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SuperTrend Scanner

This scanner shows the trend values of the well known indicator SuperTrend for up to 30 instruments and 8 time frames. You can get alerts via MT4, Email and Push-Notification as soon as the direction of the trend changes.

Important Information

How you can maximize the potential of the scanner, please read here: www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718074

You have many possibilities to use the scanner. Here are two examples:

  1. With this scanner you can trade a top-down approach easily. If two higher time frames e.g. W1 and D1 are already showing green values (upward trend) but the H4 time frame shows a red value (downward trend) then you can press the H4 button to get alerted when the value of the H4 time frame changes to green value. These signals can be good trend continuation entries.
  2. You can also use this scanner for entry signals into MACD divergences. E.g. a bullish divergence exist on H4 but the SuperTrend values of the time frames H4 and H1 are still showing red values, then you can get alerts in the moment when the H4 or H1 value changes to green. These signals can be good entries in direction of the divergence.

With the following FREE indicator you can see which values get alerted: SuperTrend Indicator


  • SuperTrendATRPeriod: the period setting for the calculation of the SuperTrend
  • SuperTrendMultiplier: the multiplier setting for the calculation of the SuperTrend
  • alertsViaMT4: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator gives alerts via MetaTrader 4 popup
  • alertsViaEmail: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator gives alerts via email
  • alertsViaPush: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator gives alerts direct to your mobile phone
  • templateName: - if you press a button on the chart (which contains the name of an instrument), then the appropriate chart will open and a template with the specified name will be attached
  • checkEveryXSeconds - every X seconds, the indicator checks the next instrument/timeframe for the values of the SuperTrend
  • i1-i30 - define up to 30 instruments, which will be monitored/checked
paul484819 paul
paul484819 paul 2019.10.22 16:00 

Good tool to see which pairs are trending at glance before drilling down to have a look to see if any trades are setting up, excellent tool for time saving, also good tool see when big money is at play the normal dump and pump I can take advantage on a good move quick 20-30 pips . over all I like it a lot.

Jürgen Schmitz
Jürgen Schmitz 2019.08.17 13:33 

The scanner helps to find the breakthroughs in all time units. This works very well in higher time units so far so you can concentrate on more important things. Thank you for that.

justme85 2019.05.28 19:53 

Great product! A real time saver--I could never keep track of everything this scanner does. The button currencies names are customizable.

tommyf1001 2019.04.05 14:03 

A must have tool for any trader. This is great for identifying trends easily, or finding currency pairs that are undergoing a temporary retrace before resuming the broader overall trend which is extremely helpful in buying the dips or selling the rallies. I love using this tool with divergences too. I bought Mike's divergence scanner which is another must have tool and when I get an alert from the Divergence scanner that a divergence is present and therefore a reversal is possible, I will check the trend scanner and click one of the buttons to alert me when a lower time frame's trend is changing direction. For example, I will set my divergence scanner to alert me of all 1 hour divergences present. After I get an alert and mark up the charts, if it looks like a reversal is imminent but the price is still moving along the trend then I will go to the trend scanner and click the 15 minute button to alert me as soon as there is a trend change on the 15 minute time frame. You can do higher time frames as well if you'd rather have a better confirmation of trend change, however I like to try to get in with the best risk/reward ratio and as long as my TA is supporting a trend reversal then I can be confident the change on a 15 or 30 minute time frame is indicating the reversal has already begun to take shape

Tristan Thoraval
Tristan Thoraval 2019.03.10 16:40 

I am a part time trader. This indicator sends me an alert on my phone. This allowed me to improve my entries points. I also use it in combination with the Strong Trend With Magics Entries. This allowed me to increase my profits over the long term and more than any other indicator I’ve tried.

Good job Mike and thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

mrrobert024 2018.10.24 06:34 

excellent - everything this man does is excellent - can not go wrong here

rock65 2018.08.18 17:44 

This Scanner really help to find good trade at all TF ,I like it.

Martin Schalow
Martin Schalow 2018.05.31 06:18   

I normally use Supertrends for my trading and this tool helps really to find changes and alerting it without watching my favorite markets all time. Great.

reachusman 2018.05.04 09:15 

Great scanner. I love the idea with the buttons to get alerts only for the signals which i am interested in.

Version 1.6 2019.10.06
Small bug fix regarding: Automatic detection of "suffix" and "prefix" in instrument name
Version 1.5 2019.10.02
Automatic detection of "suffix" and "prefix" in instrument name
Version 1.4 2019.10.01
Changes in pre-configured instrument names.
Version 1.3 2018.10.17
Better error messages / solution explanation when symbol names don't match
Version 1.2 2018.05.29
Automatic setting of chart properties like colors and scale fix. Better user experience. No manual configuration of the chart properties needed anymore.