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Here are the Requriments how the scanner and on which all condition scanner to scan Channels 1. Price is +2% of channel from lower band 2. Price is -2% of channel from upper band 3. Price touched upper channel 4. Price touched lower channel Fibonacci 1. Price is near +10% of lower Fibonacci 2. Price is near -10% of Upper Fibonacci 3. Price touched lowest Fibonacci 4. Price touched upper Fibonacci Here is reference
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Indicators 2019.06.19
50+ USD
hello, i need a RSI scanner in MQL5 scanner with be simiilar to https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/13223# i need the scanner with alert combination the above link described most of the information Scanner can be locked to acccount and expiry
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Indicators Experts 2019.06.03
50 - 200 USD
I have two indicators that I will call data from them in my EA. But they have some errors. One is "array out range", another is "indicator is too slow, rewrite the indicator". Attached the error report. I wanna you can debug the code and make it work smoothly. I think I will get in trouble when coding, so I want you to help me when I couldn't work out by myself. The two custom indicators is not by myself, so I want
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Indicators Experts Custom graphics C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.05.29
2500 - 3000 USD
I'm looking for someone who can program Pattern Scanner application in C# using MVVM/Prism and that would communicate with MT4 (get feed, send output signals) in real-time. Application will later be expanded and machine learning will be added. Pattern evaluation will be done in C# app so patterns have to be programmed in WPF C#. Then pattern will be sent to MT4. Patterns will be based on the book Encyclopedia of
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Indicators Integration Statistics and mathematics C# Forex 2019.04.12