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BcWm is an Expert Advisor working based on some of the most accurate price action classical patterns related to trend change. This EA can be used on all currency pairs on H1 and H4 timeframes. You can use this expert advisor on more that one pair at the same, diversify and reduces exposure to a single pair or on individual operation.

Please note this is not fast making money but rather generating longer term signals on higher timeframe, so it will not open trades every day. This is NOT martingale, grid strategies, etc. This way the risk is reduced and in addition is controlled by an auto stop loss.


  • Platform - MT4;
  • Symbol - All;
  • Timeframe - H1, H4;

Input parameters

  • AutoLot - fixed trading lot if = false;
  • Risk - this is the risk per each initial trade;
  • FixedLot - if this parameter = 0, trading lot recalculation based on Risk parameter;
  • TradeBCW - enable searching for Black Crow or White Soldier pattern, must be set as TRUE;
  • CheckOnly2Candls - variety of the above (search for two candles instead of three), default setting is TRUE;
  • CheckBodyGrowing - each next of the above described candles can have bigger body than the previous, default setting is TRUE;
  • TradeM - this add-on will enable EA to look for Marubozu candle and trade it, default setting is FALSE;
  • TPMultiplier - take profit coefficient, default setting is 1;
  • AutoSL - auto stop loss, default setting is TRUE;
  • SLMultiplier - stop loss coefficient, default setting is 1.5;
  • ManualSL - option to put manual pips value;
  • Trailing - enable or disable Trailing, default setting is FALSE;
  • FilterByMA - this is simple moving average to recognize trend level. Settings: MaPeriod=250;
  • TimeFilter - enable or disable time filter for trading;
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