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Proton EA

Proton EA is a Trend - Momentum Forex strategy that uses indicators to enter and exit orders. Proton EA allows you to change all parameters of the indicators selected for best results. This EA gives you the choice of whether to trade on Friday or not. The EA has a safe mode option which break even at stop loss to reduce losses. It has the ability to use trailing stops and is fully optimized for your needs. This EA has a customizable volume filter to protect you from unexpected volatility. It is equipped with a news filter that stays on top of the news. News filter option allows Proton EA to receive a continuous feed of news from investing.com. This EA works on both 4 and 5-digit quotes this means that you can use pairs like USDJPY, CHFJPY EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD and many more pairs.


  • Time frame: M1 to M5.
  • Pairs: EURUSD/GBPUSD, other pairs can be used after optimizing the parameters.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100 per 0.01 lots.
  • Minimum Leverage: 1:500.
  • Trading days: Every day but I do recommend using news filter for High impact news.

Input parameters

  • Lot - Lot size.
  • Stop Loss (pips) - Stop loss.
  • Take profit (pips) - Take profit.
  • Max Slippage (Points) - Maximum slippage allowed.
  • Max Spread - Maximum spread allowed before a pending order triggers.
  • Trade on Friday - Enable/Disable trading on Friday.
  • Magic Number - Unique EA magic number.
  • Safe mode - Enable/Disable recovering loss-making orders.
  • Safe mode percentage – When safe mode is enabled only, an order is at loss, the percentage of the stop loss which to start an overlapping order to break even/in profit at stop loss (stop loss of the initial trade). However the initial trade take profit equivalent pips becomes the distance to stop loss for the overlapping trade.
  • Moving Avg Period - Moving avg period value.
  • Moving Avg Method - Moving avg method value.
  • Moving Avg Apply To - Moving avg apply to point.
  • CCI Period - CCI period value.
  • CCI Apply To - Apply to point.
  • CCI Over Bought - Overbought value.
  • CCI Over Sold - Oversold value.
  • Parabolic Sar Step - Parabolic SAR step value.
  • Parabolic Sar Maximum - Maximum Parabolic SAR value.
  • Enable Trailing Stop - Enable/Disable trailing stop.
  • Trailing Start (pips) - Trailing start point in pips.
  • Trailing Distance (pips) – Trailing distance in pips.
  • Trailing Step - The step tells the stop when to move.
  • Volume Filter Option - Enable/Disable volume filter.
  • Volume Filter Period - Filter period.
  • Volume Filter Min - Filter minimum value.
  • Volume Filter Max - Filter maximum value.
  • Use News Filter - Enable/Disable news filter.
  • Time before high impact news - Time which to stop the EA before high impact news in minutes.
  • Time after high impact news - The duration of time in minutes which the EA is kept off after high impact news is released.
  • Time before medium impact news - Time which to stop the EA before medium impact news in minutes.
  • Time after medium impact news - The duration of time in minutes which the EA is kept off after medium impact news is released.
  • Time before low impact news - Time which to stop the EA before low impact news in minutes.
  • Time after low Impact news - The duration of time in minutes which the EA is kept off after low impact news is released.
  • High impact news - Enable/Disable high impact news.
  • Medium impact news - Enable/Disable medium impact news.
  • Low impact news - Enable/Disable low impact news.
  • Currency to display the news - The currencies the EA will filter.
  • Draw lines on the chart - Enable/Disable display news on the chart.

To enable news filter, tick the open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Tick allow WebRequests for listed URL > Add the following: "http://ec.forexprostools.com" and press OK.

David Diez
David Diez 2018.11.15 13:11 

Need some fixes, it doesn't work as the config.

willblack8888 2017.09.16 22:34 

It has many filters and works worked smoothly. Made my money back already!! :)))