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Update ea (personal job)
40+ USD
hi friend I need 2 EAs edited in the spike I need it that when the moving average lines cross it does not auto close trades . and I also need it to take all signals { it only trades one signal at a time now } and also for now I'm happy with how the daily take profit you sent me works so please code this the same . then on the moving average ea need the daily profit update and needs to run multiple trades at a time so
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(7) MQL5 Indicators Experts
40+ USD
Should be a quick function to deliver. NOTE: All the inputs in Index__Buffer are required Fix the following function: double Index__Buffer( //if there are several indicators with different input parameters such as: sym, PERIOD, Period_Indicator, shift_Indicator, deviation, APPLIED_PRICE string sym, //indicator symbol ENUM_TIMEFRAMES PERIOD
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(17) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Redo indicator to mt5 (personal job)
30+ USD
please redo the previous indicator to mt5 version as discussed. Also please ensure everything is exactly the same as the mt4 copy to prevent us from going back and forth testing to make sure it works
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(3) MQL5 Indicators
Golden Gate Entries Fixes (personal job)
100+ USD
Here is what I need: 1: Slightly bigger arrows so more easily visible 2: Move arrows up / down so not covering candle too much 3: Code optimisation (I have attached an image where the MAs are up trend, Stoch is less than 30 and JRSX is less than 30 but there is no buy signal 4: Change pop up to say "Buy Entry Found: XXX/XXX" and "Sell Entry Found: XXX/XXX" 5: If possible to increase loading time of indicator that
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization
Implement Supertrend ATR into FVG robot (personal job)
50+ USD
We will be using the average true range from the supertrend indicator as the stop loss in my fvg robot For eg, when price touches a fair value gap, the ATR at that moment will be used as the stop loss value. The % Risk the user selects, will therefore be calculated from this ATR stop loss. Currently our inputs look like this, Trade Direction SL TP Risk but lets change it to the below Trade Direction Risk % Risk to
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(63) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30 - 150 USD
Hello, I currently have a custom indicator, however, i can no longer contact the original dev so I will try here. The current indicator uses 2 moving averages and a stochastic to to find entry points in trending markets. It then confirms the entry with an arrow after an engulfing candle in the desired direction. I would like to add the RSX indicator to this to help filter out entry points even further. I would also
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization
Editing of the zones indicator you did for me (personal job)
67+ USD
Hi, as we talked I would like you to edit the zones indicator you did for me, would be edited the mt4 and mt5 versions, you already know what to do, if you have any question or news let me know, thank you very much
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(30) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Convert Custom Heiken Ashi trend filter to MT5 (personal job)
50+ USD
Lets convert this indicator mt5 please. we will be using as a filter for the fvg robot that we have. this heiken ashi indicator also has multitimeframe options, so please include a section in the inputs for the user to choose what timeframe he wants to be expressed
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(63) MQL5 Indicators Converting
EA Update to v49 (simple, small job) (personal job)
75+ USD
Dear Shukurjon, I hope you are good. This is a small job, upgrade to v49 by adding Italo triangle indicator. Link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/108728?source=Site +Market+MT4+Indicator+Rating006#description --------------------------- 1. As ENTRY (bomb) : red symbol: sell green symbol: buy Sub-option: If active, only enter once price breaks triangle. 2. As FILTER : red symbol: only sells green symbol
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(62) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
Need a developer to add Take Profit and Stop loss conditions on Current EA also remove current take profit and stop loss coding. The ea does not have the right Stop loss and take profit conditions thus making it not work right EA will be provided
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(8) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30 - 50 USD
Hi, The attached MQL4 Indicator uses an internal custom ATR calculation (i think the variable is called _atr within the code). My request is for the indicator to use the default MQL iATR ATR (instead of this internal custom calculation). Thank You
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(6) MQL4 Indicators
30+ USD
I want to modify 2 mq4 indicator files. #1: adding arrow symbol upon specific period change. #2: graphics optimization. check details on file. I need today urgently, Only apply if you can deliver in few hours with 1 day deadline
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(3) MQL4 Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Python Custom graphics Product Design
Pipbreaker EA to super-arrow-indicator EA (personal job)
30+ USD
Good morning. Hope you doing well. A couple of years ago you created an EA for me based on Pipbreaker signal. This was excellent and worked really well until the signal provider start having issues with their server and my licence is not recognized anymore. However, I wonder if you can attach the super-arrow-indicator (attached below) to the EA with same function from the EA but no more Licence to use the indicator
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(4) MQL4 Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging
30+ USD
No Change to original logic Add additional checks/Confirmation while opening new trades Display trade and Account information on chart EA & Indicators will be provided. We are quick in testing and closing the job. Don't bid if you are not really serious and can deliver in a day. It should not take more than an hour for a experienced programmer. 1 day, $30.00 Fixed Budget
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Experts
J1 Modification of an exsisting indiactor to best performance! (QA) (personal job)
200+ USD
J1 (QA) Are you a skilled MQL5 programmer with a passion for optimizing trading indicators? We are seeking a talented individual to join our team as an MQL5 Indicator Performance Enhancement Specialist. In this role, you will take on the exciting challenge of modifying and improving an existing MQL5 trading indicator to achieve optimal performance, speed, and accuracy
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(29) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Development of a Custom Price Action Indicator for Trading Platform (personal job)
30+ USD
Description: We are seeking a skilled and experienced developer to create a custom price action indicator for our trading platform. The indicator should analyze market movements and patterns solely based on price movements, without incorporating lagging indicators or external data sources. Key Requirements: Price Action Analysis: Develop an indicator that accurately identifies and highlights key price action patterns
1 Application
(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Adding alert to an indicator and also making a close trade EA with the same indicator (personal job)
250+ USD
I need to add alert in this indicator with push notifications, also if you can change the colors and the level setting as I sent you like Picture, what I want is, after the red line touches to level line 40, it will give signal when it hits the level 10 line, and it goes for the oposite, after the red line touches to level line -40, it will give signal when it hits the level -10 line, but I only want one time
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(17) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30 USD
EMA used on 15minute chart Exponential Moving Average --EMA=8 Exponential Moving Average --EMA=50 1. Trend is determined based on the Exponential Moving Average ON THE 15MIN TIME FAME If the current EMA value is greater than the previous one, the trend is seen as growing (ema_current > ema_previous). Alternatively, if current EMA is below the previous one, the trend is considered to be falling (ema_current<
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging
50+ USD
Hello developers. I need to add an RSI Trigger to my expert advisor. The requirements are attached to this job. I will NOT share any source code until you are vetted to be able to do job and accept job before sending over files. The expert developer will be able to see requirements and be able to confirm if they can do this or not. I will need this job done within 1 day at the latest. It is simple job if you ask me
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(11) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
Hello, I'm a looking for very simple indicator which can detect MSS and BOS. If you know how to create it then great and if you don't know then you can ask me, I'll help you with reference codes. Thank you
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