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Plotter is an indicator that was created during the ICT mentorship to make charting quick, easy and fun for everybody.

Assign a function to any hotkey in indicator settings or use the default keys to perform smart actions that usually takes a lot of time to perform.

Click on any bar, press OHLCMBVPOKJH to plot objects, color them with keys 0-9 or modify them with keys ERAZ and much much more.

Indicator settings are described below.


  • gmt_offset
    • auto
    • -23 - 23
  • daylightsavings= set dst
  • TIMEFRAME_DOWN= set key to change timeframe lower
  • TIMEFRAME_UP= set key to change timeframe higher
  • days_lookback= limit indicator drawing in history (days)


  • color1= choose color for KEY_1
  • color2= choose color for KEY_2
  • color3= choose color for KEY_3
  • color4= choose color for KEY_4
  • color5= choose color for KEY_5
  • color6= choose color for KEY_6
  • color7= choose color for KEY_7
  • color8= choose color for KEY_8
  • color9= choose color for KEY_9
  • color0= choose color for KEY_0
  • DARKER= set key to Fade Brighter
  • BRIGHTER= set key to Fade Darker

PLOT PRICE, click on any bar and press keys to plot prices

  • OPEN= set key, Open price
  • HIGH= set key, High price
  • LOW= set key, Low price
  • CLOSE= set key, Close price
  • MEDIAN= set key, Median price
  • PRICETAG= set key, Pricetag
  • BAR= set key, rectangle Bar
  • VOID= set key, rectangle Void
  • default_extend= limit how many bars into future to draw PricePlots
  • visibility_tf= set timeframe visibility for PricePlots

MODIFY OBJECT, click on object and press key to modify

  • WIDTH= set key
  • STYLE= set key
  • EXTEND= set key
  • REDUCE= set key
  • HIGHER= set key
  • LOWER= set key
  • HLTL= set key, toggle between Horizontal / Trendline
  • NEAREST= round object to nearest 5 pips


  • overlay_symbol= set default symbol ex. "USDX"
  • OVERLAY= enable/disable Overlay
  • FLIP= flip it
  • suffix= set symbol suffix
  • overlay_price
  • overlay_color
  • overlay_width

PROJECTIONS, asia range / central bank dealers range / flout

  • RANGES= toggle ranges
  • PROJECTIONS= show range projections
  • range_pips= how pips
  • range_type
    • line style
    • reqtangle style
  • range_upper= choose color
  • range_lower= choose color
  • range_style
  • range_width


  1. FRACTALS= enable/disable fractals
  2. fractal_period= set period
  3. fractal_alive= set color, non traded
  4. fractal_taken= set color, traded
  5. fractal_style
  6. fractal_width


  • daily_tf= limit display timeframe (up to)
  • daily_color
  • daily_style
  • daily_width= set 0 to disable level
  • daily_start= start hour
  • daily_length= in hours
  • weekly_tf= limit display timeframe (up to)
  • weekly_color
  • weekly_style
  • weekly_width= set 0 to disable
  • weekly_start= start hour
  • weekly_length= in hours

MARKET HOURS, session boxes

  • session_size= box size, set 0 to disable
  • session_tf= limit display timeframe (up to)
  • tokyo_color
  • london_color
  • newyork_color
  • close_color
  • cme_color

ROUND LEVELS, auto corrective grid

  • level_fade= color is based of your background, set 0 to disable
  • level_style

ALERT, click on chart and press hotkey to set alert

  • ALERT= set key
  • alert_notification= send email
  • alert_color
  • alert_style


  • show_adr= enable/disable
  • show_dailymove= enable/disable
  • show_spread= enable/disable
  • show_bartime= enable/disable
  • show_profits= enable/disable, show market order profits
  • chart_notes= enable/disable, note box
  • font= "" is default
  • fontsize
  • corner
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