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Elder SafeZone Long Entries

One of the key rules in trading is never move your stops in such a way that your risk increases. Our stop sequence shows the automatic tightening of stops. They appear as a series of decreasing risk points until the trade is eventually stopped out.

The problem is that if you enter a trade at any other point than the initial dot of the sequence, you may be placing the stop too close. Stop-entry plots show you the initial value for the stop for each bar. You can use them when you put on a trade, and increase the value each day until you eventually hit a stop.

Remember that you may never change a stop so that it would increase your risk.


  • Factor (3) – This is the factor for multiplying the average market noise. You may use fractions – this does not need to be an integer.
  • ATR_Days (22) – Number of days for computing the average market noise.
  • Wingding_Symbol (159) – Symbol to be displayed.
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