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Ultimate Double Top Bottom Reversal Indicator

This indicator is designed to detect high probability reversal patterns: Double Tops/Bottoms with fake breakouts.

Please read also the blog post "How To Yield Big Winners Consistently!" which explains the concepts behind the ULTIMATE Double Top/Bottom indicator and how you can use a top-down approach to get 15 - 20R winning trades on a regular basis.

The provided video shows the maximum performance of the indicator.

With maximum performance, I mean that this could have been the profit if you would have exited every trade at the optimal price level. Of course, this can’t be achieved during real trading conditions where you don’t know future price moves.

But the video shows that the raw signals of the indicator (without visual filtering) produced 24 winning trades and only 11 losing trades. In the video, I count a trade as a winning trade if it reaches at least 1R profit (1R = initial risk of the trade). So, these raw signals would be already very profitable if you place the target for all trades at 1R and then leave the trade alone, without trying to find the optimal exit.

This indicator draws the double tops/bottoms on the chart and gives alerts via Email and via MT4-alert in the moment when a high probability double top/bottom entry signal is created.

What this indicator detects:

These special Double Tops/Bottoms are created by the smart money to accumulate its own position size. With the fake breakout the smart money traps as much traders on the wrong side of the market as possible. Then the smart money reverses the direction very sharply. The trapped traders are in panic and exit their position or even reverse their position. This makes the reversal very strong and profitable. The indicator detects exactly these games of the smart money and therefore gives you high probability entry signals.

This indicator does NOT repaint. You can test it in the strategy tester. Then you will see that these good signals come in real-time on every trading instrument and on any timeframe!


  • I use this indicator on M30 and higher. Then there is less noise in the price moves and I have usually more time to react on entry signals.
  • When a signal occurs then ask yourself if there is enough room for a big subsequent move in direction of the trend (support/resistance far away?).

Don't miss these good setups anymore

Nobody can scan e.g. 30 trading instruments and up to 8 timeframes (=240 charts) without missing some of these setups. Therefore, I have created a Scanner-Tool which checks up to 30 instruments and 8 timeframes permanently for you which needs to run only on one single chart and which is also available here in the market. You will then receive alerts via MT4-alert, Email or Push for all setups on all configured trading instruments and timeframes in the moment when the signals occur. With this great tool you will never miss such setups again.

Search for "Ultimate Double Top Bottom Reversal Scanner" in the indicator-market to get the scanner tool.


  • alertsLong: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator alerts occurrences of "Double Bottom"-signals for long entries
  • alertsShort: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator alerts occurrences of "Double Top"-signals for short entries
  • alertsViaMT4: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator gives alerts via MetaTrader 4 popup
  • alertsViaEmail: True = Yes, False = No - if true, then the indicator gives alerts via email
Maxwell Onyolu
Maxwell Onyolu 2020.05.19 10:11 

Many Thanks Mike, for a wonderful product and for your 5star support. This is the beginning of great things!

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2018.12.06 14:53 

After trying countless Double Top/Double Bottom Indicators with little or no success at all, FINALLY i met this masterpiece! :) I have tested this one VERY thoroughly on different Timeframes and with different Currency Pairs and i couldn´t believe what i have found out. The indicator is profitable even standalone!!! And this is not the end of the song. Mike provided me with world class support, 2 telegram groups regarding the indicator with extremely valuable chat content and LIVE setups which are discussed by him and his followers in realtime and much more, the logic behind the indicator (which is based on detailed information about the work of the smart money and is worth a ton of gold by itself!), an easy step by step guide on how to use this indicator the right way and make a TON of pips "the easy way", another TON of EXTREMELY valuable information for FREE and has shown me additional effective ways to make even more money trading the markets and maximize my return on investment and the best thing is that his "strategy" and his way of trading the markets will work forever! Why? Well, i do not want to write the longest review mql5 has ever seen.... Just go and find out yourself, believe me, if you buy anything from Mike, you do not just get a product, you get a new pair of eyes to look "behind" the charts to see something 98% of all traders will never be able to see. Conclusion: If you want to trade like a "normal" trader and fight for every pip then go and buy somewhere else, BUT if you want to trade like a Big Bank and totally DESTROY the markets, well then follow Mike and you will soon get there.

indash 2018.11.13 15:28 

Very good Indicator for a reversal trend but you need to open lots of charts and attached the Indicator to it.

For me, it is powerfull to couple it with the Ultimate Double top Scanner.

ekman 2018.10.29 16:12 

Mike is best seller that I ever know in MQL5, because after we purchase his indicators, he still train us in several Telegram groups to sharpening our skill & knowledge about the trading strategy using his indicators. Thanks Mike

Barbara Ford
Barbara Ford 2018.07.11 16:07 

This is a brilliant indicator. Not only can you see it on your MT4 charts, but you also get notifications of each signal in a free Telegram Channel. Well done Mike. Can't wait to try some of your other indicators.

Muhammet Simsek
Muhammet Simsek 2018.07.03 08:35 

Theres no better! What are you standing for? Get it now and join in!

bpaone24 2018.04.11 04:57 

Great indicator and the alerter is a must if looking at trading multiple pairs. Mike's approach is solid and his customer service is top notch! I look forward to many successful setups and trades with his guidance!

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2018.02.28 22:14 

Represents key turning points in the market, amazing device. Something no price action trader should go with out.

However from a platform stand point this indicator freezes my system up. Not sure what can be done to fix this?

edit: with the new update the algo applies like a built in MA, very fast and doesnt impact CPU usage any further.

Awesome Job Mike, thanks for the update.

kayodemizan 2018.02.21 11:57 

This is great and time saving scanning the market manually looking for setup

what left for me is to get the alerter and good to go.

Thumb up..

Dkmillion 2018.01.12 20:37 

If I could I would have given Mike 100 starts for this indicator! I have been trading for 12 years now and bought thousands of indicators. I can honestly say this one is one of the best for the following reasons:

1) It does not repaint

2) It stays on the history of the charts and the exact place where it appeared and you can actually scroll back and count the pips and get an idea how it works

3) Mike gives 10 star support he is really very helpful and will personally help you with technical problems

4) There is a Telegram channel where traders help each other and support each other regarding this indicator

5) This indicator will not only help you making a few pips, if you get the signal you have to be patient to let the trade run and not make the same mistake as me by trailing too tight!

See screen shot!


6) This indicator is highly recommended - the signals appear at least once a day!

Dmytr Npwmnysz״
Dmytr Npwmnysz״ 2017.12.26 21:11 

Win VS Loss 80%+ vs -20%

A small thing to overcome.

Need a separate terminal to deploy all the currencies of all timefremes.

Very easy. Drop to graph and wait signal. Without advanced settings.

cybeh 2017.12.06 08:20 

This nifty indicator catches the Double Top & Double Bottom well! Should have just bought instead of renting it! Worth every penny, saving time and efforts looking for such setups. If traded with proper money management, you'd get every penny back and more, not something I can say of the many indicators out there. Highly recommended. Good job & thumbs up!

Version 1.6 2018.04.24
Optimized calculation. Faster/less CPU usage.
Version 1.4 2018.02.28
Better calculation. Less CPU usage.
Version 1.3 2017.12.22
Better detection of good Double Tops/Bottoms
Version 1.2 2017.11.27
Push notification bug fix