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An simple EA based sar indicator

1. EA basic 

This EA is an EA that trades based on the SAR indicator. When the SAR appears at the top of the K line short or close a long order, and when the SAR appears at the bottom of the K line, long or close a short order. Sar is more useful when the trend is strong. It can clearly tell you when to enter or exit.  

Please see bottom pictures.

SAR is a trend trading indicator, but the EA does not have the ability to judge the trend, so you need to judge the trading direction by yourself. You should decide to choose long or short in ea setting by yourself before each trade. 

Suggest always choose the strongest or weakest symbol.

2. Parameter setting 

MAGICMA is mainly used to distinguish whether the order is  placed by you or by ea. If it is set to a non-zero value, the EA will not close the order placed by you. 

Lot, fixed lot size.

Lots If Lot is set to 0, then Lots is set to 0.02, which means that the lot is 0.02 for each 1000 dollars. The exact size depends on your balance. 

TakProft, how many percentage profit to close the position. 

AllowSarOpenmeans whether to allow EA to automatically place an order. If it is false, the order will not be automatically placed even if the sar condition is met. 

AllowSarClose means whether to allow the EA to close orders that have already been placed. 

3 Attention

If when AllowClose = true and sar is above the k line, your long orders will be immediately closed by the EA, otherwise sar is below the k line, your short orders will be immediately closed. If the K line is big and the sar value is far away from current price you should wait until sar is close to the price. 

The parameters you can set is AllowClose and Lot.  Others you can set if you understand the meanning.

4. Summary

It is difficult to make money by an auto ea. This EA is just an auxiliary tool to help you open or close. AllowOpen default is set to ture. Personally advice is only set the AllowOpen true when the trend is clear.

To control the greedy, do not open an order by yourself, even one and do not set lot too big, do not trade too many times.

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Version 3.3 2020.09.01
add orderType parameter
Version 3.1 2020.08.30
Version 2.21 2020.06.04
removed notification
add PriceToKijunSen to avoid enter when overbought or oversell
Version 2.1 2020.06.01
Update parameters PriceCloseToSar and StopCount value.
Version 2.0 2020.06.01
removed AlertLevel parameter.
forbid open trade when stop loss is too big.
Version 1.50 2020.05.31
removed StartTrailStop, TrailStop.
removed CrashAlert, add NotificationAlert to enable or disable notification.
add stop loss when open order.
Version 1.47 2020.05.30
1 Delete parameter Protect and StopLossPoint.
2 Add notification when stop loss is too big.
3 modify some notification string format.
Version 1.46 2020.05.29
Version 1.45 2020.05.28
Version 1.44 2020.05.28
Version 1.43 2020.05.28
Version 1.42 2020.05.26
Version 1.38 2020.03.29
Version 1.36 2020.03.26
Fix repeat send notification