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This Expert Advisor opens only one order. For the EA to operate correctly, the terminal must be running at all times.

The algorithm opens deals after calculating the deviation of the price from the average range. Orders are closed using the Parabolic indicator. A protective stop loss is always set for each order. The minimum deposit amount per 0.1 lot is 5000 USD.

ATTENTION!!! The EA works on all currency pairs and all timeframes. To obtain stable trading results, it is recommended to use only EURUSD on the H1 timeframe.

Money Management Parameters

  • UseMoneyManagement - enable/disable the money management. Suitable values: true/false
  • Lots (default: 0.1) - position volume.
  • LotsDecimals (default: 2) - the number of decimal places to calculate the position volume
  • RiskInPercent (default: 2.0) - risk percentage when the position volume management is enabled
  • MaximumLots (default: 0.5) - the maximum lot size. Default value:
  • UseFixedMoney (default: false) - use the entire account equity as a percentage. Suitable values: true/false
  • RiskInMoney (default: 100.0) - risk as a percentage of the total account balance

Other Parameters

  • CustomComment (default: "Euro Parabola") - comment to trades
  • MagicNumber (12345) - default magic number
  • EmailNotificationOnTrade (default: false) - email notifications. Suitable values: true/false
  • DisplayInfoPanel (по-умолчанию: true) - display the info panel on the chart. Suitable values: true/false
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