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Tümü Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Statistics and mathematics C++ Strategy modules
Tüm dillerde 168 yeni iş
70+ USD
Hello Developers, I need the follwing modification on a pinescript indicator The indicator displays two trendlines in the form of a triangle on each timeframe you open. I want to copy automatically the trendlines from higher timeframe ( TF 30 min) to the 1 min timeframe and the indicator should not display on the regular trendlines on timeframe 1 minute, only the copied trendlines from timeframe 30 min. So whenever I
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Complete additional updates to TradeSync EA (kişisel iş)
30+ USD
Now that the lot multiplier is done (thanks), please complete the additional requirements, as outlined in the requirement specification: Calculate the account transfer amount and write the value to a new 'Transfer' column in the CSV (this value is the total deposits minus the total withdrawals for each terminal - this should be recalculated whenever the account balance changes). Monitor for an active signal
1 Başvuru
30 - 60 USD
I need someone who can code a robot using a channel indicator. I have the indicator with me but it isn't mine and I don't have the source code as well. If you can generate something similar to that , then it would be cool KINDLY NOT THAT MY BUDGET IS FOR BOTH MT4 AND MT5 PLATFORMS The EA should have 1. An option that I can change it parameters 2. The EA should sell on every bearish candle that closes after it touches
30 - 100 USD
I have an indicator which highlights order blocks with break of structure in line with the smc/ict concept. I further want to enhance the indicator to have a bulk entry and bulk close feature with auto sl and tp on each entry. Isit possible, if yes, hit me up
7 Başvuru
30+ USD
Hello I have this MT4 indicator is is possible to convert to trading view indicator. I have pdf for strategy as well if needed, so if it possible reach out to now, So we can get started
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MQL5 Göstergeler
30 - 35 USD
there is an existing free expert advisor by the name Expert_RSI_Stochastic_MA which soothes my trading strategy but it will perform better if a custom indicator by the name daily percentage change added as a main condition to be met before other conditions and the trade executed. i mean for a long trade to be considered the DPC indicator must be green while for a short trade the DPC must be in red percentage. in
30+ USD
I have these two scripts for placing orders with stoploss, and modify current positions and close partial orders. My scripts are mt5 to dxtrade bridge, and mt5 to tradelocker bridge. I can provide demo accounts for your testing. Your job is to make them work without errors
9 Başvuru
30+ USD
I don't see signals on the chart .... On mt4 it's perfect...but when I converted it to Tradingview by a guy on here it doesn't show any signals, I need an expert that can help me to work on it, that can also work on more projects, Thanks, I have $20 for this project now, If you think is too small and you want to charge $30, i can pay you the rest later on
30+ USD
I have an EA based on MACD, MA, and RSI indicators. It works on backtest and demo accounts, but it does not open any positions on the live account in MT5. On MT4, it is working well; the problem is on MT5. I need help to find out what is wrong and fix it. I have the source code
40+ USD
I need a developer to make me a trade copier.. Trade on MetaTrader 4 to tradelocker. The best copier and easy to use. Let me know if you can do it. Thanks
5 Başvuru
MQL4 Göstergeler Tasarım Forex
40+ USD
I need to create a custom indicator with buy and sell entry arrows in mql5 syntax based on certain indicator criteria on multiple TF and several indicator inputs. i need to work the indicator on TF 5-15 minutes. I have done a preliminary code framework on ChatGpt 4.0, but needs professional input. i will tell you more once we agree on the job
16 Başvuru
(8) MQL5 Göstergeler
40+ USD
NAME OF EA : FXWAVE EA base on correlation hedging between 2 pairs (symbol 1 and symbol 2) , and entry rule will base on chart overlay indicator... EA should be able to trade both positive and negative correlation. user will be able to select 2 pairs of choice Trading Rule for Positive correlation: EA will open buy for pair that is s up on the overlay chart and sell for the pair that is down on the overlay chart
8 Başvuru
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Trade filter for entering trades (kişisel iş)
50+ USD
Filter the trades to take according to these groups. One active trade per group. Group 1: USD-Centric Pairs EUR/USD GBP/USD AUD/USD NZD/USD USD/CHF USD/JPY USD/CAD Group 2: EUR-Centric Pairs EUR/GBP EUR/JPY EUR/CHF EUR/AUD EUR/CAD EUR/NZD Group 3: GBP-Centric Pairs GBP/JPY GBP/CHF GBP/AUD GBP/CAD GBP/NZD Group 4: JPY-Centric Pairs AUD/JPY CAD/JPY NZD/JPY Group 5: AUD-Centric Pairs AUD/CHF AUD/CAD AUD/NZD Group 6
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(8) MQL5 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar
MT5 : Daily Fibonacci H1 Buy and Sell Signals (kişisel iş)
45+ USD
Use Fibonacci Daily R4 to S4 as the based of this signal. Arrows will be based on H1 candles. The indicator will only be activated when RSI is in extreme. Then use the attached table to check the pivot zone at candle close in RSI extreme. Wait for breakout and if RSI OB, then wait for a candle to close in the next zone above and wait for BO from that zone. More details in the requirements attachment. Chart examples
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(116) MQL5 Göstergeler
30+ USD
hello great developer I have an mt4 indicator that stopped working with the new mt4 build. Can you fix it to work with the new mt4 build? I do not have the source code. i will looing for great developer that wil bid for it quickly
30 - 45 USD
I have a strategy that is based on an indicator that I have in trading view, and I want to automate this strategy for mt4 or mt5. Pls reach out to me of you have the right profession for converting tradingview strategy to metatrader thanks
7 Başvuru
MQL4 Göstergeler Dönüştürme
30 - 55 USD
I have a strategy that is based on an indicator that I have in trading view, and I want to automate this strategy for mt4 or mt5. Pls reach out to me of you have the right profession for converting tradingview strategy to metatrader thanks
6 Başvuru
MQL5 Göstergeler Dönüştürme
30 - 50 USD
Hello there, I would like help with creating a Tradovate Indicator/Script to help ease my trade. Tradovate is based on JavaScript so knowing it is a must. I would like to create a click to trade script. Basically using my keyboard and a click of the mouse (left click). Example, when I hold SHIFT (or whatever keyboard key the user desires) and move the mouse, a line would show indicating a buy order. Wherever the
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