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The Expert Advisor calculates levels for placing pending buy or sell orders on each candlestick. The main task is to open a deal when the market moves, based on the correct calculation of distance for the pending order, which increases the likelihood of entering the market in a favorable period. The Expert Advisor works on all currency pairs and all timeframes, but it was created for EURUSD and the hour timeframe (H1).

  • UseMoneyManagement - enable or disable the money management system. Possible values: true/false.
  • Lots (default: 0.1) - position volume.
  • LotsDecimals (default: 2) - decimal places for position calculation.
  • RiskInPercent (default: 2.0) - risk percent when money management is enabled.
  • MaximumLots (defauslt: 0.5) - maximum allowed lot value.
  • UseFixedMoney (default: false) - use the entire account equity or percent of it. Possible values: true/false.
  • RiskInMoney (defaukt: 100.0) - risk as percent of the total amount of funds on the trading. account
  • TradeLong (default: true) - enable or disable opening of long positions. Possible values: true/false.
  • TradeShort (default: true) - enable or disable opening of short positions. Possible values: true/false.
  • MagicNumber (12345) - default magic number.
  • EmailNotificationOnTrade (default: false) - sending email notifications. Possible values: true/false.
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