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Add a filter to the existing EA to filter out trades during a flat market. Swap out the rules for xpma fast/slow compression with the new consolidated indicator. The market movement as shown by the flat market indicator gives a good filter for the best trades
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(24) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30 - 35 USD
I need a professional developer with a number of jobs completed to add a trend condition on my current EA . This work can take less than a hour . 1. Edit Strategy 1: Remove Condition of Closing Trades at 0 Level The existing Expert Advisor (EA) needs to be modified to remove the condition of closing trades at the 0 level. This means that trades will not be automatically closed when the price reaches the breakeven
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(20) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30 - 35 USD
To send a Popup Alert with message, Sound alert, and a Push Alert (mobile notification alert) whenever the green or red histogram cross the Moving Average (AM straight line) above. And change the name with what I will provide. Everything else except for the things I described above must be exactly as it is
50 - 100 USD
Sr. no. Requirement / Specifications 1 EA can be run on any current selected symbols. 2 EA can be run on any current selected timeframes. 3 Option required to skip trading days or specific hours. 4 Display on EA running chart. 5 No limitation of EA running Account wise. Means EA can be run in more then one Account in same time. 6 Step for creating order is depending on range of previous candle, Setting of High and
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes
An MT5 EA That is Based on Martingale & Modified Martingale Principles (personal job)
300+ USD
This seeks to create an MT5 EA. This EA is based on using Highs/Lows of Day/Session/Week/Month/Year, etc and the Martingale and Modified Martingale Principles (that will be described in details in the specification document) to Open and Manage trades. Other features of the EA will be as specified in the specification document that will be shared with you
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Modification of an MT5 EA by adding higher time frame filters (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi. I have an EA that uses MACD and EMA to generate signals. I want to have it modified to add a higher timeframe Filter so that for signals at a lower time frame (15M, 30M), it first confirms that the MACD+2EMA is up/down at a higher time frame (1H/4H), then executes the signal. I will provide more explanations and pictures to demonstrate the filtering I need. I also want to add a Trailing stop to the EA. Thank you
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(3) MQL5 Indicators Experts
45+ USD
Hello, this request is about turning a mqh file into a stand-alone MT5 indicator. What this indicator needs to do: 1. Use the the whole logic, triggers and filters (buy and sell condition) as shown in the code of the mqh file 2. keep the function to draw an up/down arrow once the conditions met. Most importantly: Ensure that this indicator is not repainting. All values should be calculated on close value of candle 1
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(14) MQL5 Indicators Converting Forex Product Design
50+ USD
I need a third trade trigger option added to an existing EA that currently has the ability to switch between two trade trigger logics. This 3rd trigger logic will look at a price for a designated reference time and trigger trades once a movement goes a defined distance from that price in the designated direction. Separately, the max trade feature needs a modification that will allow the current one trade per candle
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Update indicator (personal job)
56+ USD
Update already made indicator...to show some values on the chart, when some atributes are. Need source code. Need it to be working on all TFs if choosen on the indicator internally. MAIN Provide source code it shows history as you put how many bars back (as it is original indicator). Indicator can be changed to 4h chart and (all settings to 4h then) and it tracks same logic also on 4h. Indicator can be changed to
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(16) MQL4 Indicators Experts
40+ USD
Hello I am looking to add a simple update to my expert advisor. Please watch this video so you can understand exactly what I need from you when it comes to updating my levels! https://www.loom.com/share/68b6aa68b6e34bb79d9bebffdf1b1326?sid=b401208a-2200-43ce-8c7b-ab7dd5f84457 Also, at the moment my Sl & TP is based off a 3:1 RR using the ATR Indicator. I want the settings/inputs of the ea to have an option that I can
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Modify my Grid based EA MT4 and MT5 (personal job)
35+ USD
Hello Yashar, I need you to ad confluence to my existing grid based EA. The job specifications I've already sent you. Also I've marked the previous done job for you so you have the EA already with you. If you need any further details, you can ask me
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(31) MQL5 Indicators Experts
50 - 120 USD
Hello I am looking for a coder to code my indicator. This is an indicator for creating buy or sell alerts. If it is possible to create this code with Python language, I would like it to be coded in Python. If this is not possible, the Mql5 language suits me very well. Please let me know what your experience is. Attached is the text file for the code, along with some screenshots. Thanks in advance
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50 - 200 USD
Hi , Its some complex job so please be sure you its done accurately with clean coding. I will write short notes here for intro here and will send more details on next step.In short it will have about 40 editable parameters. indicator should be able to calculate exact change % for these 4 indicators for given number of candles. For for 1,2,3 or given number of candles it will check % of increase or decrease in value
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30 - 200 USD
I need a Donchian channel indicator using standard Donchian channel calculation rules with the following features: 1. Multi-timeframe support - display an upper timeframe Donchian channel on a lower timeframe. It should support all the available timeframes (different for MT4 and MT5). 2. Support for several type of price data for the upper and lower bands (determined via input parameters): 2.1. Normal: the Highest
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50+ USD
see video for detail of exactly how i want this EA to work and how to take entry, i do need settings for min swing length, time for asian, and time for trading range, Entry and SL to be set as fib levels, so default entry would be 62% but only when we have one candle after the swing close before it touches this entry fib level (all explained in video) and SL default 100% fib but option to change this including offset
45+ USD
I am looking for someone to write an indicator for mt5 that does the following: Draws boxes around market sessions provided hour:min by the user (I want to modify begin, end of each session) based on given time zone / or fixed NY time zone Draws a vertical line on each EST or NY time zone midnight at 0h0min. This is daily divider. Gray solid line, thickness 1. Draws a horizontal price line starting on the last NY
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Modificiation of ea (personal job)
30+ USD
I suggest you modify it to A. Start of time statistics B. Time statistics end delay C. Delay in placing orders B is delayed on the basis of A, and C is delayed on the basis of B 19:38 Do not use seconds, only use minutes
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40 - 60 USD
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80 - 110 USD
I'm looking for a knowledgeable and honest programmer who is easy to communicate with, to create an indicator and an EA based off 3 indicators (which I will provide their Source Codes). I would like one developer only for this job who is able to create both the indicator and the EA from start to finish. It needs to operate efficiently and accurately. I expect clearly documented clean source code as part of the
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30 - 75 USD
I'am looking for a indicator who gives an alert and a screenshot (based on a template) from MT5 to Telegram. The indicator gives a signal when the price crosses an moving average. Input variables indicator: - Moving Average Period - Moving Average Shift - Moving Average Method - Moving Average Applied Price - Candle to use for Analysis - Number of candles to Analyse - Enable notifications - Alerts in MT5 -
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