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Victory Start Signals

This indicator is designed for trading pending stop orders at the calculated levels. These levels are marked with the names “BUY STOP” and “SELL STOP”, and corresponding price labels. In addition, the indicator informs the user about the preferred trade direction using arrow, as well as other available means of notification, which can be customized.


  • Type of Calculation - type of calculations:
    • Price Close – based on Close prices.
    • Price High Low – based on High and Low prices;
  • Design method - display method:
    • Index High Low – by indexes of High and Low prices;
    • Calculation High Low – based on High and Low prices;
  • comment - display comments (enabled by default);
  • Arrow - display arrows and price labels (enabled by default);
  • Buy Code (217, 221, 225, 233, 241) - arrow codes to display the BUY signals (default - 225);
  • Sell Code (218, 222, 226, 234, 242) - arrow codes to display the SELL signals (default - 226);
  • InpColorArrowUP - color of the UP labels;
  • InpColorArrow DOWN - color of the DOWN labels;
  • InpWidthArrow - width of the price labels;
  • set_Alert - display the message window. Enabled by default;
  • set_PlaySound - play an audio file. Disabled by default;
  • set_PlaySoundWave - audio file name. The default is alert.wav;
  • set_Print - show a message in the journal. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendNotification - send push notifications to mobile terminals having appropriate MetaQuotes IDs. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendMail - send emails using an address specified on the Email tab. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendFTP - send a file to an address specified on the FTP tab. Disabled by default.
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