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Crypto Solutions

This indicator shows the current situation on the cryptocurrencies available for trading, depending on the signal strength specified in the settings. It can be used for determining the expected increase/decrease in the asset price, displayed by the corresponding color, and the signal strength, displayed by a vertical dash near a certain cryptocurrency pair.

Indicator Parameters

  • Panel color - color of the indicator panel
  • Long color - cryptocurrency pair uptrend color
  • Short color - cryptocurrency pair downtrend color
  • Text color - text color
  • SPower - the minimum strength of the signal to display values
  • Bars in history - the number of history bars to display the past indicator values for the current chart
  • Prefix - prefix of the cryptocurrency pairs

The indicator signals are repeated on the chart of the current asset, taking into account the history data corresponding to the value specified in the settings, and reflect the overall situation for the specific cryptocurrency pair at the current time.

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