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MOR Inside Bar Movement

This indicator allows analyzing the movement of prices inside a bar. The indicator draws the contours of the bars of higher timeframes on the current chart.

Inputs Value

  • TimeFrame - the timeframe to display bars
  • NumberOfDays - the number of days the indicator calculates
  • Bull_Body - the body color of the bullish bar
  • Bear_Body - the body color of the bearish bar
  • ShadowUp - the color of the upper shadow of the bar
  • ShadowLow - the color of the lower shadow of the bar
  • Selectable - enable/disable the possibility to select the added objects
  • Back_Body - enable/disable bar body filling
  • Back_Shadow - enable/disable filling of bar shadows
  • Label - show/hide the indicator timeframe
  • Label_X, Label_Y - coordinates of the label showing the indicator timeframe

The indicator does not support the drawing of values ​​from the MN1 timeframe.

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