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Modify existing EA and update trading rules (personal job)
30 - 200 USD
New logic for the bot or the creation of a completely new one if you decide. Addition of new variables - static and new logic for calculating profit and closing positions
60 - 70 USD
I want to build indicator in tradingview pinescript . All the project details is available with us. Buy/sell signal take profit marks stop loss lines Automated support & Resistance Kindly message if it is what you can do thanks Estty lee
50 - 60 USD
I want to create a indicator in trading view platform (PineScript coder)for US stock trading indicator.kindly dm if it is what you can do.All other details will be given to you .waiting for your feedback
30+ USD
Hello there, I want to open a buy deal, in the event of losing the deal, he gives an order to open a second deal, sell at a double price, and so on, and the lot is 0.1 and is dedicated to the step index currency. Below is a link of a robot that is completely similar to the specifications that I want to run on the Mt5 platform, the step index currency, but there is one problem with it that it gives two orders, buying
35 - 75 USD
I need an Indictor which will return buy or sell signal based on any strategy .. its as simple as this.. Provide an example EA where in this indicator is used
150 - 200 USD
Convert Tradingview (Pinescript) to MT5 Indicator, kindly dm if it is what you can do . All the project details will be given to you once you can do the job thanks Esttylee
30+ USD
Greetings ;) Hope your are good today :) Could you combine those 3 Indicators from this Video to one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oVDibie_bk Also combined with another Indicator: (Godmode 4.0.2 [Supply/Demand]) wich could be turned off and on as a filter. (or separate those 2 - one with/one without this one. And at last combine it with Zendog DCA Framework Indicator & Stats. 2 Versions - One with Signals only
30 - 200 USD
Está é uma descrição resumida e após conversarmos irei abrir uma ordem detalhada do trabalho a ser executado para o desenvolvedor selecionado. Portanto, o EA deverá ser desenvolvido para ser compatível com o MT5 e MT4 usando os critérios no título e outros mais específicos que irei informar. Deverá ter a opção de licenças (para o futuro caso obtenha sucesso nos testes) e necessito de um desenvolvedor que trabalhe
75+ USD
- need to convert existing MQL4 EA to MQL5 - file has been converted and compiled using mq4to5rewrite.mq4 - 106 errors and 25 warnings - need to ensure as close as complete conversion without errors - can fix existing errors or rewrite EA from scratch - want to delete extra features - have to add a new signal order type based on existing indicators in the EA - existing features: 3 moving average crosses max open
Updating an existing EA (personal job)
30+ USD
I have a working MA Cross EA that is coded MLQ4 in that I need optimizing with updated commands and new functions. The EA must perform as designed at the exact moment that parameters for a buy or sell order is triggered in real time. The EA Must have a redundant command to make sure that the EA is always in the correct trade
200+ USD
I am looking for somebody who can take one of our basic EA's, and include the correct code so we can migrate the openCL backtesting functionality to any other EA we build and test
1 Application
200+ USD
Hello there, I have a project to be completed as am stuck at the ending of getting the coding done. So I need an expert Tradingview pinescript developer who has vast experience in the field to bid for the job...Details of the project will be send when you bid...thanks
30+ USD
ii want someone to create me a robot that is able to copy trade my strategy, which is falcon strategy Trendlines suppy and demand channels flags and more,be more creativ
40 - 60 USD
I am looking to create an easy indicator that I am currently using in ninjatrader 8 which I don't have a code source. This is a simple indicator that displays support and resistance based on the manual drawing you input on a text file loaded into your C Drive
35+ USD
i want an automatic expert advisor that open a buy position when the market is moving up and open a sell position when the market is moving down, i mean to open a position immediately when is moving only with trailing stop, break even, stoploss, slippage,and take profits, and the ea must not open a position when price in not moving but only when is moving in the direction of the price
40+ USD
30+ USD
Attach up to 32 files maximum 16 Mb per upload (.zip .txt .log .mqh .ex5 .mq5 .mq4 .ex4 .mt5 .set .tpl .cl .py .sqlite .csv .ipynb .gif .png .jpg .jpeg)
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40+ USD
1-Modification of rsi stoch I want a new rule for rsi stoch modification and i want this rule in indicator settings like OverDiv true/false. If overdiv is true. Buy signal must be below middle line (Which i tried to show by drawing red line) Sell signal must be above middle line. In the example below, you can see buy signal in oversold zone so with this rule i will eleminate wrong signals like this. 2-Modification of
30+ USD
I want someone who can code a trend following robot with the following characteristics: Open a trade according to the selected direction (buy/sell). Set stop loss in the numbers of pips selected by the trader. Trail the stop loss after a selected numbers of pips in profits only in two intervals. Open a new position in same direction after the second trailing has occurred on the first position. Keep repeating the
30 - 100 USD
Hi guys, I am using an orderblock indicator which has alert option. But I want to develop a script/indicator, which can post a chart on telegram/discord at the same time when alert trigger with some basic info. But it should be real time screenshot post on telegram or discord.Please pm me for more info