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Moving Average fullshift

This is a moving average which can move not only to the right/left, but also up/down.

You can also select a mode of displaying the indicator (as a line or as dots) and all other settings of a standard moving average.

If you overlay several indicators in one window, you can clearlier determine price channels setting each border individually.


  • Line_or_Dot - mode of displaying the indicator: true - as a line, false - as dots;
  • MA_period - moving average period;
  • MA_shift_X - number of candles to shift the indicator along the X axis (+1,2,3.. - right, -1,2,3.. - left);
  • MA_shift_Y - number of points to shift the indicator along the Y axis (+1,2,3.. - up, -1,2,3.. - down);
  • MA_metod - moving average calculation method (all standard methods built in MetaTrader);
  • MA_price - prices to calculate moving average (all standard prices built in MetaTrader).
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