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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 84

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Safe Fund MT4
Nguyen Phuc Hung Thinh
We use Price Action and Japanese Candlesticks at important price zones and standard times to open positions and use Risk/Reward: 1/2 - 0.2%/trade. Recommended symbol:    EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURJPY. Contact me: Gmail: fifund.cuscare@gmail.com,   Facebook , Twitter , Instagram . Product: Metatrader4 , Metatrader5 . Broker references:  Exness ,  ICMarket ,  FBS .
This is a free demo version for USDJPY only. Here is the link to full version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25912 This product has no input parameters. The product helps you to open and close orders faster, include instant and pending orders. It helps you to open order faster and easier, to make an order you simply click on the button. Buttons List BUY/SELL: to open instant Buy or Sell orders. BUY STOP/BUY LIMIT/SELL STOP/SELL LIMIT: to open pending order. The distance to the current
Profit Meter Demo
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
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Эта утилита поможет вам рассчитать прибыль в валюте депозита, если цена пройдет от своего текущего значения к значению, указанному горизонтальной линией ProfitMeter. При запуске индикатора эта линия автоматически создается на уровне текущего значения цены. Линию следует выбрать и переместить на нужный вам уровень. Расчетное значение прибыли при входе в рынок минимально возможным лотом отображается в правом нижнем углу окна графика. Демо работает только для валютных пар, котировочная валюта котор
Presentation The URL html and xml to csv is designed to get contents from URLs with html or xml content, and to download it to an output format as a txt or as a csv file. It enables to get the whole web sites page, starting with the http protocol, in a document for a further use and in additional with downloading directly on the MetaTrader applications and on the desktop. It is a good advantage for taking the most data from events and economic calendars, and also publications related to the inst
这是中文简体版本 为了让新手交易者更容易理解,我做了一个交易平台账户信息面板,不收取任何费用。 首先,您必须在交易前了解平台。 各平台报价及商品规格与账户交易规则不同。 您可以调整面板的颜色和大小,如果您尝试按下,面板可能会移动。 面板不会下单,放心加载EXPERTS 如果我升级了免费产品,您需要先将我的旧产品从市场上移除,然后重新启动 MT4,然后再次下载以使用我升级的免费产品。 In order to make it easier for novice traders to understand, I made a trading platform account information panel, which does not charge any fees. First of all, you must understand the platform before trading. The quotations and commodity specifications of each platform  are not the same as the account tra
That indicator shows on chart actual amount of lots currently opened position and Take Profit pips numnber and pips left to get. All objects can be placed at any place of chart by user choice. Objects text can be set by user also by writing new text in indicator's parameters window. Each object color can ve set to any color from the palette of colors delivered by MT4 editor.
My Account Brokers Details List This script displays the account data and broker terms regarding its operation. For example, broker name, account number, financial leverage, account currency, automatic trading approval, minimum lot, lot step, maximum number of lot, margin call, stop out and many other important data. It is easier to display such data on the chart in one moment with a click of the mouse, than to look for it in the contract or call the broker. Details are printed not on the scree
Script for Close all open BUY orders. Usage: - Enable Automate Trading - Attach / Double click the script ENJOY IT. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|                                                    Close Buy.mq4 | //|                              Copyright 2015, SangBatosai-Code5 | //|                           https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mahakaya | //|      Credit:                                                     | //|       SangBatosai
This utility binds each created graphical object to the chart symbol. Binding is performed by adding a symbol prefix to a graphical object name. Later, after you change the symbol on the chart, it provides displaying only the objects binded to the current symbol and all other objects become hidden. Parameters Ignore objects with prefix - the indicator will skip graphical objects with the specified prefix in their names. Note: demo version from the market is limited to strategy tester and canno
The chart bucket indicator primarily creates custom candlesticks which comes with adjustable colors, color themes and sizes and even comes with a demo. Also included are trade details relevant to trading and binary options. If your a binary options trader this may be useful for timing of bars with actual price that you can compare with your binary options broker. Key Features Custom Candlestick Themes, Custom Colors & Sizes. Ask/Bid Point Difference. Open/Close Point Difference of current
Svetlana Dzikovskaya
ABCMarketsControldemo is a demo version of the ABCMarketsControl utility that manages already opened trades on any symbol by moving them to a breakeven when the price reaches a certain level. Besides, if the price goes further in favorable direction, the utility moves Stop Loss and Take Profit accordingly. You can check the utility operation in the strategy tester on any symbol on a period from January 1 to December 21, 2017 by setting the time_start_buy_demo and/or time_start_sell_demo paramete
The demo version is limited to the currency pair CADCHF. The product with complete description and video can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23310 The Trading Assistant can apply automatic exits, set pending orders when trading is closed, scale trades and much more. The tool is easy to handle and clear, it works smoothly with one or more orders. Features Scheduling of pending and market order - useful for time based strategies or for preparing an order when the market is
StarBot Demo
Dmitry Bondarenko
The StarBot Demo utility works with open Sell and Buy orders, partially closes profit when the specified level is passed. There are three levels for partially closing the Sell and Buy orders. The utility also transfers Stop Loss to breakeven when the specified level is passed. It works on all currency pairs and timeframes. The demo version is limited to trading only on the EURUSD currency pair and with the initial lot limited to 0.04. The full version can be purchased here: https://www.mql5.com/
This script is designed so that the trader can determine the average duration of trade transactions, at which the ratio of possible profits and losses will be optimal. First, let's look at the general approach to determining the optimal duration of trade transactions. We introduce the following variables: R   - the result of the transaction; T   - the time during which the transaction was open; W - the time between the closing of the previous transaction and the opening of the next one. Every tr
DataGrabber store selected instrument history to .csv files. It's purpose is to automatically create extensive history database. DataGrabber is added to the selected instrument chart window as an indicator. It periodically check presence of bar data on the server and presence of .csv files on client PC (local database). If missing files detected in local database, it's created, filled with data and added to the database. Range of bar history in days beeing checked on server is configurabl
Aleksey Rodionov
HelloTrader is a completely new product view for the MetaTrader platform. Immediately after launching, the utility displays randomly one of the lines of the phrase, quotes of famous people or an aphorism in the upper left corner of the terminal. Every 5 minutes the recording changes. The Demo version includes 32 phrases, quotes or aphorisms in English only. The utility starts working immediately after launch and no longer has any settings or functions. The only task is to randomly display qu
This is an entertainment game developed on MT4, and this program is provided for free. how the game is played Use the game handle to control the direction of the snake up and down, left and right, and look for something to eat. You can get a certain amount of points for each bite, and the snake's body will grow longer and longer, and the longer the body is, the more difficult it is to play. Snake's only goal is to grow into the longest snake! Slide the joystick to control the snake's position, e
Простая и полезная утилита для нанесения меток на открытые сделки. При запуске скрипта он ищет все открытые сделки и наносит метки на время и цену открытия сделки. Сделки в лонг обозначаются синим цветом, сделки в шорт обозначаются красным цветом. Есть два варианта нанесения меток: - с учетом текущего спрэда (по Ask) - без учета текущего спрэда (по Bid) Входных параметров нет. Всем профита!
PBE and Flash
Joaquin Nicolas Metayer
This is an expert advisor that works more like an indicator. Its functions are the following: - Print the balance and equity in Arial font size 40 (cannot be changed) - Change chart background and candle colors depending on the close of the previous candle and the current price level. Now... what is this for or what can I use it for? Good. Personally I use it to put it as the main chart while in other charts I leave other expert advisors working, what I care to see is the balance and equity
Current Order Take Profit this indicator shows settled level of Take profit current opened order. If order Take Profit will be changed it will be shown on screen immediately. The same with pips left to get so as to close the position. If the price will drop beneeth the open order price it will change the color of pips digits left to gain. That is usefull when you change Take profit level by drag the price line using mouse to new level na wykresie.
Cheng Cheng Tang
The script allows selecting the required 'Filter level' value of the AIS-MTF indicator. Run the script on the required chart and selected timeframe. Once its operation is complete, the HPS.csv file will be created in the Files folder. Open the file. You will see three columns. The 'Filter lvl' column represents the value of the 'Filter level' for the AIS-MTF indicator. Am. dev. - degree and direction of the indicator's deviation from the price level (sorted in ascending order). Negative values i
Adrian Ferreyra
FastMove is a panel with 5 buttons, a notification area and a text entry. Its goal is to enable quick and simple execution. Buttons: MOVE - Move the interface BUY - Start of buy process SELL - Start of sell process L - Select quantity of lots % - Select quantity of percent of balance Areas: Notifications - This area displays notifications of the various states of the program and the commands sent. Text input - Here you enter the number of lots or the percentage of risk capital depending on the o
An   egg   is the organic vessel containing the   zygote   in which an   embryo   develops until it can survive on its own, at which point the animal hatches. An egg results from   fertilization   of an   egg cell . Most   arthropods ,   vertebrates   (excluding   live-bearing mammals ), and   mollusks   lay eggs, although some, such as   scorpions , do not. Reptile   eggs,   bird eggs , and   monotreme   eggs are laid out of water and are surrounded by a protective   shell , either flexible or
Critical Support and Resistance Demo is the demo version of Critical Support and Resistance which have full functionalities of the paid version, except only Pivot R1/R2/R3 and Daily Open will be triggered for alert and/or notification (full version has more critical support and resistance such as pivot support1/2/3, pivot resistance1/2/3, daily/weekly/monthly pivot, daily open, 100 round point, and previous daily high/low). Please re-direct to LINK for full version. Price is likely to pullback o
This utility allow you to switch your chart symbol rapidly by simply clicking on any two of the currencies that made up the currency pair. The supported currencies for demo version are USD, EUR and GBP but you may purchase the paid version for extra supported currencies (JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF and CAD) There are two rows of buttons at the panel. To switch to a new chart symbol, all you need to do is select a currency from each row. It is not necessary to click the currencies in a correct sequence be
The Trend Positive indicator is very reliable because it is based on moving averages. A feature of Trend Positive is the presence of a signal for entry/exit - the indicator line in a certain color indicates the signals "buy" or "sell". The accuracy of this signal is very high, matching 95% success to 5% failure. Trend Positive is also suitable for exiting a position. The indicator captures the trend almost completely, but during the flat it is necessary to use filters. When entering a position,
99 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
This is a scalper system. It is enough to optimize Berserk once, for example, a month. After that, he shows excellent results in the forward period (several times longer), which can be seen in the screenshots. Be attentive to your broker's spread figures! The higher the spread, the less often you enter the market. If the spread is above 20 pips, then the number of entries drops by two orders of magnitude. It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread of 6 pips. There are such brokers on
360 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Lic   trend analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products; the bot is an independent finished product. Lic   is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit ranges from $1000 to $10000 for one currency pair. Serious traders are
1 253 USD
Great Numero
Abdullah Alrai
Unlock Hidden Insights with the Great Numero Indicator: Your Numerology-Based Support and Resistance Tool Introducing the Great Numero indicator, a revolutionary tool that brings the mystical world of numerology into the realm of trading. Imagine having the power to identify key support and resistance levels on your charts using the age-old wisdom of numerology. This indicator takes trading to a new dimension, offering you a unique way to analyze price movements and make informed trading decisio
Grid Advance
Kittinan Khotasaeng
This is a EAs Robot Trading For   #GOLD. Grid System Algolithm. We have a trading system that has been developed for a long time. to solve the broken port problem With the technique of price analysis algorithm  Grid Advance  Robot it happened. You will recive. - Profit of approximately   Great %   per Month - Low Maximum drawdown approximately   -Medium %   Recommended: Pairs : XAUUSD , GOLD Setting : Default setting for gold. H1 time frame use best quality. Low risk parameter : LOT = 0.
699 USD
The EA trades when doji pattern were detected on chart.  Best time frame 30 mins, Any pair any broker no limited, recommend minimum deposit 500$ SETTING Symbol - Symbole on your chart. Candle_size_pips - Size pips before doji born. Lots - start lot. Multiple_lots - Multiply lot for next order. Max_lots -    maximum lot. Trade_boost -  Frequency of opening position (Less number = less order , 1-100 value). Grid_boost -  Frequency of opening grid position (Less number = more order , recommended
30 USD
Sirius M4
Tatiana Savkevych
Sirius strategy for working on the Forex market with a scalping base. The algorithm involves carrying out a trading operation in the shortest possible time. As a rule, this period of time is seconds and is only sometimes limited to several minutes. There is an opinion that scalping is for beginners. But in fact, it is wrong. In order to carry out a trading operation correctly and profitably, a trader needs to learn scalping, otherwise the result may be negative. This is why using a bot is m
697 USD
45 USD
Alright. This indicator works on MT4 and is very easy to use. When you receive a signal from it, you wait for that candle with the signal to close and you enter your trade at the beginning of the next new candle. A red arrow means sell and a green arrow means buy. All arrows comes with a long dotted like for easy identification of trade signal. Are you okay with that? FOR MORE INFO  https://t.me/KINGBINARYOFFICIAL
120 USD
FiboReversal v1
Dmitrii Guzhvinskii
Готовый Инструмент для Трейдера с большим арсеналом технического аспекта, который будет помощником в торговле! Индикатор имеет буферные стрелки, алерт, возможность настройки нужных уровней сигнала, возможность торговать на пробой и ретест! работать можно на любом инструменте, и любом таймфрейме. Можно регулировать цвета линий что бы было приятно использовать этот инструмент в своём торговом шаблоне!
80 USD
Ohte Pap MT4
Nadiya Mirosh
Ohte Pap   professional forex expert   (for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURCHF, AUDJPY, CADJPY pairs)   alyzing the market using the Elliot Wave Index. Elliott wave theory is the interpretation of processes in financial markets through a system of visual models (waves) on price charts. The author of the theory, Ralph Elliott, identified eight variants of alternating waves (of which five are in the trend and three are against the trend). The movement
1 375 USD
With the help of this Practica Trend forex indicator algorithm, you can quickly understand what kind of trend is currently developing in the market. The Practical Trend indicator accompanies long trends, can be used without restrictions on instruments or timeframes. With this indicator, you can try to predict future values. But the main use of the indicator is to generate buy and sell signals. The Practical Trend indicator is used in the forex markets. One of the main definitions for monitori
99 USD
Trend analysis is perhaps the most important area of technical analysis and is the key to determining the overall direction of an instrument's movement. The Constructive indicator determines the prevailing trend. They help analyze the market on a selected time interval. Trends are based on the principle of higher highs, higher lows (for an uptrend) and lower highs, lower lows (for a downtrend). They can have different time periods and they can be related to each other like fractals. For example,
99 USD
Argos mt4
Nadiya Mirosh
Forex trading advisor Argos is an automatic scalping system that opens and closes transactions using a special tick analysis algorithm programmed in code without human intervention. The main task is to instantly make a deal where a person wastes time on analysis and decision-making. Scalp trading or scalping is a short-term trading strategy that a trader uses to frequently make small profits from small price changes that add up to a large amount over time. This strategy is very popular in marke
499 USD
When you purchase Easy Trend Pro, you will receive a FREE Advanced SR along with a trading strategy combining EasyTrendPro and AdvancedSR . After making your payment, please send a separate message to me to receive your gift. Channel Support:   Click Here Group Support:   Click Here Store:   Click Here "Trends are your friends" is a phrase you've probably heard before. It's a classic saying that follows you as you trade in the market. When you follow the current trend, your winning percentage
55.99 USD
Forex Indicator HTF RSI Oscillator for MT4 RSI   itself is one of the best and most popular oscillators.  H TF means -   H igher Time Frame. Overbought zone is when the RSI is   above 70   and Oversold one - when it is   below   30 RSI provides   information regarding bullish and bearish price momentum This indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems   with Price Action entries  or in combination with other indicators. HTF  RSI    Indicator allows you to  attach   RSI  from Hi
39.99 USD
Fractal Break
Mansour Babasafary
An indicator based on the fractal indicator Interesting indicator with simple settings and very easy working method Attributes: Can be used in all symbols Can be used in all time frames No settings (default settings are the best) Simple working method Interesting signals If you have any questions, criticisms, or suggestions, be sure to tell me, I will be happy https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fxmqlprox
Trend My Friend Ea
Mehmet Ozhan Hastaoglu
With this automatic trading forex robot, trades are opened in the direction of the trend, regardless of which direction the price moves. In this video, it is seen that with a balance of $ 100, the forex trading robot made 100% profit in 2 months. This Forex trading robot opens Trend directional trading. This trading robot also hedges transactions. This trading robot opens trades according to the specified distance. Whichever direction the price moves, it continues to open transactions in that di
99 USD
FX Arrow
Mohammed Shadman Abdul Khadir
Using signals generated by a single indicator can be risky while trading. This is because using just one indicator to trade can give more false signals. Thus, many forex traders used three or more indicators to filter out good trade setups. However, using multiple indicators for signals can also be complicating and confusing. This is especially true when these indicators are generating contradictory signals. The Super Arrow indicator, however, provides good signals by using multiple indicators.
30 USD
Forex Indicator "Moving Average Price METER" for MT4 Upgrade your trading methods with this useful indicator -   MA Price METER Excellent for   "3 screens" Multi  Time Frame trading   method This indicator is comparing current Price value with corresponding MAs on   7 different time frames Green box   - price is above corresponding MA Red box   - price is below corresponding MA // More great Expert Advisors and Indicators are available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/def1380/seller //   Als
39.99 USD
Maestro EURUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing Maestro, the pinnacle of automated trading sophistication. Maestro is not your average trading robot; it's a revolutionary system engineered to elevate your trading experience. Powered by cutting-edge algorithms and technology, Maestro combines technical analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide precise and profitable trading signals. Maestro's advanced technology excels at identifying high-potential trading opportunities, analyzing market trends, and exec
999 USD
Moving RSD MT4
Sergei Vysotin
This advisor compares the position of two moving averages.    When the fast average is located above the slow one, the advisor    buys, and if located below the slow one, sells. Point of entry    determined by filtering using additional indicators.    Recommended for use on EURUSD,H1. Default    settings are given for this pair and selected over the interval    over the past 2 years. To limit losses for each    the transaction is settled and SL is placed.    Profitable trades are accompanied
100 USD
Coral ADR
D Armond Lee Speers
Coral ADR will display the ADR High/Low levels on a chart, and optionally send notifications when price crosses above or below a given level.  Useful for trading strategies such as the ADR Pullback strategy; when price crosses above/below a level there is an increased likelihood of a pullback.  Receiving notifications at these critical prices can ensure you never miss an opportunity to enter on this market condition! ADR is the Average Daily Range, based on the D1 ATR(10) of the previous day (th
30 USD
Friendly Bot
Ivan Simonika
Friendly Bot is a multi-currency, multi-functional advisor that works on any time frame and in any market conditions. - The robot’s operation is based on an averaging system with a non-geometric progression of constructing a trading grid. - Built-in protection systems: special filters, spread control, internal trading time limitation. - Construction of a trading network taking into account important internal levels. - Ability to customize the aggressiveness of trading. The Expert Advisor come
1 331 USD
Drag Drive
Ivan Simonika
The Drag Drive expert system works with ticks on any type of account. For the internal algorithm, the elementary unit of analysis is the tick. The expert system does not use the history stored in the database to operate. For his own needs, he uploads historical data online, creating his own database. To achieve good results in real tick mode on the tester, it is necessary to carry out optimization. The internal optimizer, having carried out optimization according to the specified principle,
759 USD
Grid Master EA ms
Grid MASTER  EA  - is an advanced  grid hedging multi-pair trading system! EA is adaptive to market conditions automatically. Unlike many other grid EAs -    Grid MASTER  EA   is able to save accounts during financial crisis such as 2008 and 2020 Live EA monitoring  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1952048 Use Set files  from "Comments" section for using/testing the EA Entry and Exit   points are   automatically adjusted   by EA depending on market volatility Expert Advisor can manage   Buy and S
97.77 USD
Powerbird XAUUSD h1
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing Powerbird, the future of automated trading at your fingertips. Powerbird is not your typical trading robot; it's a groundbreaking system designed to redefine your trading experience. It harnesses the latest advancements in algorithms and technology, combining technical analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver precise and profitable trading signals. Powerbird's innovative technology excels at identifying high-potential trading opportunities, analyzing mark
499 USD
Mrs Martin mt4
Vitalii Zakharuk
Mr Martin is trend trading. The expert system goes through the entire history for most currency pairs with simple settings. The bot has a very developed internal architecture. Works with pending orders. Able to work with trailing stop for pending orders. With trailing stop for real orders. For deferred and real ones, you can set stop loss and take profit separately. The bot can also work with virtual top loss and take profit. The advisor can be run on any hourly period, any currency pair and
899 USD
Trex Trend
Maryna Shulzhenko
If you're tired of trying to keep up with the unpredictable market, then it's time to let the   Trex Trend   bot work its magic. This bot is designed to catch big price swings up or down, allowing you to perform at your best when the market moves in your favor. Trex Trend is a unique tool that helps traders make the most of a volatile market. With two different bot modes, you can find the perfect setup for your individual needs and trading style. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced t
973 USD
Funt Scalp
Maryna Shulzhenko
The modern Fox Scalp bot works using sharp tick movements. Goes through the entire history and all currency pairs with one single setting. Unique trading system! You can work on any hourly period, any currency pair and on the server of any broker. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with 100$ and 0.01 lot. Recommendations for working with a scalpel: The MaxSpread parameter play
1 379 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Trus   indicator is designed to visualize the trend. One of the main definitions for monitoring the currency market is a trend. A trend is a stable direction of price movement. To find it, the indicator uses calculations designed to smooth out sharp fluctuations that do not affect the overall picture of price movement. The indicator was created for those who value their time and money. The trend can be up (bullish) or down (bearish). In most cases, the trend rises for a long time and fa
1 397 USD
Over Trend MT4
Mansour Babasafary
Trend based indicator Identify trends with this indicator A simple-to-use trend indicator No complicated settings Attributes: Can be used in all symbols Can be used in all time frames Relatively high signals No complicated settings Specific to the trend Lifetime support Settings: Alarm Show Alert: By activating these settings, after receiving the signal, you will receive an alarm in Metatrader Alarm Show Notification: By activating these settings, after receiving the signal, you will rec
30 USD
Professional Portfolio Traders expert analyzes the market using a special algorithm. The basic principle is that the bot takes the indicated prices for a certain period of time and calculates the strength and amplitude of the price by checking it with its own indication system based on actual data. The moment is fixed when the trend loses strength and reverses, and then the previous series closes and a new one is prepared. The bot also analyzes its own overbought/oversold signals in its algorit
899 USD
WONNFX iN M5 - Arrow indicator for Forex and Binary Options. Reliable signal algorithm. Indicator not repaint. Indicator working hours: 21:55-23:00. GMT+2. Average winrate = 60-70%. Recommendations: Timeframe: M5. Expiration: 2-3 candles (1 candle = 5 minutes) Symbol: EURUSD, USDJPY, EURAUD, GBPAUD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDNZD, CADJPY, EURCAD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, GBPCAD, NZDJPY, CADJPY, XAUUSD
55 USD
This is a breakout and trend following trading system. This kind of systems try to exploit price momentum and trend persistence. As all trend following systems It is best traded on a basket of uncorrelated instruments such as: forex pairs, equity indices, energy commodities such as oil and gas, industrial metals such as copper and nickel, precious metals such as gold and silver. This kind of trading systems and style has been made famous by the notorious Turtle's Traders which obtained wonderful
30 USD
Aura Absolute
Stanislav Tomilov
Aura Absolute is a unique grid expert based on deep machine learning, hyperparameter search technology. In machine learning, hyperparameter optimization or tuning is the problem of choosing a set of optimal hyperparameters for a learning algorithm. A hyperparameter is a parameter which value is used to control the learning process. By contrast, the values of other parameters (typically node weights) are learned. The same kind of machine learning model can require different constraints, weights o
495 USD
ECB Elite Channel Price Action This is a band indicator that helps you recognize price action, thus bringing you trading opportunities. It's a ready-to-use trading system for trading on any instrument and any timeframe. Developed with a time-specific algorithm, it shows the threshold and liquidity of the price that will be reached for a future reversal. This tool simplifies the analysis of financial markets and proves to be the trader's right-hand man. The ECB Elite Channel is a visual,
500 USD
Turbo Hover Al
Evgenii Tarkov
A group of developers has put together another stable strategy based on an intelligent, little-known "LAZYTMA" strip system. Accurate signals are traded for market price rollbacks. All trades are protected by a stop loss and a virtual trawl, which can change its dynamic indicators depending on the market, in the direction of increasing profits, thereby reducing the percentage of drawdown. Recommendations: Currency pair: XAUUSD Timeframe: M5 Minimum deposit: $500 https://t.me/+MfzLuzGo4_Q
150 USD
The matrix EA
Siyabonga Jeemiya Nkambule
Title: The Matrix EA - Expert Advisor Description --- Introducing The Matrix EA, an advanced automated trading system designed to revolutionize your trading experience. This cutting-edge Expert Advisor harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to navigate the complex world of financial markets. Key Features: 1. **AI-Driven Strategy:** The Matrix EA employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze market conditions in real-time, adapting its s
150 USD
To get access to MT5 version please click here . - This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "CM Super Guppy" by "FritzMurphy" - This is a light-load processing indicator. - This is a non-repaint indicator. - This is not a multi time frame indicator. - Buffers are available for the lines on chart. - You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks for downloading
40 USD
GAMMA Trade Manager MT4
Patrick Murage Gichuki
GAMMA is a fully featured trade manager and account monitoring assistant that offers a variety of trade and account monitoring and mechanization functionalities vital to a trader’s toolkit. These include automating stop loss and take profit placement, breakeven and trailing stops, take profit extension, trade journaling, and equity monitoring and preservation, among others. GAMMA takes up all the mechanical parts of trading that occur after trade entry, freeing up more time for you focus on othe
69 USD
If you are good at trading at levels This indicator is all you need levels to manage your trades Market is usually follow current trend when break out some levels or reverse Trade at the Institutional traders level with the best supply and demand zone indicator available in MT4 and MT5 The Secret Profit Levels Signals indicator for MT4 is a complete trading system that provides traders with the entry price and 2 take profit levels. Technical analysts use support and resistance levels to iden
30 USD
SmartFastTrade AI
Muhammad Faisal Sagala
Transform Your Trading with SmartFastTrade AI: Speed and Ease at Your Fingertips! Introduction Are you a trader struggling with slow order execution? Do you want a tool that can assist you in making quick and accurate trading decisions? If yes, then SmartFastTrade AI is the answer to all your trading needs. With its unique combination of speed, user-friendliness, and advanced features, SmartFastTrade AI will help you unlock your full trading potential. Let's delve deeper into why this innovativ
50 USD
This expert can be used on all pairs but is more suitable for use on the GBPUSD pair. This expert uses a Hedging and Grid system. This Expert is perfect for short, medium or long term use. If you need help or have questions, we are ready to serve. Pair : GBPUSD Timeframe : Daily Minimum Balance: 500 USD Brokers : ALL BROKERS CAN TYPE HEDGE Leverage :1:500 or more Account type: Hedge
4 000 USD

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