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The Full Control

The Full Control is a fully automated multi-currency Expert Advisor, which applies indicator-based analysis of the market using "Stochastic", "Ichimoku" and "Volumes". It trades on the M1 timeframe using one order at a time. The EA uses the Martingale system.

The Expert Advisor Operation Principle

When buy or sell conditions are detected based on the Stochastic, Ichimoku and Volumes indicators, the EA opens the first order with the initial lot (equal to StartLot) with preset Takeprofit and Stoploss values. If the profit of the order with the initial lot (StartLot) exceeds the TrailingStop value, the order's Stoploss is moved to breakeven. If the order is closed by Stoploss, an opposite order with the same StopLoss and Takeprofit values ​​is immediately opened. The lot for this order is increased by the multiplier. When MaxLot is reached, the next order is opened with the initial lot. The values ​​of the initial and maximum lot depend on the risk percent of balance per trade. The Expert Advisor has very few settings and is therefore very easy to use.


Recommended deposit - $300 and more (for the initial lot of 0.01).

Take profit and stop loss must not be less than 300 points (for 5-digit quotes) and must be equal. Stop loss and take profit in parameters are set for five-digit currency quotes.

The recommended currency pairs are EURUSD and GBPUSD. The settings of Stochastic and Ichimoku indicator lines are standard and can be used as is;
The EA performs best in the dynamic market.


  • ID Experts - unique Expert Advisor identifier;
  • Takeprofit - the take profit value;
  • Stoploss - the stop loss value;
  • StartLot - initial lot;
  • MaxLot - maximum lot
  • TrailingStop - the trailing stop value;
  • Multiplicator - lot multiplier;
  • Kperiod,(Stochastic) - K line period of Stochastic;
  • Dperiod,(Stochastic) - D line period of Stochastic;
  • Slowing,(Stochastic) - slowing parameter of Stochastic;
  • period Tenkan-sen(Ichimoku) - the period of the Tenkan line;
  • period Kijun-sen(Ichimoku) - the period of the Kijun line;
  • period Senkou Span B(Ichimoku) - the period of Senkou Span B;

Note: The attached screenshot shows Expert Advisor testing on EURUSD in the interval between 2017.01.02 and 2017.12.29, with the following settings: deposit=$1000; TP=350; SL=350; StartLot=0.05; MaxLot=1.6; TrailingStop=65; Multiplicator=2.0;)

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Version 1.1 2018.04.03
Added the block for lowering trading risks.