. Thank you!

Juan Luis Perego
Juan Luis Perego 2019.10.15 00:28 

Estable EA, 3 month in real account, 3 pairs at 5% of risk, give 10% per month. Excelent!

Ahmed El Sherif
Ahmed El Sherif 2019.08.07 02:45 

Thanks Andrey, rapid response, nice EA and safe

Viktor 2019.08.05 17:28 

It doesn't work, there is no protection against blowing up of my account. No SL used, don't buy it

RealiRay 2019.07.22 00:59 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Thomas Knudsen
Thomas Knudsen 2019.07.18 11:20 

Great EA so far and own backtesting shows same results as developer. Ill give 5* as soon as we see a spread protection, so only 4* for now.

Aravind 2019.07.18 01:50 

Good EA

Frank B
Frank B 2019.07.08 09:41 

For me it's working good with low risk settings until now

Petrmiha 2019.06.25 20:52 

классический пересиживатель

в надежде срубить несколько пунктов может надолго уйти в просадку

не стоит его покупать

BRADLEY PATRICK 2019.06.24 05:49 

This EA is currently in a fairly large drawdown. It does not seem to know how to handle this and is using an approach that while not martingale is similar though not as dangerous. This EA is useless an I will be removing it.

hardway17 2019.06.21 19:52 


Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 2019.06.18 04:29 

Working pretty good for me so far on a live account. Only been using it for a week and its been profitable with low drawdown.

maakuone 2019.06.16 10:25 

I'm using this on live account for 1 month, and been profitable so far. 5* for me

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2019.06.16 01:58 

99% TDS 2.0 backtest fails every time from 2013 until current. I posted the backtest in the comments section. I do not recommend to go live with this EA until seller comes up with a strategy that passes the backtest. He says that my TDS Dukascopy is different than his and this is the reason my backtest does not pass! Ludicrous? Yes. Do not buy this Ea like I did..It is a waste of money period!.

Update: The seller updated the EA with a new version(1.4) that passes all backtests for EURUSD and EURJPY. Great job! What's fair is fair therefore I updated the rating from 1 star to 4 stars. If the live performance will match the backtests I will give 5 stars in the future. Thanks for the update.

Ronald Mühr
Ronald Mühr 2019.05.29 05:24 

Use the EA for 2 weeks now. It runs very reliably and with low DD. Top continues like this

Versión 1.6 2019.09.21
1. Added a new currency pair (EURCHF);
2. Added parameter - StopLoss;
3. Added parameter - Trailing Stop Level II;
4. Changed quantum algorithms;
5. Improved the quality of entry into the first position;
6. Other minor fixes.
Versión 1.5 2019.07.25
1. Added spread control;
2. Added days filter;
3. Added time filter;
4. Other minor fixes and additions.
Versión 1.4 2019.07.07
1. Added new currency pair;
2. Changed quanta algorithms;
3. Added a new level of quanta;
4. Improved quality of entry in the first position;
5. Optimization for tests with a quality of 99.9%.
Versión 1.3 2019.06.15
1. Improved the quality of entry into the first position.
2. Other minor fixes.
Versión 1.2 2019.05.27
1. Completely changed quanta algorithm.
2. Improved the quality of entry into the first position.
3. Other minor fixes.
Versión 1.1 2019.05.14
1. Added own comment for the order;
2. Added display of the set in the information panel;
3. Added display of the lot size of the next order in the information panel;
4. Added 1 and 2 level quanta;
5. Added 3 new RSI levels;
6. Added time limit for open orders;
7. Other changes to the general algorithm.