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60 - 70 USD
I want to build indicator in tradingview pinescript . All the project details is available with us. Buy/sell signal take profit marks stop loss lines Automated support & Resistance Kindly message if it is what you can do thanks Estty lee
50 - 60 USD
I want to create a indicator in trading view platform (PineScript coder)for US stock trading indicator.kindly dm if it is what you can do.All other details will be given to you .waiting for your feedback
50+ USD
Greetings, I would like to create an expert advisor for MetaTrader 5 that uses two indicators, CFP and Complex_pairs1 to trade. The indicators can be found at the bottom of the following website: Practical Application of Cluster Indicators in FOREX - MQL4 Articles (mql5.com) . The expert advisor must have an alert system. Demo must be provided first. Grid Trading. Strategy involves negative correlation. Stop loss
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30+ USD
Hello there, I want to open a buy deal, in the event of losing the deal, he gives an order to open a second deal, sell at a double price, and so on, and the lot is 0.1 and is dedicated to the step index currency. Below is a link of a robot that is completely similar to the specifications that I want to run on the Mt5 platform, the step index currency, but there is one problem with it that it gives two orders, buying
150 - 200 USD
Convert Tradingview (Pinescript) to MT5 Indicator, kindly dm if it is what you can do . All the project details will be given to you once you can do the job thanks Esttylee
30+ USD
Hello there, Looking for an experienced Metatrader 4 and 5 developer to code or build an EA for both platforms Below is an attached file of the requirements of the EA Kindly check and bid if you can do the project.....thanks
30+ USD
Greetings ;) Hope your are good today :) Could you combine those 3 Indicators from this Video to one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oVDibie_bk Also combined with another Indicator: (Godmode 4.0.2 [Supply/Demand]) wich could be turned off and on as a filter. (or separate those 2 - one with/one without this one. And at last combine it with Zendog DCA Framework Indicator & Stats. 2 Versions - One with Signals only
30 - 49 USD
The videos below will explain the indicator I am trying to develop. 1st video: https://www.screenpresso.com/cloud/RELZe/ 2nd video: https://youtu.be/wrOjCcwik_g&nbsp ; If you feel confident that you can develop this indicator and reminder, please submit your quote. The attachment will also explain some more details as follow: 1st attachment: When a trend forms, remind me once a day until I place a trade with that
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30 - 100 USD
NOTE : If your name is " Fethat" don't you dare to apply this job , Lier developer had to open arbitration to get money back, Such as shame for you ! here is details for other develipers : "Please add two features to mt5 ea , 1: hide sl and TP ( but the ea will close trade once it reach our tp or sl as our ea's calculation ) 2: RSI Bars ( skip trade ) ! i've attached a screenshot with some numbers on it ! it
200+ USD
Hello there, I have a project to be completed as am stuck at the ending of getting the coding done. So I need an expert Tradingview pinescript developer who has vast experience in the field to bid for the job...Details of the project will be send when you bid...thanks
30+ USD
ii want someone to create me a robot that is able to copy trade my strategy, which is falcon strategy Trendlines suppy and demand channels flags and more,be more creativ
40 - 60 USD
I am looking to create an easy indicator that I am currently using in ninjatrader 8 which I don't have a code source. This is a simple indicator that displays support and resistance based on the manual drawing you input on a text file loaded into your C Drive
30 - 50 USD
MT4 INDICATOR COMBINER TO TELGRAM SIGNAL Input Section 1 Signal Name Blank can put any name 2 Number of Indicators to confirm can Choose upto 5 - Leave blank 3 Entry Typr Intrabar or Newbar 4 Name indicator 1 Put Indicator name without .ex4 Buy Buffer Put Buffers Sell Buffer Put Buffers Enrty Type Intrabar / NewBar 5 Name indicator 2 Put Indicator name without .ex4 Buy Buffer Put Buffers Sell Buffer Put
30 - 1500 USD
Hie guys, i m looking for someone who understand neural networks to help me create a bot that uses a neural network. The neural network will use data from my custom indicators and market prices as inputs. Then make decisions based on that. I m looking for someone who really understand neural network. I know what i want but i m good at programming. For budget we can discuss before we startart. I also want someone who
30 - 100 USD
Hi guys, I am using an orderblock indicator which has alert option. But I want to develop a script/indicator, which can post a chart on telegram/discord at the same time when alert trigger with some basic info. But it should be real time screenshot post on telegram or discord.Please pm me for more info
30+ USD
I have some mq4 and ex4 indicators that I want to work on mt5. Can you convert them? Please feel free to inbox me now to discuss further on this project. Thanks
40+ USD
Hi. I would like to know a price of the service, if it is possible to be done, and also the time you will need to do it. I need an MT4 EA with news filter, to stop working when you have big news, and also i need three trading view indicators to be adapted from tradingview to MT. Here you have the source code from tradingview: These are the three indicators that will need the EA to make the strategy. The EA will use
30+ USD
Hi, How are you ? I have a question for you. I have two + MT4 indicators along with it's strategy that I'd like to be coded in tradingview, and I would like to know if that is possible.The goal is to build a custom indicator with these two mt4 indicator into trading view and also implement some few things such as adding buy and sell, entry, SL, TP, dashboard ect
30 - 40 USD
Hey ,is there anyone that can convert indicator from pinescript mt5 .If yes you can get in touch with if you need any more details .i want indicator to perform perfectly as he does in pinescript
30 - 40 USD
Hey ,is there anyone that can convert indicator from pinescript mt5 .If yes you can get in touch with if you need any more details .i want indicator to perform perfectly as he does in pinescript