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50+ USD
I want a simple copy trader from MT4 to MEXC.com - Option switch spot or futures pair (mapping feature) - Trading / place orders in MT4 on the pair directly (Manual and/or with EA) routed via API directly to mexc.com - Need source code budget: USD 50 (quote me your price and delivery time) I need this at the earliest and this job is only for mexc.com, not binance or any other exchange I look forward to your price
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MQL5 Indicators Experts C++ Python Futures
30+ USD
Dear all I want to create weekly and daily breakout indicators, which are drawn into 2 straight line, when the current candle touched the highest price of the HIGHEST/LOWEST previous period price, will bring up a thinner type-1 line ,, and if the current candle has broken out above/below the highest price, a thick type-2 line will appear. there will be 6 PAIR (changeable pair) and each pair has 2 line different tf
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(27) MQL4 Indicators
30 - 60 USD
1. Create an simple indicator (IND1) with given formula for MT5 (indicator line color changed in terms of its own slope) 2. Create another indicator (IND2) attached on the main chart so that the bar color changes in terms of above indicator (IND1)
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30+ USD
There is an existing EA which gives buy/sell signals. I want it modifying so it can take trades when signals activate. I would like to create either a semi auto, or fully auto version, depending on cost. Please me know which version you are interested in working on. SEMI AUTO VERSION When a signal occurs from the EA, open a trade so long as meets the below conditions: 1. Correct direction (buy/sell), set by user. 2
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(2) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30 - 100 USD
Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I am in need of a skilled MQL5 coder to develop a custom Expert Advisor (EA) based on my trading strategy. The EA will involve already created ea with near 40 indicators (38) in meta editor plus i add enable or disable function and timeframes to each of indicator, there are 19 indicators but i add 2x same with diffrent filters. The problem is that ea doesnt seems like work
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
This job is a add on to my current ea that i am using giving it more entries. Can someone add supply and demand to my current ea I want this ea to take fair value gaps and supply and demand Here are the rules if it his a supply zone i want it to sell if that zone is respected as a supply if it breaks then I want it to buy when a bisi is created I want the ea to take a buy if sibi is created I want the ea to take a
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(6) MQL4 Indicators Experts
50+ USD
I already have some astrotrading indicators written in MQL4. Here is the job description: I want to convert that indicators into MQL5. I need the indicator save the values from third party library (swiss ephemeris) as Arrays You need to sign the NDA to not reveal or publish the code and the result of your code will be mine
30+ USD
How areyou. The indicator should be arrows on the chart instead of histogram from separate window. It should only have two buffers for buy and sell, and it should draw trendlines from entry to exit open candle prices. It should have a number of bars to check signal confirmation such as for example 5 bars same signal then the trendline needs to be set on the appropriate price. Lastly the indicator strategy statistics
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(57) MQL4 Indicators
200+ USD
Hi, Looking to create a non-repainting version of the Solar Winds indicator. Willing to pay $200 USD. Details: Indicator: Solar Winds (repainting) Request: Develop non-repainting version Budget: $200 USD Interested? Let's do it! Thanks
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MQL4 Indicators Forex MySQL
50 - 80 USD
Dashboard "Broker Monitoring" 1. Please only developers with expierence who focus on the request and understand what is needed. 2. Source file needed MQL4 (can be indicator or expert) 3. general: Dashboard to monitor the broker conditions 4. Dashboard should look like the screenshot 5. Functions / Filter Options for the dashboards "By Symbol" & "Detailled Trades" - Filter by Date from until - filter by Magic (if
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(14) MQL4 Indicators Experts
50 - 500 USD
I have both pinescript and the EA code I can share with you. I believe the conversion from pinescript to C++ was not correct. For example both pinescript and the MT5 EA have the exact same settings, on a M15 time on the same symbol. I understand the results will not be the same and the number of trades will be different but on trading view I have over 900 trades in the last 10 months while on the MT5 EA I have 0
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MQL5 Indicators Experts C++
30+ USD
1 minute scalping trading strategy: 1 minute chart Moving average 1000 Stochastic oscillator 14 3 3, 80 / 20 When the price is above MA 1000 stochastic needs to be oversold to enter a position that is long. When the price is below MA 1000 on M1 chart, stochastic needs to be overbought for searching short position. Entry position is when 1 minute candle closes with stochastic indicator crossing above 20 mark. TP for
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
hello, i need a EA, which places the same order of my manual order with lot size increament and decrease, example - eur/usd 0.01 buy ( manual order or get copy) - EA places same order immediately with 1 lot . if this order close with loss for the next order ea will add one more lot , if win next trade ea will decrease 1 lot.... trade different pair also. whatever trading happening in my account, through manual or
40+ USD
Modification of my MT4 AND MT5 EA, source code is needed. The code must be bug-free. The indicators and both EA should not be shared in public ,personal use or to be used for any commercial benefits without my permission. Proper testing will be required (report) and needs to be confirmed from my end before the payment release. many thanks
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(12) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization C++ Custom graphics Options SQL Text writing
30+ USD
Hello .. pls first off all developer must fully understand that he must finish the job in one day ... one day .. after one day i will reject the job and go for arbitration .this words will be my reference in arbitration . The modification will be on my EA which will be added bellow ... 1) change orders from buy limit to buy stop .. and sell limit to sell stop.. 2)in the settings you will read take profit for trade 1
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(7) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex
Modification Req (personal job)
30+ USD
As discussed require help modifying of code for my existing projects. Involving storing price value in during D1 tf and when there is repeat in same price.. etc details will be shared and discussed in chat. Work done via teamviewer
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(10) MQL4 Indicators Experts
40 - 50 USD
somthing like the well-known Excel RTD server, but function set is tiny, not as complicate, no order placement from excel to mt4, no historical data retrieving from mt4 to excel
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(8) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30 - 200 USD
Im Looking for someone to code me to draw a rectangle using high and low after breaking the line i draw . This is the starting stage , i will develop this further after this first phase. Contact me if anyone able to do this Requirements shall be below 1. I will manually draw a horizontal line (Head & Shoulder - Left shoulder line, 2. And I I will choose the head , and indicator shall be able to provide me ability to
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MQL4 Indicators
50+ USD
Tma fast ha una banda centrale che cambia colore in base all'andamento, devi dare un avviso quando cambia colore, verde, bianco(pausa), rosso, ad un certo numero di barre indica nelle variabili esterne. Non deve osare più segnali quando si tocca la banda laterale. Con codice sorgente MQL4
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MQL4 Indicators Experts Forex