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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 84

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
*Non-Repainting Indicator "Mercy" is an arrow indicator that shows possible bounce set ups. It's best to Use The M5 and M1 charts for indices. M15 and M5 for forex pairs. I recommend turnkeyforex.com  as a great broker and the one I personally use Live signal based on this indicator: Hurican TK -Push notifications to phone or computer  -Great For Scalping -Great For Swing Trading -Arrow Appears   at  The "Close Of The Candle" -Works On Any Timeframe -Works On Any Mt4 Pair -Perfect For New Trader
50 USD
Shadow EA mt4
Alexandr Palkin
Automatic trading system, developed and configured for the "GBPUSD" currency pair. The strategy is based on support and resistance levels, together with candlestick analysis, with automatic calculation of Stop Loss and Take Profit. Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit. The adviser does NOT use: arbitrage, martingale, netting and the like. Recommendations Currency pair   "GBPUSD". Timeframe : H1; Minimum deposit : $100; Account Type : ECN. Parameters Magic Number  -   ide
490 USD
PL indicator
Aleksandr Nadein
Индикатор информационная панель. 1 строка отображает текущий профит по счету(по всем валютным парам) весь заработанный профит по текущей валютной паре(где стоит индикатор). 2 строка отображает позиции на SELL ордера кол-во открытых ордеров/лотность открытых ордеров и текущий профит по ордерам SELL. 3 строка отображает позиции на BUY ордера кол-во открытых ордеров/лотность открытых ордеров и текущий профит по ордерам BUY/ 4 строка отображает EQUITY. 5 строка отображает лотность закрытых ордеров п
50 USD
MA Price Lines MTF for MT4
Naththapach Thanakulchayanan
This MT4 indicator can show you Dynamic Support and Resistance Zone in current stage based on Current MA Price in 9 Timeframes, Price Lines or Price Zones for Multi (9) Timeframes according to the setting options as you need which you can set such as MA Period, MA Method, MA Shift, MA Price and you will see price lines all 9 timeframes or you can show Price Zones and also you can hide Minutes timeframes and several setting as you want and You can add several MA Periods in your chart such as 50,
69 USD
EA Tranquil
Mikita Borys
Only 10 copies will be available at a reduced price! The price of the advisor after implementation will be $ 99 A unique trading advisor built on a time-tested and reliable trading strategy, but includes a large number of transaction support functions, a position opening filter, trailing and breakeven!    This is like a Grail constructor for every trader! You can always request technical support, settings and installation assistance in   my profile. Just look at its capabilities:  Graphic p
49 USD
this version is the same as the previous one but with the possibility of receiving a telephone alert OLD VERSION → https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71589 no more configuration of the indicator is required, just set the ID of your smartphone and you can receive the BUY or SELL message in real time (reliability is 80%) for any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me
30 USD
You don't know what to trade? This is the one for you. Currency Strength (ROC Base) is the easiest way to identify strong and weak currencies. This indicator is a custom-made indicator you can use to determine the currency pairs that are currently trading strongly and the ones that are trading weakly. This indicator shows the relative strength of 8 major currencies such as AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. I used a method call " Rate Of Change (ROC) " for calculate all currency in percen
45 USD
Evgeny Dobroskok
EasyLocalCopy is able to instantly receive and transmit servers to an unlimited number of terminals on one computer/server. The local copying is useful when you want to extend your strategy on other accounts on your computer while trading on one account (for example, in a discretionary investment, or if you want to save computer/server resources when using powerful experts). The main advantages of the copier one universal version; a minimum of settings and maximum ease of use (easy to learn eve
50 USD
Blaster Pro
Philip Effiong Philip
Pro Blaster is an advanced trading system based on two indicators, each of which in turn is based on the MACD indicator. The system provides clear and precise signals to enter in the market, which will be understood even by novice traders. PROMO PRICE LASTS FOR 10 DAYS The strategy algorithm has a double trend confirmation and is capable of generating a weekly profit of 200-500 pips. Characteristics of the PRO BLASTER ·       Platform:  Metatrader4 ·       Currency pairs: Any ·       Trading Tim
799 USD
Universe EA
Natalyia Nikitina
Universe EA is a fully automated expert advisor based on cluster and candle analysis. The Expert Advisor contains a self-adaptive market algorithm that uses price action candlestick patterns. The system uses the main market patterns in trading, Forex-the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. The advantages of this Expert Advisor are that it will never lose if you provide a good deposit. Requirements The minimum deposit is $ 100k/22 currency pairs AND_LOT /EURUSD 0.
1 999 USD
Project V
Andrey Kolmogorov
1 (2)
Promotional price: only   for the first  9  buyer -  $399 . next   price  $449 . A trading advisor that uses in its work a strategy based on trend and countertrend algorithms, built on the principles of a quantum set of algorithms. When using the standard operating mode, only 1 order is always opened. The order is opened at the beginning of each trading day. By default, no additional set files are required. Signal Default:   EUR/USD Signal Grid:   EUR/USD Signal Martin:   EUR/USD In the P
399 USD
IMPORTANT - If you find a bug please report that at support@traders-terminal.com or in the Comment section here. Thank you! The most flexible and features rich trade assistant. NO CONDITIONS ENTRY Use Case -   Market & Pending Orders https://youtu.be/PAbytOYrTqI TIME BASED ENTRY Use Case -   Trading After News Release https://youtu.be/peDz_C-VLAQ INDICATOR CONDITIONAL ENTRY Use Case -   Bollinger Bands Breakout https://youtu.be/qRPkpyHghLU DRAWINGS Use Case -   Channel/Consolidation Breakout
167 USD
Candle BTC Gain
Paulo Vinicius Ferreira Da Fonseca
Our specialist Candle Scalper Gain uses a scalper strategy making short trades on the Daily (D1). The pair we recommend is BTCUSD (BitCoin). Recommended Minimum Capital is 10,000$ to use 0.13 lot, otherwise I recommend putting cents in an account. www.profitconsultingfx.com 95% hit rate on recommended setting !! We work with account management !! We sell the Source Code. Welcome and enjoy profits
627 USD
Odyusa Pips
Philip Effiong Philip
Odyusa Pips is designed to visualize the direction of the trend. This indicator is deprived of delay and therefore very effective. Odyusa Pips   determines the direction of the current trend using a  cluster digital filter .   Characteristics of the ODYUSA PIPS INDICATOR ·     Platform: Metatrader4 ·     Asset: Any available trading assets ·     Trading Time: Around the clock ·     Timeframe: Any ·     Recommended broker:  InstaForex ,   XM , ,     Rules of trade by ODYUSA PIPS INDICATOR The Ody
50 USD
Trendline Bot
Heiko Kendziorra
The EA draws trend lines on the chart and then triggers trades if a line is crossed. More info in last screenshots. Trendline Bot works in any currency pair or cfd. Set files for 10 currency pairs and gold are in the comments section. The EA works fully automatically and is optimised for use in H1 charts. No martingale, no grid, always just one order open with StopLoss. Signal: Trendline Bot trading 10 pairs >>    Timing is important!   Set   SetUTC   (GMT) according to the timezone of your br
299 USD
Venom Scalper US30
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
Venom Scalper US30   is a fully automated trading strategy. Expert Advisor is designed and  optimized   exclusively for  US30 Index   ( DJI, DJIA, Dow Jones Index ). EA trading strategy relies on the volatility of Price Action to look for trading signals with a high probability of winning. The EA's strategy has a Fixed Stop Loss setting to reduce risk and protect the account. If you do not have experience using EA, you should use the Default Setting with initial capital from $ 200. Recommend: Y
57 USD
Sergei Ozerov
S-Vine is a   trading system based on a complex mathematical model that generates signals for opening deals. The strategy is based on building price channels and determining price breakout and pullback in the channel based on the behavior of the Bollinger Bands indicator. It consists of many simple functions and has many parameters that allow you to memorize various market situations and interpret them correctly. The EA opens one deal in a certain direction and sets Stop Loss and Take Profit, a
125 USD
This indicator finds technical analysis reversal patterns such as Double Bottom, Triple Bottom, Head & Shoulders and their opposite counterparts. The indicator shows them on the chart of a currency pair and can signal a trader if a pattern has been formed recently. This allows you to quickly detect a possible trend reversal or correction, it is enough to add an indicator to the chart, after that, you can change different timeframes to quickly find such patterns, if the patterns are not located
30 USD
Clever MACD
Carlos Forero
5 (1)
Description Better version of MACD indicator which offer a complete visual trading strategy and realize an auto-optimization Here you can access our discord community for more information about our tools and benefits. KEY LINKS:   How to Install   -  Discord Server   –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is this indicator useful? NEVER repaints. Detect best parameters of MACD indicator, based on profit factor during the specified period. This indicator can be used as a visual strategy, fol
70 USD
This is an original, agile, and excellent trending system. Whether you are a beginner trading novice or a professional trader, this set of indicators can help you quickly and timely track the latest changes in market trends. It has the following characteristics: The method of use is extremely simple, plug and play, and the display of all trend analysis results is clear at a glance; There is no need to configure any functional parameters, the trend tracking indicator will automatically analyze th
100 USD
Make the deal visible. Have you ever analyzed the deals in the MT4 Strategy Tester or Signal Visualization on Chart? If the answer is "Yes", then you know how sightless trade lines are. The solution is the utility "Visible Deals". The utility "Visible Deals" allow you to make trade lines wider or even change color. Just drop the utility "Visible Deals" on the chart and adjust new line formats.
30 USD
EA Legion
Svyatoslav Kucher
5 (1)
EA Legion is an automatic advisor that uses order averaging to prevent losses after the price moves in the opposite direction from the initial entry. The main feature of the EA is the ability to open multiple positions, which consist of a series of orders. Each position is monitored,and the advisor can close them upon reaching a profit, based on signals, or all positions together based on total profit. The averaging of series orders itself is also not standard, and consists of lists, there are
40 USD
Grid Tablet
Andrey Kozak
Grid Tablet is a trading grid scalping robot for the GBPUSD currency pair. The robot only opens SELL trades. This is provided for by the trading strategy. However, this does not reduce the total number of open trades and the robot is actively trading. To test this robot, download the demo version from this site, drag the robot onto the GBPUSD chart, H1 timeframe and leave the default settings. We recommend an initial initial deposit of $ 1000 or more. The robot trades with a fixed trading lot,
55 USD
Sykes Scalping Machine
Shaun Ang Pherng Sheng
Sykes Scalping Machine   This EA was inspired from nononsenseforex,  using a number of well known high probability entry and exit positions using Kijun-sen Breakouts. Sykes Scalping Machine EA is a smart and fully automated Forex Expert Advisor for the Metatrader 4 trading platform. The system tests the hypothesis of price fluctuations and provides the output related to the previous trends and processes the market using Kijun-sen breakouts and confluence of mathematical price calculations. Thi
30 USD
This EA allows you to send alerts to your Telegram Groups or Channels. As simple as opening or closing trades on MT4 and alerts are automatically sent to Telegram. Alerts will also be sent when you modify the SL or the TP Updates and possible improvements will be sent to buyers I will send you a tutorial to get your Telegram Api key and chat id          You must enter your API key and Chat ID of the Group or Channel 
30 USD
Candle Scalper Gain
Paulo Vinicius Ferreira Da Fonseca
Our specialist Candle Scalper Gain uses a scalper strategy making short trades on H4. The pair we recommend is  XAUUSD (Gold). Recommended Minimum Capital is 500$ to use 0.01 lot, otherwise I recommend that you put cents in an account and increase the lots using 0.05 proportion for every 1,000$ www.profitconsultingfx.com We working With account management
627 USD
Abuja Rock Trader
Roland Aimua Akenuwa
Abuja Rock Trader is an MT4 Expert Advisors Robot Exploiting Financial Markets .  This is a Special Automated Forex Trading System Designed for both Professionals and Novices Abuja Rock Trader is the Comprehensive High Performance Forex Trading System you have been waiting for 100% Fully Automated Weekly Trend Scalper It's Trades Forex It's Trades Cryptos It's Trades Commodities It's Trades Indices It's Trades Metals It's Trades Energies It's Trades Shares And Others Built on Multiple Indicator
1 500 USD
Marina Filippova
Are you looking for monitoring services to watch trading in the terminal?? You don't need it anymore!! Full monitoring is right in your terminal. There are a couple of strokes left and you can buy it both for real and for a demo test Параметры Parameters: Max///Statistics Month///Statistics A week///Statistics Day///Statistics For an open pair: Symbol Number of orders To buy In villages Density separation Buy profit Sell profit Weekly profit Total profit Drawdown There is also a built-i
50 USD
Marina Filippova
Индикатор предназначен для переключения ТФ. Если у вас стоит советник который зависит от текущего ТФ, тогда это вещица вам необходима. Выставление ТФ происходит по количеству ордеров или по набранной лотности. К примеру, для ясности, если ваш советник начинает просаживаться, набирая сетку, то индикатор переключает ТФ автоматически, на увеличение ТФ и не даёт набирать лотность. Как только он закрыл сетку, происходит автопереключение на М1 и по новой. Так ваш советник торгует как скальпер и далее
50 USD
AZ InvestPlus 50 Pips EA -  it is a robot for the Forex market.  The author of the strategy and algorithm belongs to the professional Trader and Programmer AQSHİN POLADLİ with more than 14 years of experience in the Forex market. The robot makes market analysis with the author's unique indicator, the robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret and therefore I cannot write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robo
200 USD
Crazy Breack
Santi Quagliana
Crazy Breack   Ea is performed for Eur Usd and Usd Jpy- i stay try it in all exchange.  Follow The Trend! Simulation of the last 5 years (2016/06 - 2021/06) , surprising.  For Limitated Period, sale 30$! Spreads = 20 of default StopLose = 0.0025 default - means 0.25%  TakeProfit = 0.005 default - means 0.50%  Equity=0.999 default - working in progress - isn't important Distanza = 0.0005 default - means when calcole signal open order at 0.05% of price Hours - 0.25 - if use more than 1 order
30 USD
Sergei Ovodkov
Working timeframe - H1-H4 The Expert Advisor trades on Eur/Usd, one of the most affordable tools for trading. A good ECN broker with a low commission and spread It is highly recommended to use a VPS BEFORE TESTING OR MAKING A PURCHASE, BE SURE TO CONTACT ME TO CONFIGURE THE EXPERT ADVISOR!!!!!! I CAN CONNECT YOUR DEMO ACCOUNT TO CHECK FOR STABILITY, WRITE!!!!!!!! THERE ARE MORE EXPERT ADVISORS ON SALE, PLEASE CONTACT US, I WILL CONNECT THEM FOR TESTING!
800 USD
EA Smart Gold
Mansuri Parvez
IMPORTANT NOTICE   -  HIGH EFFECTED NEWS--> EA MUST BE STOP OR CLICK ON "RUNNING EA" BUTTON AND CONVERT IT INTO RED COLOUR. MINIMUM ACCOUNT BALANCE -  $1000 TIME FRAME -                             M1/M15 MAX ORDER LIMIT -                     10 TO 15 START LOT SIZE -                        0.01 MONEY MANAGEMENT -               FALSE LOT MULTIPLIER -                       1.65 DISTANCE -                                 500 (2DIGIT) / 5000 (3DIGIT) MAX LOT SIZE -                           0.51
49 USD
Alexander Lasygin
VSAsGradient это утилита предназначена компенсировать ограниченные возможности оформления рабочей области терминала МТ4. Позволяет задать цвет окон графика (индикатора) в виде цветового градиента, установить классические обои или фотографию любимой девушки, семьи. Предварительных настроек, которые имеют значение только две: Set Gradients- выбераем насколько настройки будут индивидуальны. Default Set- только для данного типа инструмента. Individual Set- инструмент+ период графика. Hide Panel- сво
40 USD
Tatiana Savkevych
Toroid - The indicator reflects information in a visual form, it can be used both for pipsing on small periods and for long-term trading. It generates fairly frequent and accurate signals. The indicator can be used as the main one for determining the trend. The indicator can work both for entry points and as a filter. Uses two parameters for settings. The smart indicator algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and generates input signals. It is based on the signals of elementary in
80 USD
Potential MT4
Andriy Sydoruk
Potential - works on the scalping principle. An intraday trading strategy that brings the trader a result when making a large number of short-term transactions, during which the price manages to change in a predictable direction. This result lies on the “surface” of the overall deep price dynamics. A feature of the strategy is a large number of quick deals. The work of this strategy is directly related to currency volatility. The higher the volatility of an asset, the more trades are made. Scal
666 USD
The indicator calculates reversal points based on the past trend and forms a channel on this basis. This elapsed period of time from which the reversal points are determined can be specified in the settings. The indicator is suitable for all trading areas, whether forex, crypto, metals, indices or futures. All areas traded in Metatrader 4/5 are covered by the indicator. All time spans are also supported. Whether scalping, day trading or interday trading, the indicator is suitable for every ty
125 USD
Pips Hunter EA
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
Profit is just like a capricious lady, that comes and goes, however today, the PROFIT can be BOUGHT! Having installed Forex Pips Hunter just once, you assure yourself of a long-awaited source of income. WHY? Because of some reasons listed below. Forex Pips Hunter...is...   The product that conquered the hearts of some of the world’s best beta-testers.   The product that redefined the definition of Real Success.   Fully automated system that combines some of the best qualities of the modern day s
300 USD
It is an oscillator with a filter by levels of support and maintenance this tool is designed for binary options it is very easy to use Has very good indicators of correct transactions 80-90% (this is the basis for the cost) Signals Red arrow directed downward signal to decrease Arrow of blue color directed upwards signal for an increase Recommended operating time: 1-2 candles Any: timeframe Trade Symbol: Any Session: Any It is not recommended to trade during the news release, the percentage of c
1 338 USD
Investment Castle Supply and Demand MT4
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Supply and Demand indicator does not repaint as it counts the number of tests/retests occurred in the past x number of times. As a trader you need a path to be able to place your buy and sell trades such as: Supply and Demand, Falling & raising channels . Experienced trades will draw the key levels and channels around the timeframes. But, they will not be able to draw them on the small time frames as the price changes too frequent. This indicator is based on Shved supply and demand indicator, b
50 USD
Entry Sniper
Theyab Ghanem Jamil Ghanem Alalawi
Have you ever thought of what it would be getting a sniper entry in forex? Well... Go no further, in this indicator it will help you allocate precise entry points of the market which will also achieve a high Risk to Reward ratio as this is one of the important aspects in trading. This strategy uses different kind of filters and moving averages while using precise price action strategy to determine the market next move. Message me after purchase to get the best settings and recommended timefram
150 USD
Sakura JP
Le Van Tuyen
FREE DOWNLOAD file set parameter: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1N0Eaw15yi8zXOMMB_9Dlv2Fiz0WbDZyB      Our Group:  https://t.me/robotforexXX Recommendations Minimum account  balance of 500$ Work best on EURUSD  Work on any   Time Frames ( DEFAULT settings are RSI_TIMEFRAME = H1 ) Dear!!! The EA work according to RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) indicators. It has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders (grid). EA doesn’t trade very frequ
30 USD
FX Direction Indicator is an advanced trend indicator that will help you easily determine the current direction of the price of the selected instrument on all timeframes without loading the terminal. Combine the indicator with any oscillator to trade with the trend, or simply open trades on trend reversals. Setting the indicator sensitivity makes it possible to track short-term and global trend changes. MT5 version Indicator advantages: Minimum settings. The indicator line can be used as s
98 USD
Premium M15
Raphael Schwietering
Dear Investor, I am a full-time system developer since 2010, having developed thousands of trading systems in the last 11 years. My main goal when developing a strategy is long-term growth. All my systems have to pass strict criteria in terms of backtests, out-of-sample validations on unseen symbols, Monte Carlo simulations on different data feeds, slippage, and increased spreads.  It: Trades the EURUSD M15 with a focus on long-term growth. Opens trades at bar and uses no martingale nor any gri
499 USD
X Wing
Yury Emeliyanov
Only two indicators provide the Expert Advisor with a   VERY   high profit. Look at the test results for the past 3 years. Default test parameters Initial balance = 100$ Net profit = 383 787 $ Profitable trades = 88% Drawdown = 12% The main advantage of the Expert Advisor is the percentage of profitable transactions, which is 88% in testing over the past 3 years. The Expert Advisor is primarily designed for the   GBP/USD M15 pair.   The Expert Advisor uses several indicators, the main one being
69 USD
The working timeframe is M15 The Expert Advisor trades on XAU/USD (gold), the most liquid of the available trading instruments. A good ECN broker with a low commission and spread It is highly recommended to use a VPS The system contains 3 strategies. BEFORE TESTING OR MAKING A PURCHASE, BE SURE TO CONTACT ME TO CONFIGURE THE EXPERT ADVISOR!!! I CAN CONNECT YOUR DEMO ACCOUNT TO CHECK FOR STABILITY, WRITE!!! A little history!! Any experienced trader will confirm that you can
2 500 USD
Note : This is a utility that can not be tested on Strategy Tester as it will work if you open a trade manually on your mobile MT4 or pc. This utility could be an answer for those who : - are busy working and always on mobile, but don't want to miss a trade. - just want to open a trade, and the rest handled by expert advisor including stop loss and take profit. Handle with Care will handle your trade : - Placing stop loss and take profit based on your stop loss and take profit input, directl
30 USD
Rush EA
Mislav Nikolic
SPECIAL LAUNCH PROMO Only 1 left at 779$ Final price will be 979$ NEW: Rent Rush for 1 Year and receive: - HETZNER SERVER FOR FREE - Worth 348 EUR - Preinstalled Windows 10 and MT4/MT5 Imagine being able to raise your account in only 2 years by more than 200% with a robot that has already proven to be stable and profitable. Yes, Already proven ! Without fake manipulated backtest results, and Photoshoped live results.   What exactly does that mean? That means you get- what you see. This robot
779 USD
Iberian Master FX H4
Miquel Cirera Mato
Iberian Master FX H4 is a fully automatic professional Forex expert advisor. This EA trades according to trends (NO scalping, NO martingale) This trading robot is the result of combining the strategies of our three previous robots in a single robot: Iberian EA Effectiveness EA Big BBand  The strategies used are: Strategie 1 - The starting base for operations is the surpassing of maximum or minimum values in the price of the last 24 hours (6 candles) , and relying on various calculations and i
590 USD
Iberian Master GOLD H4 is a fully automatic professional Forex expert advisor. This EA trades according to trends (NO scalping, NO martingale) This trading robot is the result of combining the strategies of our three previous robots in a single robot: IberianEA H4 GOLD EffectivenessEA GOLD Big BBand GOLD The strategies used are: Strategie 1 - The starting base for operations is the surpassing of maximum or minimum values in the price of the last 24 hours (6 candles) , relying on various calcu
390 USD
Target Profit Magic
Mr Nukool Chanchingchit
What is a tool ? Used for monitoring profit by magic number, From parameter magic number and profit target. The tool will automatically close orders to the same magic number. When your profits meet the target set. How to use Place the tool on any pair any timeframe and set input your parameter. Pair   : Any Timeframe   : Any Input Parameter Magic Number (0 for manual order)   Meaning   : Input your magic number here, Set 0 for manual order. Summary profit of this magic number ($)   Meaning   :
30 USD
We are glad to present you our product from Varko Technologies. Here you can find the rest of our developments: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/varkotechnologies We love what we do and what we do, so in each product you can find a piece of the developer's soul. With love, Varko Group Inc. The official website of the developer company, you can find here       MQL5 Profile Product Discussion Group       MQL5 Group Welcome to our public channel       MQL5 Сhannel Recommendations Timeframe:  M1 -
50 USD
Chukwudi Joshua Obiekwe
5 (1)
REMAIN 3 COPIES ONLY 9 COPIES TO BE SOLD OUT ON OUR FIRST LAUNCHING OF GraphSeriesEA!!!. After that price of  -----> GRAPHSERIESEA <----- WILL BE $1200 NOTE: if you have bought GraphSeriesEA notify us ,we have fastest growing community of users worldwide and we helps you grow; both on information you need on your journey of successful trading (Very Important!!!) follow GraphSeriesEA Signal on mql5 here         GraphSeriesEA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1029779?source=Site +Signa
800 USD
Master Breakout Master Breakouts one of my finest strategy working last 6year. Its based on swing breakouts but entry and target concept is not traditional concept "Its unique in there kind" when you see on tester and images you can find its not normal market breakout I am using this in my own trading methods .As we know any of breakout pattern not more then 52%-57% success ratios(By Bulkowski patterns Research - http://thepatternsite.com/setups.html ) but in our Master Breakout more then 90%-95
156 USD
Recommended timeframes: M15. Supports pairs with the pound sterling ( GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, GBPUSD). the default settings are for the GBPAUD pair It is recommended to conduct tests on pairs with the pound sterling, AND ALSO CONTACT ME DURING the TEST to set up the settings and correct testing to show the stability of the Expert Advisor in various market conditions. WITHOUT SETTING UP, the Expert Advisor will work incorrectly!!! The minimum balance is 100 USD cent account, or a
1 800 USD
This is a   dashboard   for AO and Stochastic indicator and gives direction of the chart base on these two and you can see all the signals for all the time frames and symbols that you like. after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge:) the inputs are very easy:  Stochastic K period Stochastic D period Stochastic Slowing Stochastic OB Stochastic OS Currency names:   Add any currency you like by capital letters and
79 USD
This tool provide renko bricks on the current chart and it has buffers for close , open,high,low,time of the bricks with easy access *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge :) For downloading   demo   version   free   kindly download from link below: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71491 inputs: Reko Brick Size: the renko size in pips Renko calculation start time: start date of calculating re
60 USD
BreakOut Gold
Shima Hassan Zadeh
Breakout indicator will draw lines on the current chart with TP and SL you can set for trade you can use these information and trade base on them. this product is the result of 5 years experience of coding and trading and learning, hope you all enjoy it. *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge :)
45 USD
This is a dashboard of candle pattern for all the timeframes and symbols you want(you can add or remove any timeframe as you wish)  it shows 15 different candle pattern and each has a  sensitivity and you can adjust them to your needs here is all 15 patterns: Two Black Gapping #Bearish : short name (2BG:S) Three Black Crows #Bearish : short name ( 3BC:S ) Evening Star #Bearish : short name (ES:S) Dark Cloud clover #Bearish : short name (DCC:S) Engulfing #Bearish : short name (BEC:L) Hanging ma
89 USD
Volume Dashboard
Shima Hassan Zadeh
This dashboard shows the increase or decrease of volume of all the symbols and timeframes you want(you can remove or add any timeframe or symbol) *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge :) Currency names:   Add any currency you like by capital letters and separating them by comma without space  time frames:     Add any timeframe you like by separating them by comma without space  valid timeframes are : 
59 USD
This indicator shows levels of support resistance on different timeframes and you can see all of them in one chart so you can decide better when to open orders. *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge :) For downloading MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71546
45 USD
Pivot SH
Shima Hassan Zadeh
This indicator plots horizontal lines at daily pivot levels R3, R2, R1, Pivot, S1, S2 ,S3, using a day that is advanced (or retarded) from the server time (called Pivot Day). *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge :) For downloading MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71548 Inputs: Pivot day shift:   gives the number of hours to advance the pivot day A negative value delays the da
35 USD
This indicator draw sessions time on the chart with box so you know which session is now and what is coming next and you can decide your trades better this way. *Note*:     after purchasing the product be sure to PM me and if you need an expert base on it i can make for you free of charge. :) For downloading MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71551
35 USD
Star Forecast
Mhd Amran Bin Lop
Star forecast is an analytical toolkit used to help currency traders with foreign exchange trading analysis through technical charts and indicators. Forex forecasting which help analysts and traders to determine appropriate and profitable entry and exit points for their forex trades. *Non-Repainting *For Desktop MT4 Only *Great For Intraday *Great For Swing Trading *Star Appears at  The "Close Of The Candle" *Attach On H1 Timeframe for see Daily Trend *Works On Any Mt4 Pair *Perfect For New Tr
120 USD
The Burst MT4
Mhd Amran Bin Lop
The Burst MT4 Hurry and Buy Before Price Doubles Tomorrow! *Non-Repainting Indicator "The Burst" is an indicator that shows precise Buy and Sell Trades. A great arsenal to add to any chart. It's Best to Use The D1,H4 or H1 chart "The Burst" is designed to alert BUY and SELLS. So Of course, For the best take The Arrows In a Uptrend or Downtrend Only For Confirmation *Non-Repainting *For Desktop MT4 Only *Great For Scalping *Great For Intraday *Great For Swing Trading *Arrow Appears at  The "Clo
100 USD
AlgoMaster NNFX MT4
Manuel Alejandro Cercos Perez
Complete and advanced No Nonsense Forex (NNFX) Algorithm Tester. Test your algorithm across all 28 forex pairs considering news, Euro FX Vix (EVZ) and currency exposure; or use it to help you create a whole algorithm from scratch with your favorite indicators. You can read more about how AlgoMaster NNFX works and all of its features in this blog . Features You can try this program in demo across 3 forex pairs.   Demo Version Full Version Forex Pairs EURUSD, GBPCHF and USDCHF All Forex Pai
190 USD
Perfect Cycle
Get 1 license of Perfect Cycle for Free if you register under my link. Link :   https://clicks.pipaffiliates.com/c?c=441447&l=en&p=1 Create Standard/Micro account and fund atleast 100$ Minimum to get the EA for Free. After you Register send me a private message. 30% off the Market Price, be sure to write to me in private messages and this is open to 5 Slots only. Next Price is 4999$ so hurry and Grab a Copy!!! Minimum Balance : 200$ Note : Lotsize is Compounding or Autolotsize Depends
999 USD
Currency pair: GBPUSD  Timeframe = m15 The Expert Advisor is based on GMT + 2 data Minimum deposit = $ 1000. Use MM 0,6% per trade with $ 1000 deposit. Monitoring signal at MQL5 :  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals I present to your attention a new experimental advisor . Author is a fan of forex and has been collecting patterns of currency pairs in forex since 2010. To date, we have managed to collect about 100 patterns of the GBPUSD currency pair. IMPORTANT : Pay attention to the GMT parameter
150 USD
TPO Stable
Michael Goh Joon Seng
-----DESIGN FOR EURUSD, M15------  Straightforward Effective solution, no fancy bells and whistles, clean powerful set and forget EA. This TPO Balanced EA uses the phenomenally accurate and consistent Trend Probability Oscillator (TPO) to gauge entry and exits.  TPO Link:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/70890? The default TPO Balanced EA setting trades long and short positions based on the markets macro movement with the aim to achieve large steady wins. (Watch out for our new TPO Optimi
195 USD
Hi traders, Anyone can trade in forex during the day or long term investment . All you need is the" Pro intraday  EA" Pro intraday  EA, detects "Safe Buy/Sell" points by processing the "lowest value and highest value in the day" of this instrument at the time intervals you specify, giving you the "target Channel range" instantly on the live chart. It offers Buy Zone; Buy 1-Buy 2 channels ( 2 blue lines Buy Zone) as Safe Purchase points. Pro intraday EA  Buy trades in this region. It offers Sel
150 USD

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