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This unique Expert Advisor utilizes a neural network. It is able to learn, analyze the options and choose the most efficient trading strategy.


  1. Multifunctional (it can be trained to trade any currency pair).
  2. The minimum amount of initial investment is 50 USD or higher.
  3. The EA uses a protective stop loss. It prevents the risk of losing all funds on the account.
  4. Reliability (does not use high-risk strategies).
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Customer support and consultation.

Operation Principle

  1. The EA implements a trainable neural network.
  2. The EA opens a buy or sell market order depending on the market situation. There can be only one order open. This reduces the load on the deposit.
  3. Depending on the assumption of the neural network, the EA sets Stop Loss and Take Profit. They are always equal to each other.
  4. After the order is closed, the EA analyzes the order for further work in a similar situation.

Expert Advisor Training

  1. The Expert Advisor is very easy to train. To do this, simple test it 2-3 times on the required time interval.
  2. It is recommended to re-train the EA after changing the currency pair.

Input parameters

  1. Lot - the volume of buy or sell market orders. Recommended value is Lot = 0.01.
  2. Take profit level - the stop loss and take profit value in points of the chart. Recommended value is Take profit level = 0.015.

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Vadim Bizhanov
2017.11.13 09:04 

Советник возможно многообещающий, но за две недели ни одной операции по основным парам не было. Пока одна звезда.

Version 2.0 - 2017.11.15
Increased the number of trades. Now the EA enters the market more often.