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Decision Zone

Decision Zone is an indicator that defines decision zones for previously selected pivots. In decision zones the user can more safely decide whether the wave that has reached this zone is correction or impulse.

Zone levels were based on Fibonacci expansion along Elliot waves and case analysis.

Trading Strategy:

Basically, when the market wave reaches the decision zone at * Level 1.0 *, there is great potential for this wave to be an impulse or correction wave. If it is impulse, the wave will break * Level 1.27 * with force. In the event of a correction the wave does not break * Level 1.27 * and a loss of strength is noted, which reverses the direction of the market.

To select the pivot use the "A" key (if it is high pivot) or "B" key (if it is low pivot) and then click on three pivot peaks.

"A" key: Creates a high decision zone.
"B" key: Creates a bearish decision zone.
"R" key: Removes one decision zone at a time from the last created zone.
"L" key: Removes all decision zones.

"T" key: Activates all four levels of the decision zone.

Tags: Decision Zone, Zona de decisão, indicador de impulso, indicador de correção, compra, venda, buy, stop or move, sell.

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Version 1.10 2019.08.23
Strategy Tester bug fix: The lines created did not end at the end of the current day, the Tester works at a different time than scheduled for actual performance and therefore generated a bug.

Added new levels: Level 0.0, Level 2.5, Level 2.618.