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MOR Multiple Bollinger Bands

This indicator is based of the well-known Bollinger Bands indicator and provides for an easier operation with BB. It allows drawing up to 3 Bollinger channels and thus simplifies navigation in the list of indicators. Also it allows plotting Bollinger Bands of different timeframes, for example: draw BB on M5 timeframe with parameters: Period = 100, Timeframe = H1.

Inputs Value

  • Mode - choosing different modes of working with the indicator
    • StaticTimeFrame - the indicator draws Bollinger Bands from the specified timeframe
    • NextTimeFrame - the indicator draws Bollinger Bands of the next higher timeframe
  • TimeFrame - choose a timeframe to draw Bollinger Bands if Mode = StaticTimeFrame, otherwise the parameter is ignored
  • Label - show/hide the current period and timeframe of Bollinger Bands, by default it is shown in the upper right corner of the window
  • BandsPeriod - period for drawing Bollinger Bands
  • MainBand_0 - show/hide the main Bollinger Bands line
  • BandsDeviation_1, BandsDeviation_2, BandsDeviation_3 - deviation of BollingerBands, the line is hidden if set to 0.0
  • BandsShift - shift of Bollinger Bands
  • BandsAppliedPrice - price used for calculating and drawing Bollinger Bands
  • Label_X, Label_Y - coordinates of the label showing the current BB period and timeframe

The indicator does not support the drawing of values ​​from the MN1 timeframe. Also, there may not be enough history data, e.g. if you draw Bollinger Bands with parameters: Period = 100, Timeframe = D1 on M1.

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