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Multitimeframe Parabolic SAR

This indicator is based on the classical indicator Parabolic SAR.

You can observe up to 4 different timeframes. All MT5 TimeFrames are supported.

It's possible to use lower or higher timeframes than the current chart timeframe.


Input Parameters:

For each of the 4 Timeframes you can configure:

  • The specific Period (ENUM_TIMEFRAMES)
  • The usage of the PSAR Value ("visible and relevant for the signal", "visible and not relevant for the signal" or "invisible and not relevant for the signal (ignore)")
  • PSAR Step
  • PSAR Maximum


  • Symbol


  • Signal and PSAR-Values on Chart
  • Signal (1=all above the price; 2=all below the price; 3=some above and below the price)
  • Buffers:
    • PSAR-Value for TF1
    • PSAR-Value for TF2
    • PSAR-Value for TF3
    • PSAR-Value for TF4
    • Signal
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Version 2.0 2016.06.22
* optimized calculation (faster)
Version 1.25 2015.08.17
If the signal changed, an alert is shown (if you have set the input parameter to true)
Version 1.24 2015.08.04
Additional inputs:
- Symbol
- For each Timeframe: Step Increments and Maximum Step