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Intraday Volume Profile Forex MT4

Intraday Volume Profile Forex MT4


Intraday Volume Profile - This is a visualization tool for understanding the high activity zone and low activity zone, as part of the  D1 senior timeframe.

The volume profile provides an excellent visual image of supply / demand at each price for the selected timeframe. Introducing  POC - Point of Control, which indicates the price at which the maximum volume was sold, as well as Value Area - the area where 68% of the instrument's assets are traded.

POC - profile can be used as support and resistance for intraday trading.

VWAP - Volume Weighted Average Price.


  • For the indicator to work, a history of M1 is required, the deeper and fuller it is, the more qualitatively the profile will be built. The story should be downloaded only by  your broker !
  • The use of the indicator in automated systems is not possible for technical reasons.
  • If the RedrawObjects parameter is set to false , then after restarting Terminal.exe, previously created profiles will not be rebuilt, the construction of profiles will begin from the closing date of  Terminal.exe .

The indicator includes 3 types of profile:

  • VisualVolume - Volume based on the Volume Indicator for MT4, visually shows the strength of the market. Unlike standard Volumes, it filters tick volume noise.
  • TickVolume - Standard tick volume from MT4.
  • Price - Tick price.

Profiles are formed according to the following intraday timeframes: M15 , M30 , H1 , H4, H8, H12, D1 .

Input parameters:

  • TypeProfile - profile types;
  • DigitsSet - the number of decimal digits that determine the accuracy of the price of the current chart symbol.
  • Width - width (DigitsSet dialing step)
  • ShiftOn - number of days (history)
  • Histogramdepth - depth of the histogram, if there is little data (1.0..more) / a lot (less> 0.0..1.0), this parameter allows you to strengthen or weaken the visual representation of the profile
  • HistogramFill - filling the histogram with the current profile color
  • IntradayTimeFrame - profile timeframe
  • OffSetTimeFrame - profile offset relative to the broker's server time
  • ShowPOC - shows VPOC trace line
  • ShowVAHighAndLow - shows the VA boundaries of the maximum and minimum lines
  • ShowMid - the average value of the profile volume
  • ShowVWAP - Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
  • ValueAreaRange - range of region values [%]
  • ColorSchemeProfile - profile color schemes
  • ColorSchemeProfileValueArea - profile color schemes
  • ColorSchemeProfileVPOC - profile color schemes
  • ColorSchemeProfileMid - profile color schemes
  • ColorSchemeProfileVWAP - profile color schemes
  • ShowInfo - show profile statistics
  • RedrawObjects - redrawing objects on a chart
  • Font - font name
  • FontSize - font size

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Version 1.1 2019.07.22
- Исправлена ошибка смещения по о времени относительно сервера брокера (OffSetTimeFrame).
- Исправлена ошибка построения профиля в оффлайн (суббота, воскресенье), некоторые инструменты(Symbols) в функции OnCalculate возвращают в переменную rates_total нулевое значение (rates_total = 0)