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FourLeaf MSB Indi (personal job)
35 - 40 USD
Indicator Definitions: - Indicator should give an option to draw these levels on selected time frame chart and remove them (yes/no option) - Attached is an image with the breakdown of the detailed definitions Indicator Functions: (The Following statement should be read referencing the attached explanatory image:) If you follow the sequence or series of lower highs you will find that the ones that are color...
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50 - 100 USD
Hi I would like to find someone who can assist me in running Monte Carlo simulations either in Excel or Mt4.  I would need help either building and or implementing an existing indicator / script that can show with higher probability if my results are repeatable.  I do have some basic general knowledge of Monte Carlo, but would appreciate  further education on how to best set up and utilize a simulation. Thank you
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Indicators Consultation Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization 2019.06.14
40+ USD
The specifications would be: Operating System: Android.User interface: some interface similar to first window  of MT4 for android, Attched is the file. It is not necesary the user interface is exactly similar to the attached one. If you propose another one that you have made already, no problem.The app has to show some information of about s maximum of 15 MT4 accounts (from diferent brokers) I should have the...
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Indicators Other Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes 2019.06.13
30+ USD
Hello I have an indicator that draws Fibo levels based on direction. So basically I want to convert this indicator into an EA which will take trades for me when it gives bullish levels and bearish levels. I need it to have stop loss and take profits based on the Fib levels it paints and a trailing stop or automatically close a trade when the fibo changes direction if stop loss or take profit(s) are not hit and...
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Futures C++ C# Java JavaScript SQL MySQL Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization 2019.05.29
30+ USD
I need a small multi currency+mulit time frame indicator for moving averages in which I have 4 moving averages which I can customize to like simple,smooth, exponential, linear wieghted of 20MA 40MA 100MA 200MA Now I need to get an alerts on H1, H4, Daily, Weekly time frame whenever any of above moving average got the rejection or breaked above/below to above moving averages and it should be multi time frame and...
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Indicators Scripts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Stocks 2019.05.24
30 - 200 USD
I am looking for a reliable coder who can deliver a tested hopefully bug free job.I am located in the NY time zone. 1-I am looking for a Multi Currency strength stochastic indicator in a graf from a bit like a rsi but in stochastic with value from 0-100. Also i would like to be able to backtest this indicator once join to my EA 2-I want to join to my ea a equity or a drawdown indicator as a graf as  mt4 equity does...
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Forex 2019.05.20