How to implement traders' orders and make a profit in the MQL5 Freelance service

3 July 2014, 10:26
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MQL5 Freelance is an online service where developers get paid for creating trading applications ordered by traders. Now, traders understand the difference between all the services on a ready-made Trading Robot can be bought from the MetaTrader Market, while a unique Expert Advisor that trades based on a specific user-defined strategy can be ordered in the Freelance service. Experienced developers compete for traders' order implementation, so that a trader can select the one who offers the best time and cost conditions.

The Freelance service on was launched in June 2010. For 4 years the service proved to be a significant source of income for developers. Since the launch of the service, traders have paid a total of $600,000 for 10,000 jobs performed.

300 developers were eager to develop trading applications - and 3000 customers were satisfied with their work. It is no surprise that income of developers actively participating in the Freelance service can reach up to several thousand dollars a month!

Moreover, all the non-production related issues have been resolved so developers do not need to worry about them. Instead, developers can concentrate on the absolute essentials - finding an appropriate order, posting an offer to perform the job and state the conditions on time and payment. All related processes are completed inside the service, so the interests of all parties are protected: the process of finding a job from a customer, implementation and ordering, and lastly how to receive payment for the work completed. Such a mechanism is comfortable and safe, so that full concentration is on the development process without any worry about anything else.

Make a Profit in the MQL5 Freelance

A job in the Freelance service is split into stages, and every stage is logged in the system. Both the developer and the customer are requested to confirm all steps. the agreement to perform a job, to receive the required specifications, provide a prototype and demonstrate the final version - all these actions are recorded in the system journal. When all of the specified requirements are implemented, then automatically the payment is done - the system will transfer the amount locked on a customer's account to the developer.

Please read the article "How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4" to learn more details about the job stages in the Freelance service.   

How to Male a Profit in the MQL5 Freelance

The Freelance service welcomes all developers who are free to apply for freelance jobs. Here are a few tips on how to stand among competitors and win for order implementation

  1. Always check for new applications in the service and monitor the Freelance section on a daily basis. Interesting orders with a high starting price always attract many developers willing to perform them. Therefore, a delay may result to a miss of a great order and a couple of hundred dollars. Do not hesitate!

    The New Orders in Freelance Service

  2. Add traders posting jobs as friends on the MQL5 profile. Thus all the new job posted by the "friend" traders will appear on the developers profile wall so the opportunity for a great job will never be missed.

traders posting jobs as friends on the MQL5 profile

  3. How good is the developer's profile? Does it show that the developer is a reliable programmer who can create applications of high quality in time? Take the time and create an attractive profile. Write about yourself, key skills and successful projects. Upload a good avatar and use a good quality picture on the cover. Describe implemented orders or post interesting cases from career achievements on the wall. The purpose of the profile is to present reliable developers and to attract potential customers.

     Take the time and create an attractive profile

  4. After the implementation of an order, ask the customer to write a fair review of the work. Do not worry, a well-executed project always gets good reviews. A good feedback helps traders navigate and choose the most suitable developer among all those seeking a freelance job.

    A good feedback helps traders navigate and choose the most 
suitable developer

It's understood that, applying for a job and getting it are two different things. Any developer is capable of the former, but only a professional can provide complete information, overcome the competition and attract a customer.

Go to the Freelance service right now, select an order that is manageable and try to win it!


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