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The Simple Worker

The Simple Worker is a multicurrency Expert Advisor that uses several proven trading strategies. It trades on the M1 timeframe. Few settings make the EA simple and intuitive for users, which allows it to be optimized for a certain currency pair, if necessary. The EA analyzes the market, the EA uses indicators, tick volumes, the Martingale system.

How the EA works

It trades only one order at a time. It enters the market with two pending orders with the volume of "Startlot". If one of the orders is opened, the other one is deleted. If orders are not opened by market after "TimeDeductionWarrant" minutes, both orders are deleted. In case an order is closed with a profit, the following orders are opened with the same volume of "Startlot". In case of a loss, subsequent orders are opened with a volume multiplied by "Multiplicator". If the maximum allowable lot indicated in "MaxLot" is reached, the next orders are opened with the volume of "Startlot". The distance between pending orders is defined by the value of "BetweenWwarrants" (in points). If an order with the volume of "StartLot" is profitable after the time specified in "TimeProfitWarrant", it is closed. The EA provides the ability to reduce the trading risks by setting "CloseMinProfit" to one (zero - disabled).


This EA can be customized to fit any trading style depending on the deposit and the price volatility in the market. During a high activity of the price movements, it is recommended to set "TimeDeductionWarrant" to 5 minutes or more. Accordingly, during a low-activity movement - 10 minutes or more. The distance between orders ("BetweenWwarrants") can be set up to 100 points (for 5-digit quotes). Recommended deposit is $300 and higher. Major currency pairs are recommended: EURUSD, JPNUSD, GBPUSD. If the initial volume ("StartLot") is set to 0.01 and if the deposit amount is sufficient, you can simultaneously run the EA (with different Magic numbers) on several currency pairs. The default settings initially proved to be good for trading during a high price activity on the market when used on the recommended currency pairs. A small number of settings allow users to easily customize the EA for the trading conditions of their brokers and the desired currency pair. The EA uses the "Account history" (tab in the trading terminal), therefore, the EA requires the "Account history" to contain the data for at least 1-3 days. Profitable trades can be closed manually (optional), this will not have a negative impact on the EA's operation.


  • ID Experts - magic number of the EA
  • Takeprofit - take profit in points
  • Stoploss - stop loss in points
  • StartLot - initial lot size
  • MaxLot - the maximum lot size
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop
  • Multiplicator - lot multiplier
  • TimeDeductionWarrant - expiration time of inactive orders (in minutes)
  • TimeProfitWarrant - expiration time of active orders (in minutes)
  • BetweenWwarrants - distance between orders (in orders)
  • CloseMinProfit - closing with the minimum profit
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