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STALIN indicator is based on two Moving Averages with additional filters.

The indicator checks crossover of two moving averages with different periods.

Trading signals are formed when two moving averages crossover.


  1. Graphic interface.
  2. Filter, based on RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator.
  3. Filter, used for confirmation of price movement.
  4. Filter, used for flat movement.
  5. It allows to select a bar to form trading signals.

The indicator description and ready templates can be found at http://www.moneyjinn.com/stalin/

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Version 4.4 2017.01.20
Updated the color scheme presets.
Updated the format of notifications.
Version 4.3 2016.09.21
The list of color schemes has been optimized.
Version 4.2 2015.10.14
Improved indicator operating speed.
For a higher performance speed, it is recommended to set max bar in a window below 250,000 in the terminal settings.
Version 4.1 2015.06.02
Expanded possibilities of built-in color schemes.
Version 4.0 2015.03.17
Completely updated graphic engine of the indicator.
Added new functions.