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UPD. This Expert Advisor has been improved, new parameters for the Grider have been added, now you can configure on which days you can trade and on which days there is not, and much more.

Fully automated multi-currency EA based on machine learning.

Real-time EA monitoring -  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/574285                                                                                                                                        

Trading signals are calculated using moving averages - the H1period.

Optionally used grid orders.


  • TradePairs- Trading pairs (comma separated);
  • Lots- Lot size (if 0.0 relative % from deposit used);
  • Percent- Lot as a percentage of the deposit;
  • TakeProfit- order take profit size; 
  • StopLoss- order stop loss size;
  • Trailing- trailing stop enable flag;
  • TrailingStep- trailing step size;
  • Forsage- Regularization trading intensity %;
  • GridVolume - multiplier for Lot (if 1, then it opens an order with the same volume, if 2, then x2 is multiplied)
  • GridStep - price increment step in points (4 digits) when an order is opened in the grid
  • GridProfit - total profit of grid orders in points when the grid of orders is closed
  • TradeTime - trading time in the start / end format
  • MondayOn - EA activity flags for the days of the week
  • TuesdayOn - EA activity flags for the days of the week
  • FridayOn - EA activity flags for the days of the week
  • SaturdayOn - EA activity flags for the days of the week
  • SundayOn - EA activity flags for the days of the week
  • SunStartTime - time to start trading in Sunday
  • FriStopTime - time to close trading at the end of the week (if the time is set before the close of the trading week, then orders will be closed at that time)
  • Grider- grid trading activity flag (on\off);
  • MaxPositions - Limit active positions and grid steps;
  • TuneODD, TuneEVEN - Optimization parameters;
  • Magic- Magic number for identifying advisor orders;

Recommended currency pairs EURUSD,USDCHF,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD,AUDUSD,XAUUSD, any timeframe.

EApreviously trained on data from the LQDserver. Optimization can be done on the basis of a fast genetic algorithm for opening prices, in the range of parameters (0..1).

Kostadin Kostadinov
Kostadin Kostadinov 2019.05.18 11:35   

Закупих експерта. От понеделник /20.05.2019/ го пускам на центова реална сметка с тестови период 1 месец. Ще съобщя резултата тук.

Google translate : I bought the expert. Starting Monday /20.05.2019/ I put him on a real real account with a test period of 1 month. I'll report the result here.

23.05 - Само четири дни работи и виждам огромна разлика в поръчките пускани на бек теста и в реалния акаунт. Мисля че няма издържи акаунта един месец.

Google translate : 23.05 - Only four days work and I see a tremendous difference in the order placing test and in the real account. I think he will not have the account for a month.

Den JH
Den JH 2019.05.13 05:04 

I just rent and run on DEMO account (13/5/2019).

I will update result and give rating after 1 month.


I give up and stop using this EA (23/05/2019) even before expire rental period 1 month.

This EA is good on tester but not on real trade. Everything are in the black box.

Small profit, huge DD and loss, dangerous martingale (see author Demo signal trading history).

3 stars for rental option 20 USD/month (already removed this option) it makes me save 80 USD for testing.

Versión 4.8 2019.07.21
reoptimizated (retrained till 20.07.19)
Versión 4.7 2019.06.23
added suffix\prefix options
Versión 3.955 2019.06.16
Neural nets of the EA was retrained using fresh quotes data
Versión 3.954 2019.05.27
Versión 3.944 2019.05.17
re-optimized, added settings
Versión 3.934 2019.05.13
Fixed error in the calculation of the indicator
Versión 3.924 2019.05.08
Improved algorithm, re-optimization, adding new pairs
Versión 3.914 2019.04.29
Added setting to regulate trading intensity - Forsage