Swiss National Bank (SNB) Monetary Policy Assessment

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Swiss National Bank (SNB) Monetary Policy Assessment is conducted on a quarterly basis, and its results are published in a press release. The assessment document provides a description of the current economic situation and SNB's plans for the future monetary policy. An in-depth assessment of the monetary policy effectiveness precedes the publication of SNB's interest rate decision.

Also, the publication reflects plans for interest rates on bank deposits, a target range for a three-month LIBOR interest rate and an inflationary outlook. In addition, the assessment contains a brief outline of financial system risks to the baseline scenario and evaluation of the country's economic growth. The document contains diagrams and data sheets.

This press release does not feature any forward-looking information, but allows analysts to make a basic assessment of prevailing sentiments in the SNB's Governing Board. The document provides a brief summary of statistical information, on the basis of which a decision on future monetary policy measures is adopted. Therefore, its publication does not have a direct effect on Swiss franc quotes, but gives a full review of conditions that can change the situation.